Now We Can All Be The Stig

New GTR is one of the stars of GT5
New GTR is one of the stars of GT5
Finally, the opportunity has arisen for all of us to pretend to be the Stig, thanks to the caring sharing types at Polyphony Digital.

For those who don’t know, Polyphony is the subsidiary of Sony responsible for creating the finest racing game of all time, Gran Turismo.

In the latest iteration, version number five of the many million selling game, you will be able to drive the infamous Top Gear test track.

However, due to the complexity of digitising the 900 or so cars and plethora of tracks in minute detail, the full version of the game isn’t due for launch until December 13th 2008.

There will be a prologue version out early next year, with a few cars and tracks to drive, however, the TG track won’t be included in this version.

GT5 will also include Top Gear TV, allowing users to download 40 classic episodes of the show, while the game itself will be available in download and blue ray formats when the full version is released.

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