Meet the team

Ever wondered who makes this whole thing tick? No. Oh. Well, here we all are anyway!

In addition to the homepage and forums you can can follow us via Twitter on @PistonHeads, at Google+ and on Facebook - our individual feeds and details are contained in the profiles below.


Name: Dan
What Dan does: Editor
Years of service: Four, near enough
Dan's dream car: "Porsche GB's Riviera Blue 997 GT3 press car. Off the top of my head..."
Dan's actual car: "A cheapy Eunos Roadster with a noisy exhaust. Several bicycles, each of which cost considerably more than the Mazda."
What Dan loves about working on PistonHeads: "It's geeky, the banter flows in abundance and anyone showing signs of taking themselves too seriously has it ripped out of them mercilessly in seconds. Same as the office!"
Follow Dan on Twitter: @Trent_Dan

Name: Matt Bird
What Matt does: "Spends too long in the classifieds 'doing research', makes tea, occasionally writes."
Years of service: "More than one. Can't believe they've let me stay."
Matt's dream car: "Honda NSX-R."
Matt's actual car: "I crashed a 306 Rallye. I cried. I have no car. Too be rectified as soon as possible"
What Matt loves about working on PistonHeads: "The sense of immediacy and connection with the readership. I write, you respond! It's very cool and it means I'm always learning stuff. I love pretending to be a racing driver sometimes too."
Follow Matt on Twitter: @PHMattB

Name: James Drake
What James does: Community and Marketing Manager
Years of service: None yet
James's dream car: "Despite what you may have heard it is not an MX-5. Probably an F40."
James's actual car: "A fast family sleeper in the shape of a SEAT Altea FR, a number of bicycles, whatever long-termer I can get my hands on."
What James loves about working on PistonHeads: "The concept of a huge community of people from all walks of life being united in a love of all things automotive is pretty amazing. Its also lovely to be paid for something I'm enthusiastic about. And the banter is hilarious." [He says that now... - Ed.]
Follow James on Twitter: @_JD_Drake

Name: Katie
What Katie does: Classifieds Administrator
Years of service: One
Katie's dream car: "Anything which doesn't have a number on the front and the capacity for 50 people?"
Katie's actual car: "X26 - it's express and is faster than what Matt drives..."
What Katie loves about working on PistonHeads: "Being the only girl in a team full of bearded men. What's not to love, right?"
Follow Katie on Twitter: Maybe not...

Name: Peter Dignan
What Pete does: Web Development Manager
Years of service: Many
Pete's dream car: "Original AC Cobra Le Mans Coupe."
Pete's actual car(s): "The sports car: Honda S2000, the family car: MG ZT-T 2.5 V6, the city car: Ford Fiesta 1.2, the race car: Austin Healey Sprite."
What Pete loves about working on PistonHeads: "I found a letter the other day while clearing out some old boxes. On it a 14-year-old Peter had written what he wanted to be when he grew up. It proclaimed 'I would like to work with cars or computers.' In this job I have the fun of doing both!"
Follow Pete on Twitter: @RacingPete