Open Season: Too shy to go all the way?

Not that we're wimping out, you understand. Nope, the PH team remains totally committed to Open Season motoring, and if anyone says we're not we'll fight 'em! (With snowballs, obviously.)

Judging by the original Open Season thread our need to stand up (out?) and be counted is shared by many fellow PHers. But open-air winter motoring in its most elemental form is not for everyone, we admit.

You're not off the hook yet, though. Public-spirited as ever, we've wasted half an hour rooting around in the PH classifieds and unearthed a bevy of halfway-house cabrios that (to varying degrees) we wouldn't mind being seen in.

Heroic choices for open winter motoring? Perhaps not quite, but at least you'd be trying...

Jaguar XJ-SC
The XJ-S must be a car that every enthusiast worth their rock salt wonders about owning from time to time. Most coming to the conclusion it may be more trouble than it's worth, which is presumably why they often seem such great value in the classifieds.

My personal favourite has always been the XJ-SC. Not sure exactly why, although I did see it being launched at a motorshow in my youth in the '80s, so perhaps it indelibly printed itself in my mental 'wanted list' back then.

This one has a terrific colour combo of blue with biscuit leather, and what sounds like a convincing paper trail. Surely any PHer could find £4k's worth of fun behind the wheel of this?

BMW 2002
Ah, the Bauer Convertible Top. Unlike the Jag, the demi-cabrio BMWs never quite satisfied me as a youth, but looking back now a BMW 2002 thus-configured looks the business.

We're illustrating the concept with this 1973 example, which although quite well known from its magazine history - and delightful in the extreme to look at - is not entirely factory original.

It's not cheap either, but it does appear to come with a helicopter, which could make it the bargain of the century...

Reliant Scimitar GTC
We've had our eye on Scimitars for a while now - they go for peanuts on eBay, which we must admit suggests the wider population doesn't always see perfection in Ford V6-powered plastic.

Yet lest we forget, Princess Anne loved them, and so did we as kiddies - the estate version appealing greatly to that childish desire to ride facing backwards and looking out of the rear window, if nothing else.

The GTC is a harder thing to desire perhaps, but some do as proven by this apparently minty example up for £10,500.

The owner's spent a lot of money, we're told, if possibly not on his phone-cam...

Bentley Continental Sedanca
So how often do you see one of these? Not very, which is not surprising as our advertiser reckons only 73 examples were ever produced.

Not quite the thing for a wintry hoon round your local lanes perhaps, but for sporting PHers contemplating a high speed winter waft to St Moritz, this could be just the ticket.

It's even left-hand drive, but your batman will need to be fit to lift off the removable glass roof in the mornings while you're enjoying breakfast at the lodge.

In spite of the grand title 'Sedanca', this Bentley is verging into T-Top/Targa territory. But as far as PH Open Season goes, that's probably another story.

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  • kellyann1710 30 May 2013

    Hi is there anyone out there that knows of anyone in Northern Ireland that repairs Citroën Pluriel roofs?

  • 2woody 12 Dec 2010

    Rumblestripe said:
    2woody said:
    the Scimitar would probably just fold in the middle if you removed the bar.
    Completely wrong, the Scimitar has a massive separate chassis and the body on the GTE was massively strong in it's own right. According to popular legend no-one has ever been killed in a Scimitar. They are a very very strong car. Roll over bar was for just that.
    pretty shocking torsional rigidity I seem to remember.

    Used to have the figures - I, er left the company with a large amount of technical documentation when it collapsed. All subsequently donated to RSSOC.

    quite good beam stiffness, but torsionally not so.

  • garciasierra 11 Dec 2010

    Ref Citroen Pluriel, I / my ex ran one for several years and often had the roof properly open - although I will admit that it was a crap design! Never had any leaking problems either, although a friend who had one did

  • LuS1fer 08 Dec 2010

    cooperd5 said:
    beetroute said:
    Returning to the Citroen Pluriel theme. I know they won't be top of many PHer's "Cars I Really Must Look Out For" lists, but has anyone EVER seen one outside of a showroom or motor show with those damn great roof girders actually removed ? I would have guessed that as it's a Citroen at least some might have just fallen off by now, but I've never seen a Pluriel completely sans roof.
    I have!! Woman round the corner had one, though I only ever saw it once with the bars gone, all the rest it was either roof up or roof down. Strange thing!
    Same here. Odd local woman but she did say the damn thing p*ssed in water like a sieve even with all the panels in place. They have German again now.

  • Chris944_S2 08 Dec 2010

    Since we're getting all this snow and some are panicking, there's always the 4x4 option

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