Official Pics: TT RS

New officially released pictures from Audi have revealed the highly anticipated TT RS in all its glory. The model will be shown for the first time in the metal at the Geneva motor show next week.

The PR text accompanying the pictures is enigmatic, with Audi confirming only that the car’s 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine produces ‘well above 300PS’ and delivers ‘explosive acceleration, driving delight and unrivalled sound’. Quote: “A legend is reborn. Powerful five-cylinder engines have a long legacy at Audi and the turbocharged direct-fuel-injection engine in the TT RS is the new torchbearer of this dynamic tradition. It enables the TT RS to perform extraordinary feats. For example it needs nowhere near five seconds to reach 62mph; and 155 is the limited top speed only on paper.”

Fortunately we don’t have to rely on official sources for all our info – there’s been enough leaked already to give us a pretty good handle on what to expect under that lightweight aluminium body.

The five-cylinder motor is a cut-down version of Audi’s stonking V10 with a single turbocharger. Its output is somewhere in the region of 340bhp with 330lb ft of torque. There’s Quattro four-wheel drive – naturally - and a six-speed manual transmission. The uprated chassis will boast a more performance-orientated suspension with revised springs, dampers and anti-roll bars. Audi describes the brakes as ‘stupendous’, so we await details with interest.

Styling-wise, as the pictures show the TT RS comes with an eye-catching fixed rear spoiler and a new front end with air-intakes modelled after the R8.

The tin-top version of the TT RS goes on sale in the UK next week after the Geneva reveal, while the convertible arrives later in the year. Prices will be confirmed imminently but you’ll need around £43k for the coupe according to well-informed sources.


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