Switchover Bridge To Link China And Hong Kong

This rendering of a swoopy bridge is Dutch architectural firm NL Architects' proposal for part of a road connection between Hong Kong and mainland China.

It neatly solves the problem of switching from an area where motorists drive on the right (mainland China), to one where people drive on the left (Hong Kong), and could form part of the 50km link between Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland city of Zhuhai and which is due for completion by 2016.

The bridge switches drivers from one side of the road to the other via a neat double-helix switchover which takes one carriageway over the top of the other.

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  • grahamw48 06 Aug 2010

    No, actually it's the Kap Shui Mun bridge, just a little further along towards the airport, but still special, as the railway runs through the middle of it, with the roadway above.

    I was involved with laying the track bed.

    Here is the bridge you're thinking of, and at the time of its construction it exceeded the length of the Humber Bridge by a metre or two.

    Some of my friends worked on it, and I watched its progress over a period of months as I used to pass it each day on the ferry.

    Witnessing the 480 ton modules being winched up a couple of hundred feet to the basic 'skeleton' above, from the deck of a barge was a truly amazing sight. smile


  • tylerama 06 Aug 2010

    grahamw48 said:
    Here are two Hongkong projects that I worked on. smile

    Is that the Tsing Ma bridge ? Drove over it on the way back from Chek Lap Kok to Hung Hom, seriously impressive as is the multi storey car park for 44 ton trucks in the docks !

  • grahamw48 02 Aug 2010

    Here are two Hongkong projects that I worked on. smile

  • WEHGuy 02 Aug 2010

    croyde said:
    Think we need a post pics of your favourite bridges thread. laugh
    Yes do one, unless there is already one?

  • WEHGuy 02 Aug 2010

    Richard A said:
    Emeye said:
    I disagree with the article - I love bridges. Sad I know ...
    But how can it be 'sad' to be interested in civil engineering?

    This is not a comment against you, Emeye, because like me you disagree with the idiot sub-heading "The first time it's likely you'll have got excited by a bridge". Why is it so wrong to be interested in stuff and why do journalists (yes, even motoring journalists) continue to play along with this attitude? Skilling ourselves up so that we push the envelope of technology and engineering is supposed to be the way this country survives in the global economy and yet, culturally, it's now uncool to be interested in anything other than whatever the global media organisations spoon onto our plates.
    I couldn't agree more. The media promotes, it is cool to be a moron and makes these untalented nobodies famous so, other people aspire to be famous for the sake of it and having no real talent.

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