Maserati Ghibli Preview

PistonHeads and Maserati have joined forces to offer a small selection of PistonHeads readers the opportunity to attend a private viewing of the brand new Ghibli, taking place on Wednesday September 25 at our HQ in Teddington, Middlesex. On the night you will have the opportunity to peruse the car at your leisure and in addition you’ll also get the chance to listen to talks from key members of the Maserati team as they detail how the car came to be. 

Numbers for the event are limited but the guest list is open to all. We will choose 40 guests from all who apply to join us so please get in touch if you would like to be considered. If you own any of the following vehicles we would be particularly keen to hear from you

  • Mercedes-Benz CLS
  • Audi A7
  • BMW 6 Series
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  • BMW 5 Series
  • Audi A6
  • Jaguar XF

On the night we plan to allow you plenty of time to view the car in addition to being talked around it by key members of the Maserati UK team and we also want to hear (and film) your thoughts on the car for a future PistonHeads article. It’s a landmark car for Maserati, a toe into the waters of new territories, and they believe the PH verdict is essential.

To express your interest in attending please complete the following form no later than 12.00 on Wednesday September 18.

The evening will be full of the glamour you would expect from Maserati and as such we request that guests follow a smart casual dress code and in return we will provide food, drink and a shiny new Maserati Ghibli to pore over.

We look forward to welcoming you on the night.


If you have trouble viewing the entry form click here.

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  • cramorra 26 Sep 2013

    Thanks for inviting and hosting us guys-
    well planned event and well organized....
    Certainly you have one of the more desirable car parks in the world (when I rolled in there were - aside from the expected Masers - a Chim, A Mc Laren, several Porsches, an XKR a couple of Mercs... whish I had the keys...
    The Speech of the Maserati Man was whilst obviously about getting people interested in the brand also very much informative about the car why they made it how they made it and so on - on discussion I felt genuine interest from Haymarket and Maserati people in opinions of guests...
    The car looks great and a lot better in the flesh then on pictures (as with a lot of moderns cars). It is a big car, though and almouts the size of a mark 4 Quattroporte (the one with the 3.2 V8) so if you look to replace your M3/C class or seek a successor to the Biturbo it is not (although it is a Biturbo - hehe)- this chapter was somewhat ignored in the history yesterday... - as the car is big one would like to know how it behaves on an English A and B road..... It is more likely to compete with 5 series, A 6 and E class, offers RWD, a good choice of engines (without fire spitting madness of full blown performance versions..). I think it will find it's nice in a way the XF (a similar sized car) did. It certainly oozes what the Italians call "italianita'", which is a good thing, as I was worried that all the big Alfas and Lancias of late lost their Italian Mojo without catching up with the Germans.... - the question is - can the big Maser?
    Its a great looking car and the finish of this pre production model looked certainly up to the job - all the goodies present and seems well put together - a things like no covers on the back speakers from the boot will certainly be ironed out, the leather looks and feels great (is it still made by Poltrona Frau?) so a job well done. The got rid of some of the chintz of the Maseratis of the 90s without turning it into an Audi...
    What I didn't like inside was Buttons isntead of paddles on the wheel (better nothing at all) for the 8 speed ZF box (which is commended well by all reviewers) and only a very big touch screen (what's wrong with a few buttons)
    Engine sounds well in a video - unfortunately they were not allowed to start it so cannot comment - and speaking with some of the engineers they said whilst there were no concrete plans the V8 would fit and they would be surprised if it would not eventually find it's way under the Ghibli bonnet... Ghibli MC Stradale, in white with red leather, and 550 HP anyone? lick....
    I wish the company every luck with this car and again thanks to PH for hosting it

  • fourpointsixgt 18 Sep 2013

    Wadeski said:
    Good looking thing.

    Will the platform be used for the next gen of big RWD chryslers?
    I thought it was based on the latest Chrysler 300, which I think was designed under Fiat ownership just after MB sold it.If they only intend to sell 50000 it must be based on something.
    But I could be completely wrong.

  • Martin 480 Turbo 17 Sep 2013

    Already attended the launch at the IAA last week and would
    love to give my opinion on the details to the Maserati UK
    folks, but you won't fly me over, would you wink

    Martin 480 Turbo

    P.S.: I liked the car in person, it was smaller and a more
    coherent design, than I first thought. A good foundation or
    cornerstone to built on. But to really sell it to me it would
    need to have a scudetto up front. Don't get it how Marchionne
    decided to make it a Maserati instead of an Alfa Romeo. I am
    already looking forward to my bosses red face when my next year
    corporate car voucher reads "Maserati Ghibli". hehe.

  • 635csi 17 Sep 2013

    Also saw the one at Goodwood, wanted it to be, if not pretty, handsome.
    Sadly looked relly awkward to me.

  • pfsv427sc01 17 Sep 2013

    Saw and sat in the car at Goodwood Revival and, although very nice, I felt the styling somewhat awkward and not a patch on the Coupe or the Quattroporte.

    At £50k + they are trying to compete with high end BMW 5 series and Mercedes E class rather than retain the exclusivity that Maserati normally stands for. This car makes them just another premium brand rather than an aspirational brand with prices to match.

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