More Details Emerge About 'Baby Quattroporte'

The Maserati Biturbo once shared bits...
The Maserati Biturbo once shared bits...
Maserati's new sub-Quattroporte sized saloon will share its floorpan and drivetrains with the next generation Chrysler 300C.

According to a report from Autoblog Italia, the 'badge-engineering' project will provide the Fiat group with a new Maserati entry model that effectively replaces the Alfa Romeo 166 in the group's model hierarchy (as a bridge between Alfa and Maserati's current line-ups), as well as a new flagship Lancia. The cost being talked about is in the 55-100k Euros price range.

As a result of the new model's introduction in 2013, the revised Quattroporte due a year earlier in 2012 will apparently get a bit bigger and a bit more expensive.

...with this. The Chrysler TC.
...with this. The Chrysler TC.
The Italian media are describing the new Maserati/Chrysler project as a spiritual successor to the lack-lustre 1980s Biturbo, and its dodgy stable-mate the Chysler TC by Maserati - a connection which frankly doesn't bode well.

However, if the new small car can retain some of the glamour of the much-admired Quattoporte, Maserati could be on to a winner - even if its new baby arrives with a 400hp twin turbo diesel V6 as suggested by the original article.

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  • cramorra 13 Sep 2010

    jake15919 said:
    It wouldn't be the first time Maserati took some parts bin bits and made a good car. I suspect the 300C will be based on the Maserati rather than the other way round.
    indeed :nod: Maserati Ghibli as well as Bora contained shedloads of Citroen parts and nobody would dare to challenge their rank under the all time greats (they had more prestige than Ferrari @ their time...)

  • errek72 09 Sep 2010

    Ok, so, after burning off what was left of Alfa DNA and every molecule of what was once Lancia, now Maserati is up for the slaughter.

    Fiat should really really stick to making city cars and farm equipment, it's the only thing they are good or profitable at.

  • john Breach 07 Sep 2010

    Checked the date, no it's not April the 1st,

    What are Fiat thinking, Maserati is not a mass brand Alfa and Lancia are. The chassis will really need to be a big step up if this is to work.

    Surely Fiat needs to rethink this the replacement 300C needs to be positioned Chrysler and Lancia building an executive sedan/ saloon - wagon / estate luxury orientated for respective US and European tastes.
    . Dodge should build the cheap and cheerful (but fast) sedan and coupe for Europe and N America
    Meanwhile Alfa needs a brand flagship sporty with leather again a saloon and coupe but with class, again for Europe and N America.

    As for Maserati keep with the Quatroporte, and an SUV based on the prototype chassis for future Jeep's which will sell to customers in India & China alongside GT's and a sub Ferrari sports car.

  • MadmanO/T People 07 Sep 2010

    Maserati Biturbo sharing bits with the Chrysler TC? Not a chance!

    First of all, the Biturbo was rear drive whilst the TC was front drive. The TC was, in fact, little more than a rebodied Chrysler LeBaron cabrio. 1989 TCs used a 2.2 litre turbocharged four cylinder made by Chrysler. 1990-91 models were powered by a Mitsubishi 3.0 litre V6.

    Maserati made the bodies and interiors, but I challenge anyone to find any bit of a TC that was shared with the Biturbo. In short, the TC was simply a LeBaron wearing an Italian suit.

    Madman of the People

    Edited by MadmanO/T People on Tuesday 7th September 17:33

  • robsco 07 Sep 2010

    Hmmm, here's hoping it works out for them. Though I feel it won't.

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