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Over the past few months, PistonHeads has been working hard to make our already highly effective classified section even better.

Today we launch the new and improved service, which is designed to not only help you sell your car quicker but it will be much safer, too. We have implemented a host of new security measures to combat fraud which should discourage scammers and make PistonHeads an even safer place to sell your car.

One huge benefit of PH Classified is that it is free. This will of course continue, but we are now introducing the option to pay £7 for a ‘Premium Advert’. It will have a number of benefits such as more pictures and 'on top' positioning.

The ‘Standard’ advert will continue, which means there is still an option to sell your car absolutely free on PistonHeads.

What’s more every registered user (registered before todays launch) will be entitled to free premium adverts

So all those who have supported us over the years (or even days, if they are newly registered) will get a free premium advert whenever you want one. Trade adverts will stay exactly the same as they were before.

We hope the new system will work for you and we will be monitoring its effectiveness over the coming months.

Thanks for your support.

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  • Tahiti 12 Jul 2008

    Took me some time to work out what I'd done wrong (length of ad and size of one of the pics), but that new system looks great. I just hope it fully uploads now!

  • davislove 11 Jul 2008

    I've edited my advert and upgraded to premium but it hasn't moved to the first page as they did before, why is this?

    I've got a concern that the classifieds are fronted with the car catagories and not a search feature, therefore people just look at the first 2 - 3 pages they see when looking through a section (similar to when you do a google search) and don't look much further (as I do)

    Edited by davislove on Friday 11th July 08:56

  • RacingPete 10 Jul 2008

    I am putting through some new code now which will fix your editing problems. Expect it to make it to all the servers within the next hour. If still problems this evening then let us know.

  • dessimpson 10 Jul 2008

    ooh, that was my first post smile

  • dessimpson 10 Jul 2008

    jagdpanther said:
    RacingPete said:
    jagdpanther said:
    RacingPete said:
    jagdpanther said:
    S'fookin broke!

    Trying to edit live ads and it says there is a problem
    I will have a look into this in the morning though I expect it is due to the old live ad having smileys or HTML in it that is affecting the parser.
    Ahh buggeration!

    So Im going to have to do the ad again?
    This should work now, let me know if you are still having problems.
    Fixed it bud thumbup

    I've had an ad up for about a week and i can't edit it now frown

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