Time For Tea? garage envy

We'll be the first to say it but, yes, we've been all over this West Coast fashion for bitsa retro 911s. First we had 'Urban Outlaw' Magnus Walker and his carefully contrived shabby chic thing. And then at the opposite end of the spectrum the obsessively perfectionist, part carbon-bodied Singer, driven recently by Chris Harris. Very different approaches but the same theme of mix'n'match old and new 911 bits to build two respective visions of the ultimate retro-modern Porsche.

One car to do it all reckons owner Jack
One car to do it all reckons owner Jack
And here's another. So if you've already had your fill best look away now.

This one's a bit of a home-brew, built by quietly obsessive owner (and PHer, it would appear) Jack Olsen and filmed, once again, by our friends over at Petrolicious. Jack's car combines a 1972 body, 1995 engine, 1986 brakes and a host of other bits dating between 1965 to 2000. He makes no claims about it being the best or fastest 911 ever, it's just the one he likes the best.

And his statement that "horsepower is something that looks great in a magazine article but suspension is actually what gets you round the track fast" marks him out as someone who clearly gets it, without feeling the need to shout about it too loudly.

And if you were already turning a vivid shade of green with envy at Jack's car just wait until you see the mannexe/garage he built to keep and maintain it in...

One Car to Do It All from Petrolicious on Vimeo

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  • Bob_Defly 29 Jan 2013

    Jack Olsen said:
    But that's the thing, isn't it? I don't have anything to sell and I'm not trying to lead the enthusiast community anywhere. Everything I come up with for my car or my garage only has to work for me. So the lift is a great example of a bargain coming along (it cost US$455 – that’s 288 pounds?), and it fitting well to my purposes. The only car I do regular and major work on is the 911. My 911 has a flat belly pan with nothing serviceable on it. The lift has a flat top that I’ve tiled to match the floor. When I’m using it, I can access anything at all on the 911. When I’m not using it, it’s just more floor to walk on.

    Edited by Jack Olsen on Sunday 27th January 17:04
    Hi Jack,

    I've been looking at installing some sort of in-floor lift, but brands like Bendpak are closer to $2K.


    Where on earth did you find a decent lift so cheap?

  • Citrus7 28 Jan 2013

    Inspiring video and person !

  • KMB 28 Jan 2013

    Great video and always good to see a true Pistonheader's car abode. Thank you!

  • garypotter 28 Jan 2013

    Thanks Jack, top car and a top bloke, please keep us update dwith your car and keep enjoying your car.

  • M666 EVO 28 Jan 2013

    Great vid, respect to him

    But it's called a garidge, not a garaaj! :-)

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