Paris 2012: the hot Kia Pro_Cee'd

Kia will enter the hot hatch market in mid-2013 with a 200hp-plus version of the new Pro_Cee'd revealed at the Paris motor show.

Looks go some way to offset badge snobbery
Looks go some way to offset badge snobbery
The hot Pro_Cee'd will go head-to-head with the 2.0 TSI version of the VW Scirocco, says Kia’s UK president Paul Philpott. He downplayed suggestions the car would be a rival for the more powerful hot-hatch elite such as the 250hp Ford Focus ST or 265hp Renaultsport Megane.

Philpott was tight-lipped about the size of the engine, but the three-door coupe-esque Pro-ceed should be capable of a 0-62mph time below seven seconds and a 140mph-plus top speed.

Kia has stayed out of the performance market until now, concentrating instead on building up the brand’s standing and sales in the UK and Europe. According to Philpott, the brand is now at the point where it is ready to enter the hot-hatch market. The Pro_Cee'd will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show in early March, with the car arriving in the UK a few months afterward.

Kia could hardly be accused of rushing this one
Kia could hardly be accused of rushing this one
Kia sources also said that a powerful version of the Rio supermini could also be on the horizon. However, Philpott would only confirm that Kia was “studying the potential” for such a car.

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  • KM666 01 Oct 2012

    Tartan Pixie said:
    OK it's got to page 4 and no one's said it.

    Op, op op, oppa gangnam style.

    I for one welcome our new Korean friends. smile
    Ha, nice one! However, is it not oppen?

  • Herman Toothrot 30 Sep 2012

    Krikkit said:
    Who ever thought the day would come when a Kia could perhaps be an acceptable PH purchase? (Not just for a snotter, I might add...)
    That day came ages ago, huge warantees cheap and a good product. Only a badge snob would avoid them. Then there are a lot of badge snobs on pistonheads. Even more in the general public.

  • s m 30 Sep 2012

    Dave Hedgehog said:
    pilchardthecat said:
    Never mind that. They need to make this;

    ahh the kia JCW's wink
    It does look like a customized Mini you're right smile

    I like it

  • blearyeyedboy 30 Sep 2012

    You're wrong. wink

    Mind you, you have to decide between the US "Hyoonday" and the UK "High-yoon-die" before deciding whether you like the word.

  • LuS1fer 30 Sep 2012

    But again I think Kia is a nice sounding name and I quite like it. I couldn't really own a Hyundai because it sounds terrible. Tell me I'm wrong... smile

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