Time For Tea? GT86 moose test

Ah, the elk test. The undoing of more than one mainstream car, not least the famous A-Class incident. That car still exists, deep in the Mercedes collection. On a tour of some amazing artefacts there it was, hiding in the corner, crumpled and ashamed of itself. "Is that really-" we asked, our guide cutting us off with a curt, "Yes it is."

That's not going to go, is it
That's not going to go, is it
Anyway. Over the pond they've been having fun with it. Obviously we're talking moose, not elk but, hell, it amounts to the same thing. And tried a more fun way of dealing with the moose test with a GT86. This inspired an amusing chat on Jalopnik about whether or not you could actually drive under a moose in a GT86 and, if not, what car might be suitable for the job.

Proximity to Richmond Park and its (currently randy, admittedly) deer does get us thinking. Will our colleagues at Autocar miss their Caterham Supersport long termer for half an hour? Any volunteers? Has Fenton got a driving licence, possibly?


Sources: Jalopnik, FASTLAPracing, BBC for the irresistible retro Richmond Park pic

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  • mybrainhurts 25 Oct 2012

    shout..Aspirin for Mr Moose, please

  • newdogg06 25 Oct 2012

    Made my day! Looked like the moose had had an enema even before the GT hit it.

  • jazzdevil 25 Oct 2012

    I've got an increasing soft spot for the GT86 - sure the current NA model may not carry the power that it's aesthetic suggests. I'd really consider one if the performance benefit more reasonably offset the economy and tax penalties.

  • soad 25 Oct 2012

    trando said:
    simonigrale said:
    I like the video after it laugh
    Both of them.... Looks like something Eastern European? Lithuania maybe??

  • lgomgf 25 Oct 2012

    I don't think it miss power, maybe a little overpriced for a Toyota but I saw one on the road this week here in Germany and was fun to keep up to it on my diesel burner.

    It does accelerate quite nicely for such small engine car.

    On the side, does anyone knows how fast they go? It didn't keep up with my A4 3.0 TDI, I was going about 220 to 230kph...

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