Nissan GT-R looks to the future

The intention was to run this story as a Time For Tea? but you'd need a pot of the stuff, given this particular video is 20 minutes long. And the subject it explores rather more weighty than a couple of minutes of YouTube jollity to lighten up your afternoon. You might also want to dig your sense of humour out of the cupboard - or at least prepare to start gritting those teeth - as some of the language here is a little strong. And we don't mean in a sweary way.

Track Pack car raced near-standard at N24
Track Pack car raced near-standard at N24
To save you the trouble of spitting Earl Grey all over your keyboard, let's just get the first example out there immediately. According to the video the GT-R is "fuelled by the power of mankind".

But wait a minute - is this hyperbolic propaganda gone mad, or something that's lost its subtlety in translation?

Kazutoshi Mizuno (Mr GT-R™) and the rest of his Development Team crew can't tell us often enough that the whole point of the exercise was to improve the road car. And since the Development Team running the race car was essentially the development team that look after GT-R in the real world, the process was also intended to improve their skills as well.

Applying a bit of logical reasoning, could it be the video actually means the GT-R is the product of the people who build it? Take that to extremes and it is powered by mankind, in a manner of speaking.

Mere marketing tool or evolutionary step?
Mere marketing tool or evolutionary step?
No? Oh well. Anyhoo, using the N24 as a development tool does ring true. That echoes everything we were told during our time with the team, and seems to gel with what we know about Mizuno-san - which is to say he generally takes an alternative approach.

Let's not get into the more weight = better performance debate again, but instead consider a 24-hour race environment as a severe stress testing process that it is impossible to replicate without the element of competition. About 10 minutes in, for example, the video mentions you don't generally get crashes during regular endurance analysis.

Supporting this theory, it's interesting to note the engineers' confidence ahead of the race, compared with the aftermath.

Just how much more is there to come?
Just how much more is there to come?
The appearance of this video has also sparked concern about the GT-R's future, with some wailing that the "recent retirement" of Mizuno-san spells the end for his baby around 2014. Let's not be so hasty. First of all, he's just reached Nissan's mandatory retirement age of 60 - so there's unlikely to be anything sinister there. Doubtless he remains an influential figure. (See update below - Ed.)

More tellingly, ahead of the N24 he explicitly outlined five further years of development for the current car. So unless the race threw up something really catastrophic about the vehicle's design - the video is admittedly rather vague - we can look forward to the R35 embarrassing Porsche until about 2017.

UPDATE: Contrary to our initial reporting it seems rumours of Mizuno's retirement have been greatly exaggerated and he's still very much in charge - and just as obsessive - as ever. Not only that plans for an R36 are, according to a Nissan spokesman, very much still a going concern. He has just turned 60 though!

Lead photo: Frozenspeed



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  • sw1000xg 17 Aug 2012

    sennastyl said:
    Porsche owners wasting their money & GT-R embarassing Porsche are both comments that make me laugh!!!

    Nissan has been at the Nurburgring for a good 5-6 years now TRYING to beat Porsche! It's called a GT2 RS Japboys, go look it up.

    When the GT-R came out the owners were not allowed to use it's top end performance otherwise the warranty would be void. Couldn't even change the wheels otherwise the warranty would be void. Were not allowed to track it otherwise GPS would pick up location and warranty would be void!!!

    Porsche is built to drive to work during the weekdays and race on weekends!! So much so, they actually encourage it.

    So, keep on trying Nissan I wish you luck. And to the owners that think they have a better product than Porsche, it's partially because they don't know how to drive one. A GT-R is like a Lexus, it's built for my grandmother to drive. Absolutely boring! If speed is all that matters, then they also still need to catch up to GM and its ZR-1!!
    You joking the most powerful Porsche thats got 620bhp 500 lb ft 300KG less special track tires called Michelin PS cup, not usable everyday and you think thats a win? HA! Go back to school!

    Porsche have been owned for the last 4 years!

  • FD3Si 16 Aug 2012

    Big Six said:
    Still wished they kept the Skyline name to be honest
    At the risk of sounding like a pedantic whodyamaflip (On PH? No wai...) - the 'Skyline' name still exists. It was never the exclusive name for the high performance 'halo' models, it was the name for a range of cars from teh incredibly mundane 4 door to the GTR.
    2 litre NA automatic 4 door Skylines are in existence - it's just like having a 406 or Astra. It's always been the GTR bit that makes them special smile

  • Thrugglevalve 16 Aug 2012

    After watching this posting I think Mizuno-sans dedication, enthusiasm and loyalty to the GTR and his Team is inspirational. Long live the GTR. Being a petrol head we need people like Mizuno to push the boudaries, to bring us the latest technology, performance and reliability. He’s done a fantastic job so far. IMO.

  • PZR 16 Aug 2012

    redvictor said:
    I'm not a fan of jap cars but.......
    What a strange thing to write. It's even more extraordinary to think that it comes from a car enthusiast, and was written on a car enthusiast forum.

    Is it some form of automotive xenophobia? Do you hate cars that are Japanese just because they are Japanese, or is there some other reason that allows you to put roughly 100 year's worth of industrial product into one big box and close the lid on it?


  • seefarr 16 Aug 2012

    sennastyl said:
    Please ignore him. He's American and therefore probably quite corpulent and unhappy. If you feed the troll it will end up something like my personal favourite GT-R thread:

    Now, nobody mention the "P" word again and just ignore him, OK?

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