Time For Coffee? BRZ milks it

As we now know, advertisers aren't allowed to make driving look fun or exciting. Even virtually, Toyota's attempt to get around the rules by showing computer generated footage of the GT86 going sideways falling foul of the rules.

Which makes advertising the GT86 and Subaru BRZrather tricky. After all, their USP is meant to be bringing the fun back into driving. And if you can't show that what does that leave those Mad Men lounging around on their bean bags in Soho to talk about?

There's a wider point here too. We've talked a lot about the future for rallying recently and how the sport survives. That our advertising rules specifically prevent manufacturers implying that their road cars carry the same genes as their racing equivalents or motorsport technology or experience has been used to develop road cars removes a huge incentive for investing in motorsport of any kind. Would Subaru have shifted as many Imprezas in the 90s without the McRae or Burns connections? Of course not. But if you're not allowed to sell on Monday what incentive to race on Sunday?

Oh to be their Spanish colleagues! No such squeamishness there. And if a car's major selling point is its ability to go sideways. You show it going sideways. Bookended with lots of lingering shots of a blonde in her nightwear. Job done, let's go out for some tapas.

The ad could probably have done with a slightly tighter edit and you'll kind of get the point pretty quickly. And it's not shy with the cheese either - Audi's not alone in that one. But it's good to know that outside of our nanny state you're still allowed to imply that you can have fun at the wheel. Even if you're just popping out for some milk.

See here.



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  • Robbie K 05 Feb 2013

    Great ad, but I don't think many in the UK will buy it because its too expensive here....

  • LordGrover 03 Feb 2013

    Isn't that the new BMVV toaster?
    It's a standard family base toaster with go browner bits to justify the inflated price.

  • Rob Dance 03 Feb 2013

    talksthetalk said:
    After the "discussions" about the available performance from the GT86/BRZ and people missing the point, I am sure that everyone agrees with me that...

    He could have bought a more powerfull second hand toaster, with no warranty and much higher energy usage........

  • AdeV 02 Feb 2013

    otolith said:
    Pretty sure it's perfectly legal to drive a car on the road in racing livery. Rally cars can be driven between special stages.
    Clearly you have never tried it - or didn't meet a plod whilst trying it.

    Yes to the rally cars thing, but there's usually quite a lot of them, and the rally organisers have had a chat with the police, so it's expected. Didn't stop that jobsworth tt a few years ago, stopping Marcus Gronholm because he only had 3 wheels on his car.

  • Si_man306 02 Feb 2013

    Great video. All the bumpf we get from the 'EU' directives on this and that and we don't get their advertising standards to show this? Shame. And I don't understand, videos of ppl drifting, sliding and arsing about in cars are everywhere- Aston Martin (and ford and land rover) get to sell their cars being drifted in the James Bond films but not on the tv?

    As only 17+ (and realistically older) can buy cars why limit the advertising to the films??

    Also, I get 300 miles out of 70 quids worth of super in the 350z so if your spending 100 you're spending too much time sideways wink

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