Lexus to build hybrid supercar


Lexus looks set to build a hybrid version of its LF-A supercar -- the petrol-only version of which we reported on in March (see link below).

It'll be here in under two years and it'll house a hybrid powertrain. It's likely to be the same at the one in the 600h saloon, that is, a 5-litre V8 with continuously-variable transmission coupled to an electric motor and battery package. Total output is said to be 435bhp, according to Autocar. Performance is likely to be in the sub-four seconds range for zero to 60mph, with a top speed of around 200mph. The rear wheels will definitely be driven but it's undecided whether the front ones will be as well.

Meanwhile, the motor in the non-hybrid version, which was originally to be a V10, will now become a V8 in accordance with this year's F1 regulations; parent company Toyota is looking to reap some marketing benefits from its huge F1 investment.

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