Porsche 959 Speedster

Aahh, the classic Porsche 959 Speedster - has to be one of my all-time favourite cars. But hang on a minute, Porsche didn't make a 959 Speedster...

One of the first rules to creating a convincing replica has to be choosing a car that actually existed in the first place. This clearly didn't occure to the maker of this chopped 959 and the result is, well, interesting at least.

It's a blend of what can only be a 356 Speedster replica with 959 front and back tacked on. Either that or it was once an original Speedster but that doesn't bare thinking about. Two things are for sure it 'glides down the road like it is on a track' and it has a four speed manual.

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  • Huff 21 Dec 2011

    Strawman said:
    Hmmm, real 959 = 450BHP turbocharged 195mph screamer, replica = wheezy 4 cylinder producing ? 60-80 BHP confused
    Less than that. The engine pictured has a dynamo (not the alternator of the later 50hp VW flatfour) so that's 40-45bhp max, not 450.

    It'll still be overpowered for the chassis design though...

  • v6passat 21 Dec 2011

    kieronj said:
    ep thats the magazine. A house Ymove this year led me to clearing out a load of old magazines but I kept that one with the 959 Speedster/Convertible. Also had a great article in another issue on the Lister Le Man Jaguar XJS in bright red - ahh the 80/90's!

    I remember the convertible came about because the original 959s owner wrote off the car on the way home from picking it up from Porsche after just an hour or so ownership. I think Porsche were unwilling to rebuild the car so it was taken to a coach builder who built the hardtop,convertible, speedster.
    I have an old norwegian or swedish magazine that featured this car. Of the top of my head this car was never recognized from porsche, but it was rebuilt by only genuine porsche parts, so it was as close to the real thing as possible. It was a geunine porsche 959 to start with. I can see if i find the article and scan it if there is interest in it.

  • k-ink 10 Mar 2011


  • alexpa 10 Mar 2011

    Karl Heinz Feustel did a 959 speedster/convertible/coupe I recall. The separate modules were stored in their own custom built lined boxes. The car is (was?) white.

    The story is that a 959 was crashed very early in it’s life. The owner moved it on quickly. The new owner approached Karl re a rebuild and voila the 3 in 1 was born.

    I think Feustel has (had) three of the five original 911SR’s. Lighter, earlier, more powerful than the well known ’73 911RS

  • Miffy964RS 14 Aug 2008

    That's actually pretty tasteful for Oklahoma... smile

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