Time For Coffee? F-Type aural pleasure

Chances are you’ve already seen – and heard – this F-Type promo video that went out on Friday. But in case you haven’t and you’re finding the Monday morning fug a little difficult to clear get yourself a coffee and annoy your colleagues with the following little ditty.

By all means file under pre-launch propaganda and hype for the forthcoming F-Type, because that’s what this prototype drive by three famous racing drivers led by Jaguar ambassador Martin Brundle is all about. Brundle is joined by Christian Danner and Justin Bell for a bit of a shakedown around Snetterton and the surrounding roads in F-Type prototypes, with a silent cameo from Jag’s development guru Mike Cross. Who, as it happens, we were hanging out with last week too. More on this – and from Mike – in due course.

For now we’ll let the F-Type do the talking. And it appears in fine voice.


P.H. O'meter

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  • dinkel 23 Dec 2012

    Young sir Pr1964, if you think a respected car company can still produce designs - today and with a nod to an awesome legacy - that look like the wonderfull stuff of the past, you may think again.

    Only small volume and bespoke designs manage just that.

    I think the F is a wonderfull car that will gain its place in automotive history. I'd like a lightweight and stripped down 6 thank you.

    Looking and comparing the last 15 years of Jaguar and Aston sporting cars I think they do a wonderfull job.

    Happy days chaps.

  • FWDRacer 21 Dec 2012

    Are you on strong drugs?

  • Stratman1 20 Dec 2012

    After_Shock said:
    I would love the chance to drive both, however in my head the V6 makes more sense.

    O.k getting over the fact to me it 'looks' better is a minor part the drive as you say is the main reason for one of these cars.

    The V6 weighs less, does sound better in these vids, will no doubt rev more freely and id assume be the more balanced on the roads, if you ordered the V8 and the V6 with the same wheels and tyres the V6 is going to have loads more grip due to less torque and again id assume be the much more driveable on the roads, will be able to push the V6 more towards its limits without the fear of death. If they both use the same supercharger? the V6 would be more laggy at the initial revs too which again helps the grip and stability low down.

    Taking price out of the equation the main competitor would have been the boxster S and considering how balanced they are to drive the Jag has a big challenge, but its gone with power (due to weight no doubt) as its main firepower and ive no complaints on that front, just hope they have done a great job on the chassis. If it sacrifices balance for laughable fun all the better for it smile
    Well said and good stuff, After_Shock.
    Go and drive any decent V6. Then drive a decent V8 (both naturally aspirated). If the latter is designed as a decent fast GT or even a sports car, then understeer won't be a problem.
    I was lucky enough to own an AM Vantage. Reading some of the posts here, a V8 is too heavy up front versus a V6. So, what about the V12 Vantage? It's a dream to drive and I would have one in my dream PH garage.
    For what it's worth, when I had a VW Corrado VR6 in my twenties, some folks said the lighter-engined Corrados were better. They weren't.
    Honestly, V8s these days are light and are set back behind the front axle. So can we please agree that it's a financial consideration, not a driving pleasure one?

  • Stratman1 20 Dec 2012

    garypotter said:
    Stratman1 said:

    2. Fab cars - both of them. Now go and drive an AM V8 Vantage (a year old or whatever works to match the economics) and its a tough call which one you'd have in garage.
    I agree and why not go for a 6yr old AM V8 and £250 private plate to hide its age as a 2nd/3rd car for the sunny drive, BUT that is not what this forum is about, its about jaguar releasing a new model that will (hopefully) see them successful now and into the future......
    If I may...
    1. This forum is for petrolheads who love and buy a wide range of cars, with a wide range of budgets, and who can opine from actual experience on a range of cars. We all joke about the PH forum criticisms of new car styling, but this is about folks who will look at this Jag as a potential next buy. Which means we should be allowed to talk about what else we might buy for the same money.

    2. Why would you worry about hiding the age of the Aston? I was talking about driving a V8 versus a V6, not about being vain and having a brand new car versus a used car with a private plate.
    I've had a few V6s and enjoyed them thoroughly. V8s (naturally aspirated by the way) are better in terms of power, torque, noise, performance. But that's just IMHO.

    3. BTW in my case these kind of cars are my only car, not 2nd/3rd, so we get into boot space etc as well as look and performance.

  • Driller 19 Dec 2012

    FWDRacer said:
    You still sruggling? The facing competion to Jaguar. BMW. Mercedes. Audi. BMW's latest M/Cars are now piping engine 'musik' through the speakers. Glad that Jaguar aren't springing ahead into the future using that sort of technology wink
    Yeah I was, thanks for that biggrin It was the "facing" bit that threw me.

    So they all do that? I thought it was just BMW.

    So even the car world is going to hell now. A new trendy Plastic Experience for the masses, Antares Autotune for Automobiles, wake up baby your new prefabricated popstar on wheels is here.


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