PistonHeads Le Mans Friday Service

A few weeks ago we told you about our Friday Service to be held at Parking Du Fresne on Friday 15th June, nicely timed to take place just before the greatest endurance race known to man.

Parking Du Fresne is in a great location, with easy access from all camp sites in Le Mans and only a stone's throw from the circuit with the Porsche Curves being just over the road. Large enough to hold 500 cars the entire PH team will be on the gate to welcome you and get you parked up quickly and safely, we’ll even mark off the bumpy section of the field to avoid any unwanted car damage as you drive through. We’re nice like that.

A map of the venue can be found here.

Gates open at 13.00 and close at 16.00.

Today we can announce two great additions to make the Sunday, sorry, Friday Service even better. Nissan UK will come along in their Juke Box to add some (subtle and inoffensive) music in the field, but if you’re thinking nightclub, think more low-level, chilled out music that doesn’t intrude, but adds to the laid back feel of Le Mans in the sunshine.

Food by Jody Scheckter
Food and drink will also be available as we have agreed for Jody Scheckter’s Laverstoke Park Farm to tour to Le Mans with PistonHeads. The Laverstoke team will bring their excellent range of organic produce and full outdoor cooking rig to cater the private PistonHeads campsite from Thursday to Monday (more on that in a moment). On Friday, we’ll move the whole lot to the field for the Friday Service along with a full bar serving draught beers and soft drinks to ensure there is great food for all who attend. Pricing is to be confirmed, but expect to pay 10 Euros for a main meal of your choice along with a cold pint. Of course, you can choose to buy items individually too.

You can pay for your food in the field on the day, or pre-order online. As soon as we have set up the online ordering facility we will mail all who have signed up on the calendar with full details.

How to attend
Entrance is free; all you need to do is sign up on the calendar to help us keep track of numbers and if you fancy strolling over from your campsite please mark yourself as a pedestrian leaving the car spaces free for those who plan to drive.

We are very excited about hosting this meet and would love to see as many Le Mans going PHers there as possible. Thanks in advance for your support and also to Team Laverstoke for making the jaunt with us across the channel, 1st-Tickets for their ongoing support and Nissan UK for getting involved too.

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  • dredgey 22 Jun 2012

    Barry Sheene said:
    TFatC said:
    Bah Humbug! Drove my Cobra 2049 miles over the last week from Aberdeen to Le Mans. Attended the CBW and this event, all "sans roof" eek Must have had the car photographed hundreds if not thousands of times, but so far the only photo I have found on the web is from our brilliant resident photographer at BsM hehe

    Oh well, will see if the '34 Rolls fares any better in a couple of weeks time!
    This one ?

    Same boat here, drove my Griff from Munich to UK (14 hours all roof off) then to LM, all stickered up, no photos anywhere smile

    Same last year, that's 2 PH LM meets and no photo's , don't know why I bother sometimes biggrinbiggrin

    Edited by Barry Sheene on Wednesday 20th June 20:28
    And this one?...

    Edited by dredgey on Friday 22 June 20:58

  • Garlick 22 Jun 2012

    Spotted the 550 on camp later that weekend. Nice camping spot you had there.

  • hello spaceman 21 Jun 2012

    Stuart said:
    Anyone notice the M550d btw? That's going to be a rare sight I would think.
    T'was I, as invited by one of the more regular PHers.
    BMW was kind enough to give me one in which to arse around Europe, while on holiday. It is indeed a stealth missile.

    Thanks for hosting the service at LM. Memorable experience for my first (hopefully not last) trip to the race.

  • Garlick 20 Jun 2012

    TFatC said:
    Stuart said:
    Were you on the road on Thursday? We saw you on the Autoroute I think. Looked and sounded lovely - we were the PH convoy; Garlick's TVR, an S4 and a Merc E class estate, all stickered up.
    Yes, that was us, we gave you a wave on the way past as we figured it was the PH "officials" convoy!
    You need louder pipes....

    Just kidding hehe stayed with you fir a bit so we could make no use together

  • caddydaddy 20 Jun 2012

    MiniMan64 said:
    Naithan said:
    is dunlop and pit straight open to public during none event times? love to get the meg on there..
    Depends how brave you feel and early you can get up....
    The Gate in Maison Blanche is open early in the Week,and you used to be able to move the Barriers at Tetre Rouge or Porsche Curves,though there are locked now.I've been told off a few times but nothings ever happened.

    2009 in my Caddy.

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