Powerfully-built directors drive fastest

Much mention has been made on the PH forums of the lesser-spotted powerfully-built director. It’s a breed that surfaces occasionally on the boards, stalking lightly through General Gassing and waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on a thread which allows it to give the maximum possible exposure to its fleet of high-performance cars And, if the results of a survey out today are anything to go by, these unusual creatures also happen to be the fastest drivers in the country.

To be precise, the survey, carried out by MoneySupermarket, suggests that those with the job title of ‘Operations Director’ drive the fastest of any profession around. So, it would seem, not only do these beasts have a garage full of muscular machinery, but they also drive them in a pretty thrusting manner too. Not sure about the rest of you, but that doesn’t come as a great surprise to us. Also unsurprising are second and third places on the list, which go to surgeons and sales directors, while fourth place goes to a different kind of director – that of the more common-or-garden ‘managing’ variety.

At the other end of the list, things are less obvious: if you work in a cafe or a building society, or you’re a full-time student, it turns out you’re apparently the least likely to be a speed demon; also surprising is that younger drivers are less likely to be convicted of speeding than those aged 40-49, who apparently represent the greatest risk rate.

So, if you count yourself as one of the PH powerfully-built massive, watch out – they’re onto you...

P.H. O'meter

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  • Trusty Steed 11 Jan 2013

    Eek!! I am a over 6 ft., powerfully built company director, drive a Range Rover and have an Audi....... Looks like your generalisation has me down to a T...... NOT, what a pile of codswallop! no news day at PH towers?

  • sutats 10 Jan 2013

    I suppose being unambitious has some kind of narrow-sighted benefit after all.

  • vintageracer01 10 Jan 2013

    Be a responsible director and give a good example to your folks:

    Just drive like a maniac!

    Interesting that it is not about the young drivers having a riot...

  • Glade 09 Jan 2013

    Herbs said:
    Glade said:
    Our VP of Ops has a Q7 and the word is he doesn't wear a seatbelt!


    Though it's us middle management with 2.0 TDIs you should watch out for!

    Edited by Glade on Wednesday 9th January 12:41
    I can categorically confirm that this is bks....

    No-one in their right mind would listen to the annoying beep in a Q7 telling you you are not wearing a seatbelt rather than not wearing one hehe
    Lol, I hadn't thought of that...

  • Martin 480 Turbo 09 Jan 2013

    I am glad to see that the forum finds back to form an this rather useful topic.

    As far as stereotypes are concerned. I do find them very telling.
    Popular wisdom always has some truth in it. But this thread needs
    a healthy dose of reality:

    • *

    So, obviously I am one of those bad guys in a dark, fast Audi...

    • Audi - Check !
    • Dark - Check !
    • S-Line - Yep !
    • Director Bloke - Nope, not yet...
    • In a hurry - You'd bet !
    • Getting fined for speeding - ; )
    • Having a goatee - Check !
    • Being powerfully built - To modest to say smile
    Greatfully I do not have to crusade UK roads in this, though. Only ploughing through
    stretches of continental Autobahn. And over here class tensions are not nearly as strong
    as they seem to be in the UK. (or this forum)

    What I observe though is, that I have problems to make swift progress on the Autobahn when
    in this car (or the 3-series). Trying not to revert to an overly agressive driving style,
    I get constantly blocked and tackled by Kias and Ford Focus. Never experienced that in the
    Volvo or my Italian cars. When I had a black 2000 rubber back Spider everyone made way for it,
    assuming a Porsche was coming. (It often didn't have the panache to really go past those guys...)

    There is a childish behaviour at play from both sides. Some of you guys wait for the
    Audi Driver to flash his lights, so you can finally move over and give him the finger.
    Thank you so much.

    While I do try to takes this as a buddhist assignment to turn negativity into something
    possitive while not equaly loosing my manners,I still feel sorry for te marvelous
    piece of German engineering and Italian style (Walter DeSilva) I have the pleasure to
    drive, to attract so much hate.

    This thread made me think to put a custom made sticker on its hatch:


    Not many people would get it though.

    But It might as well be part of the path to becoming a powerfully built director to learn to cope with this...I'd doubt though, that many directors drive a rather mundane Audi like mine. Over here they are in a 7-series or Cayenne So this bit of the stereotype is wrong.

    I might even have a goatee, but have still to make do as a "manager" of some sorts, while most of my
    hair is still where it belongs:

    Martin 480 Turbo

    P.S. If you are driving a leased Panamera on yellow plates on the german Autobahn around
    Kassel, please be so kind and just move over. The Diesel Porker might not be as fast as
    you think...

    Edited by Martin 480 Turbo on Monday 14th January 08:21

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