New McLaren 12C Spider - Time for tea?

You'll probably have seen the new McLaren 12C Spider by now. You'll also have seen how the 625hp roadster adds a mere 40kg in weight over the coupe version.

What you won't have seen is the new car on the move, a situation that's remedied by this lovely-looking video of the new open-top McLaren.

Behind the wheel is BTCC driver and McLaren test driver Mat Jackson, proving rather definitively that yes, the 12C will slide. And we thought racing drivers didn't like sliding...


P.H. O'meter

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  • Dr S 16 Jul 2012

    Ho did an inefficiently sliding 12C get past Ron?

  • MGJohn 14 Jul 2012

    spyker138 said:
    Maybe it's just me but I'm bored with watching cars being driven badly....

    Hamilton generally gets pole when he has the fewest slides ....

    Yet another unfortunate result from the idiot Clarkson who rarely likes a car he cannot shred the tyres on.
    WOW ... I am not alone ... smile

    There's a BIG bonus with these Mclarens. It's a superb car which is not a Ferrari!

  • mdales 14 Jul 2012

    priley said:
    The folding hard top looks very similar to the 458 but I guess there are only so many ways you can make that work. Interesting that they both came up with essentially the same solution-I wonder if Ferrari knew McLaren were doing the same and wanted to beat them?
    I seem to recall reading when the 12C Spider was first rumoured (over on Autoblog?) that both McLaren and Ferrari subcontracted the design of the folding roof to the same firm.

  • kazino 13 Jul 2012

    Finally looks the dogs b*******s, would take one over the 458 if I ever had the choice

  • bertie 13 Jul 2012

    c6Andy said:
    Can't be CGI - I don't think they would have gone to the trouble of adding all of the swirls into the paintwork (0:05). Amazing lack of attention to detail that you wouldn't expect from McLaren.
    There's something odd about it though, somethings been tinkered with.

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