Mercedes E-cell: The Electric SLS

These are the first images of the all-electric version of the Mercedes SLS AMG. It's called the E-cell and, although it is currently a concept, it is slated for production in 2013.

The E-cell is powered by four electric motors, with a pair in each axle and driving all four wheels. Each motor revs to 12,000rpm and all four make a combined 519bhp and 649lb ft of torque.

The battery packs are Lithium polymer and are sited behind the cabin and on the transmission tunnel.

Mercedes is claiming 0-62mph in 4.0secs.

The front electric motors mean the petrol SLS's double wishbone suspension has been abandoned in favour of push-rod dampers and a more compact multi-link set-up.

Other tweaks to the SLS include an extendable front splitter and a larger rear diffuser, so the electric car can generate more downforce than its petrol sister, while inside there's a 10-inch touch-screen display.

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  • renrut 30 Jun 2010

    Benjman said:
    There are so many things, we could do with crude oil. But we are simply burning it. I mean, in winter you don't take all your bucks out of the wallet to make a proper fire, do you? Why do with a precious good like oil.
    Erm. Isn't that a bad example? Most of the energy to heat your house comes from either gas or oil. So in effect yes you are burning it to keep your house warm in winter biggrin

  • Dagnut 23 Jun 2010

    thinfourth2 said:
    simon76 said:
    Bloody SACRILEGE!
    simon76's great great grandfather said:
    I'm not giving up my horse you stupid idiot Mr benz these new fangled petrol cars will never work my horse is far faster and can go further and i can refuel it anywhere
    This post has it nailed IMO.

  • Gr1fff 23 Jun 2010

    Beautiful would of loved to of worked on this project frown

  • Parrot of Doom 23 Jun 2010

    hairykrishna said:
    Parrot of Doom said:
    I think we'll see electric cars take off the moment someone invents a battery that can be recharged in seconds, and not hours.

    I don't think such a thing is all that far away. Imagine filling your car up with electricity, at a fuel station, in 5 minutes. I'd definitely have an electric car that could do that.
    A battery pack that can receive >50kWh of charge in 5 minutes is a very long way away. How you even deliver that sort of power to the car in a safe manner is far from a trivial exercise.
    Well, remember how big and useless your mobile phone was, 15 years ago? Last year's IoM TTXGP class winner managed an average of 87mph, a year later and in 2010 the class winner managed an average of 98mph. That's pretty impressive progress.

  • hewlett 23 Jun 2010

    VerySideways said:
    And a little video from today:
    Looks like a fab road, turned the sound up and all I could here was wind, a honk from the departing Merc and chatter smile

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