McLaren P1 revealed

Going for the ultimate: world's best
Going for the ultimate: world's best
Here it is then: the first official look at the McLaren P1 - and it's epic.

The P1 sets out its stall quite simply: to be the best driver's car in the world. Not just on the road either, but on the track too.

"Twenty years ago, we raised the supercar performance bar with the F1," says Exec Chairman Ron Dennis. "Our goal with the McLaren P1 is to redefine it once again."

"Our aim is not necessarily to be the fastest in absolute top speed but to be the quickest and most rewarding series production car on a circuit," says MD Antony Sheriff.

Distinctly McLaren, with a twist
Distinctly McLaren, with a twist
The P1 will be revealed as a design study to a no doubt salivating press corps at the Paris Motor Show, with more information to come at a press conference on 27 September. Production cars are expected to go on sale within the next 12 months. No price details as yet.

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  • CraigyMc 30 Sep 2012

    Gridl0k said:
    ...In fact his seat is rumoured to be open to offers for next year....

  • Gridl0k 30 Sep 2012

    Vodafone (with an F), like most multi-national Telcos, partners with people like TelMex all the time. It's a good way to enter a developing market, seeing how much experience Voda can bring to a deal. So I doubt there's issues there.

    Kamui isn't as fast as Sergio, objectively. In fact his seat is rumoured to be open to offers for next year.

  • DonkeyApple 30 Sep 2012

    HighwayStar said:
    Good spot, never crossed my mind and I work for the opposition... Mclaren's Vodaphone deal expires soon and it's not certain they will re-sign.
    Isn't that the reason for chosing Whatshisname over Kobiashi?

    Kobi is from a country which is broke, has little appetite among local multinationals to throw money at F1 and also has the slight problem that a hugely important customer base for Macca cars (China and the FE) still remembers what the Japanese did to them. On the other hand, the Mexican is from a country that is full of ambitous and outward looking multinationals and most importantly, isn't Whatshisname tied to their big mobile company? As such, it puts pressure on VOD to resign etc.

  • DiscoColin 29 Sep 2012

    CraigyMc said:
    Something else just occurred to me, and I'm not sure why.

    When you have a flappy-paddle shift setup like precog, you render yourself impervious to people who want to change gear with either their right or left hand depending on whether they are in a LHD or RHD market, respectively.

    Consequently, it's not as big a deal in one way.
    However - one has to add that it is supposed to be the ultimate car around a track, most circuits are clockwise and with a single occupant the laws of physics confer a small advantage to the RHD car. It is still only a small fraction of a second even on a circuit as long as LeMans, but it was enough for Porsche to make the 956/962 and RS Spyder RHD as well as the BMW LMR, Ferrari 312, Peugeot 905 and a host of other manufacturers who are normally predisposed to build LHD (exemplified in their road car derived racing products)...

    I think that we can safely call out Ron Dennis on attention to detail over this one and tell him that he is pandering to marketing thumbup

    [Note: if the utterly implausible chance of my winning tonights Euro lottery were to pass, I'd be asking how big the fee was for an RHD one just after I asked them if they were aware of whether any of their F1 owners were of a mind to sell]

  • HighwayStar 29 Sep 2012

    CraigyMc said:
    HighwayStar said:
    Gridl0k said:
    Busy week in Woking!

    Wonder if Carlos Slim gets a freebie
    Spot on. Rather timely as well, Telemex cash may finance those customer engines Mclaren are going to need unless they pull a big rabbit out the hat.
    A bit offtopic, but I've been wondering how Telmex and Vodafone would cope with being on the same car...

    Good spot, never crossed my mind and I work for the opposition... Mclaren's Vodaphone deal expires soon and it's not certain they will re-sign.

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