Mini Mille Miglia

An amazing recreation of the classic Mille Miglia is taking place near Perugia in Italy this weekend, on a painstakingly fashioned slot-car track that replicates the roads and scenery of the original event.

An Allard passes the cemetary
An Allard passes the cemetary
The Mini Mille Miglia is modelled on the 1000-mile Mille Miglia road race, which took place between 1927 and 1957 and boasted Sir Stirling Moss as one of its winners. In recent times, the race has been reintroduced as a tour entered by 400 classic cars, many of which feature world-famous racing drivers and celebrities behind the wheel.

The slot car re-enactment is as strict on entry as the life-sized tour, and eligible models must hark back to the legendary marques that made up the original field, including livery. The replica track, stretching over 30 metres, has been painstakingly modelled on the Italian countryside and features cyprus-lined hairpins, castles, bridges, a village, valleys and forests. More than 80 cars have entered into the re-enactment, sent by enthusiasts from around the world.

Bugatti and Ferrari through the village
Bugatti and Ferrari through the village
Sir Stirling himself has got in on the act as a supporter of the event, which is a charity fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Research Trust. "Alzheimer’s has, very sadly, touched all our families. The idea is so different and so much fun, I have to say, I am delighted to be a patron of the Mini Mille Miglia," he says.

Sir Stirling won the Mille Miglia in 1955 in record time at the wheel of a Mercedes 300SLR.

Moss flies through an Italian village
Moss flies through an Italian village
Retro circuit features latest digital track
Retro circuit features latest digital track

And some extra Jag pics to keep the flag flying!




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  • norman156 07 Jul 2009

    RichardR said:
    That looks fantastic, with overtaking opportunities included as well:

    Will be more exciting than an F1 race then! getmecoat

  • lonefurrow 07 Jul 2009


  • norman156 06 Jul 2009

    I want that in my house! Hats off to the people that built the track, really is very impressive. Wonder how many hours the whole thing took...

  • ZesPak 06 Jul 2009

    markh450 said:
    They need to fit a tiny digital camera to one of the cars to get a drivers perspective!
    that would be awesome biggrin

  • snowen250 04 Jul 2009

    If anyone wants more info on this event, or to see some of the other cars entered visit
    There is a thread on the event which the organisers continually update. And nice chaps they are too.

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