KTM X-Bow Production Halted

Is it only the Brits that can make a decent fist of featherweight hardcore sports cars? Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM's ambitious plans for its X-Bow sports car appear to have been scaled back, according to reports in the Austrian press.

Just one year after it built its first car, KTM has had to stop production of the X-Bow, after having sold fewer cars than expected.

KTM initially planned to build around 1000 X-Bows a year, but the global economic crisis has hit the pricey track toy hard, and KTM now says it is aiming to build between 200 and 300 cars a year for the foreseeable future.

For now, with 500 X-Bows built so far and 80 still unsold, KTM has stopped production at its Graz facility, although production is slated to resume in January 2010.

KTM had hoped that the UK would be one of its strongest markets. But despite plenty of critical acclaim (not least among those on the PH team who have been lucky enough to get a go in one), the KTM hasn't sold all that well here, with only 23 examples registered in the UK so far.

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  • m1bjr 18 Sep 2009


    Would any of these be X-Bows overtaking without consent all day at Rockingham on the 12th then?
    Inside, outside, in braking and chicane entry?

    I guess a phat wallet comes without brains or manners, or concern for others safety or property.
    A sign of our FU society I guess.

    And the lines were terrible, I still havent seen one driven well.

    Edited by m1bjr on Friday 18th September 15:46

  • ScottL 09 Sep 2009

    See - so much downforce you don't even need to steer. hehe

  • vanilladan 05 Sep 2009

    it's not quite that straight forward. Ktm didn't mean the car to cost as much as it is. If you revert back to the old euro rate of 1.5 to the pound, then instead of the car costing 49995 it would cost under 37k. Obviously, the likes of lotus, caterham and ariel wouldn't be quite as affected with all their cars built in Britain.

    So if it weren't for this drastic exchange rate change, this post may have never existed...

    jondude said:
    I think the problem here is also as in the bike world (so extra ironic KTM don't seem to have got this).....the Jap bikes are so much better engineered and reliable than a Harley, but for many bikers (and all of the non biking public) a Harley is THE bike.

    It has, whatever you say, an image and heritage. Soul, if you like.

    KTM are suffering the same customer imagery. Lotus have soul, they also produce marvellous, fun cars at a far lower price. It is also not at all certain the KTM out performs a Lotus.

    The biggest mistake KTM made was believing being an unknown (to most) bike manufacturer AND having the audacity to ask (much) more for their car than a Lotus, would set them off into competitive business.

    If you are going to take Lotus, Caterham on, you simply must price the cars so the public can start buying and putting the word around. Asking a Brit to try an unknown car from an unknown factory at an exorbitant price.......with gems by Lotus et al available 'off the shelf'....?????

    Weird marketing ploy.

  • Mrs Muttleysnoop 05 Sep 2009

    Noger said:
    Mrs Muttleysnoop said:
    Noger said:
    Who's mum are you ?

    Just someone who who has had very fast pax laps on track in an X Bow which overtook the Caterhams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bet you are related to one of them though, aren't you. I guess the one who has a business interest. Nothing like a bit of advertising smile

    Who cares if you overtook a Caterham ? They are not the fastest cars in the world, nobody with a Caterham suggests they are.

    Quite fast for something that was designed in a shed over 50 years ago. And quite a giggle.

    But "quite fast", even "bloody fast", and "the fastest thing ever".....are not the same thing.

    Even the aforementioned Levante, which is certainly the fastest accelerating car I have ever been in, and nearly made me soil myself, isn't the fastest thing ever.
    I am NOT related to the person who took me out on track and they are NOT in the car business.

  • ewenm 04 Sep 2009

    vanilladan said:
    ewenm said:
    Mrs Muttleysnoop said:
    Noger said:
    Who's mum are you ?

    Just someone who who has had very fast pax laps on track in an X Bow which overtook the Caterhams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A stripped out Metro has overtaken me in my Caterham on a track day. Is that what we should be comparing the X-Bow to?
    in that case, you're not exactly qualified to comment on the performance of track cars. So don't.
    Haven't schools gone back now? I could almost hear the door slamming after that post! Someone who definitely didn't get the point about trackday stories (and conveniently trimmed that bit from the quote)

    Should I also comment that in the Caterham I've overtaken loads of 911s on trackdays too? Or would that make it far too confusing for you?

    Edited by ewenm on Friday 4th September 08:54

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