PH2: Bikers Friend app

There are rumblings on Biker Banter about Bikers Friend, a free app claimed to provide an effortless way to document a motorcycle road traffic accident from your mobile device. So far, so straightforward.

App wraps up all you'd need in case of a shunt
App wraps up all you'd need in case of a shunt
Created by an 'innovative media company' the app is also effectively a fast track way of putting you in touch with a 'no win, no fee' solicitor. The app gives you the ability to photograph, video, record and also pinpoint your location on a map or call the emergency services. All features that a normal iPhone or Android phone can do - but the app combines all these on one homepage. So, should you have an accident, you can collect all your own evidence.

This isn't a bad thing, and the list of 'what to do' instructions, although fairly obvious, is pretty good as well, up until you reach number seven. This instruction says 'Contact Motorcycle Compensation'. When you fill your accident details in and agree for them to be sent they are fired towards the company Motorcycle Compensation, who will then pass them to a 'no win, no fee' solicitor who will call you back and, according to the app, 'allow the user to view instantly what they could be awarded in damages from the fault party.'

"I've been a marketer of legal services in the UK for over 20 years as well as an avid motorcyclist," says Colin Mahoney, creator of the app. "I was always being asked to look after bikers' injuries so I launched Very quickly we realised that any injuries over £5,000, the insurers automatically deny liability. What I decided to do was provide the insurer with hard evidence as to exactly what happened, so we created the app."

So what's in it for his firm?

Hit OK and expect a call in short order
Hit OK and expect a call in short order
"We don't, under any circumstances, get paid by any of our solicitors for referring business over to them," he says. "We are a marketing company who markets on behalf of a collective of solicitors. We do not make money from the clients, we do not put a client with the solicitor who pays us the highest amount of money and we have no referral fee. We work with 10 solicitors who contribute a marketing contribution to me and in return I give them access to my database of clients who have had incidents."

Why is this? As of April referral fees are no longer allowed to be paid by solicitors to people putting them in touch with accident victims, hence the distinction. But the fact there is a 'compensation calculator' on the app that claims within an hour you can learn how much you could be awarded speaks volumes.

We brought this point up with Mahoney who said, "Well, why would you call us then?" Fair enough, and if you're looking for financial recompense from an accident this is a very quick way of getting in contact with people who can help you do it. Whether this is something to be encouraged is your call.

P.H. O'meter

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Comments (56) Join the discussion on the forum

  • daveinaravecave 14 Feb 2013

    The amount of bickering on PistonHeads is unreal at times. I know it's a forum for discussion, but there's too many greeting-faced b@stards who over-react and seem to take things personally. It must put people off the site sometimes.

    Man up bhes!

  • LoonR1 13 Feb 2013

    [quote=Colin Mahoney the "inventor of Biker's Friend]Very quickly we realised that any injuries over £5,000, the insurers automatically deny liability.

    Well after working in insurance for 20 years, at one point specialising in bike insurance and currently running the Claims Division of one of the larger insurance companies, I can safely say that I have never, ever come across this happening. Nor for that matter would any insurer want to do this, as the MoJ process is doing a good job of cutting out ambulance chasing excessive income streams.

    What a tosser and more importantly why has PH2 decided that this app is newsworthy? Advertising revenue?

    If you're going to plug something and dress it up as a story, at least make it a balanced story with both sides getting a chance to state their views.

    It's launched just at the point at which referral fees are about to be banned and now the solicitors pay a contribution to help a marketing company and they share data.

    Piss poor.

    What he really means is "When an injury is more serious, the solicitor can drag things out nicely to make sure it falls outside the MoJ process and rack up their normal hourly rate, whilst having a junior paralegal working on the claim. Just the sort of work that makes all your premiums rise unnecessarily."

  • Fleegle 13 Feb 2013

    Dan Trent said:
    Fleegle said:
    I’m gobsmacked
    I can’t actually believe PH are promoting this S H I T by giving it a page.
    We were interested enough in the issues raised to have Jon ring Mr Mahoney up and get his side of the story, though he didn't especially enjoy Jon's line of questioning.

    I think - hope - it was clear that we have some issues with the whole concept at the core of this app and that came across in the piece. I wanted a balanced story though and left it open for everyone to discuss and make their own conclusions, the verdict of which are pretty damned clear it has to be said!

    Wouldn't have wanted to wind out of your sails though, it's a newsworthy topic, worthy of reporting and one everyone has the opportunity to register their distaste for if that's the case. And it's not '2' for second class either; topics raised by this are relevant no matter how many wheels you roll on. Indeed, one of my main motivations for putting it on the homepage was to raise some awareness among the wider PH community.

    Just my tuppence worth!


    Thanks for the explanation Dan. It's certainly a subject that gets many a bladder bursting at the seams

  • pork911 13 Feb 2013

    tdog7 said:
    Generally I would think that if you are well enough immediatley after an accident to be wondering how much compensation you can claim, you probably shouldn't be entitled to any........(bar repairs to your bike that is)

    This whole compensation culture has gone crazy....if you're injuries genuinely lead to you incurring costs, or loss of earnings, then yes you deserve to be reimbursed....but if you had a bruise, and needed to buy some painkillers from boots.....I don't see how some cash makes that better!
    well the government has fell for insurers PR and changes are coming that will throw the baby out as well

    you'll struggle to enforce a claim for injury worth up to £5k (bit more than a bruise) and therefore your associated losses that can easily be calculated (and well felt) including loss of earnings and lots of other things (oh and repairs where you disagree with the insurers who then know you have little / no choice)

    it may well put an end to the 'compo culture' (which in a large part was driven by the insurers whose real income of investment return on premiums dried up with the GFC) but you might not like the result

  • Dan Trent 13 Feb 2013

    Pothole said:
    may have done you a disservice. If so, I apologise.
    No probs!


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