Shelby tweaks Focus ST

It’s a name that might more usually be tagged onto a million-horse Mustang , but Shelby has its sights set on a new market: that of the hot hatch buyer with the release of a breathed-on Focus ST.

No extra power yet for the Shelby ST
No extra power yet for the Shelby ST
The arrival of the ST in the US last year has caused all sorts of big US Ford tuners such as Steeda and Roush to add the string of hot hatch tuning to their bows. Shelby is the latest, and like the others, its first package will be a mild selection of cosmetic and handling-based upgrades

There’s a new exhaust system , developed in conjunction with Borla, which will undoubtedly add a touch of extra power, but aside from that the Shelby additions run to a set of Ford Racing suspension, new drilled brake discs, new wheels and tyres, and a series of cosmetic tweaks both outside and in.

Cosmetics & handling first to be addressed
Cosmetics & handling first to be addressed
Having said that, Shelby does add that an optional 'performance tune' is in the offing, and they claim that it should ‘significantly increase horsepower’. So expect to see somewhere between 280 and 300hp, as per Mountune’s planned offering – but don’t expect much beyond that for now, as we’re led to believe that’ll be the point at which the standard turbo runs out of puff. Tuning for this model of ST is in its infancy, though, so if even more power is a must, don't be disheartened - bigger packages which include upgraded turbos are probably just around the corner.

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  • porsche200471 16 Jan 2013

    I normally only rate anything as a ten. Otherwise I don't rate it at all. But... accidentally... I entered 10. Then I realised I was expressing an opinion on an American tuned car. The nation who only know of straight lines. As a Britishist I say that in the most self-deprecating way. Irony.
    What I really mean is... HOT HATCHES. 2 litre turbo cars. These cars were born in the UK in the 80s/ It took The Fast and the Furious to introduce the appeal of smaller engined cars to the wider market.
    What a sad state of affairs.
    We have been doing this for years.
    So to see an American Co doing this to a car that is clearly unacceptable.
    Even the leather isn't fitted properly. It is puckered all over the place. Poor fitting. Poor craftsmanship. And that is what it is all about, I suppose. Craftsmanship. That is why we created Aston Martins.

  • DAVEVO9 16 Jan 2013

    Limpet said:
    My God the new Focus is fugly.

    I thought the Nissan PUKE was bad

  • jpf 16 Jan 2013

    Oh, the decal is just glorious! The decal alone justifies a few thousand more.

    Give it the horsepower, tune the suspension improve the brakes (not like any of those items were poor) and leave the exterior along--okay maybe a Shelby badge in the grill. Shelby doesn't get it. Maybe 3 mopes will pony up the $$$ for this mistake because it says "Shelby".

  • Grovsie26 16 Jan 2013

    What a POS.

  • FlossyThePig 16 Jan 2013

    Shambler said:
    Maybe I'm getting old but what is the deal with black bonnets? It just shouts Knob
    You're obviously not old enough to remember when all rally cars had black bonnets.

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