Time For Tea? Imprezas on the attack

I'll hold my hands up; rally Imprezas are my Monte Mini, my Mk2 Escort, my Group B car. Anyone who's watched rallying will have an era and car that defines the sport for them and for me it's blue Subarus on gold wheels, the poignancy of association with two dearly departed heroes of the sport just adding to it further.

Imported two-door Impreza tempts...
Imported two-door Impreza tempts...
Much as I love circuit racing too there's something about watching rally cars that has me absolutely transfixed. I could watch hours of it but for this Scooby-based indulgence we're asking just five minutes of your time. The perfect accompaniment to your afternoon brew and biscuit. Suffice to say, there's plenty more out there if you want it!

Watching - and hearing - this vid also gets me a bit misty-eyed for my old Scooby wagon, a 1995 WRX with compulsory noisy exhaust (natch). As noted in our PH Heroes piece on the P1, there's no doubting the golden age of the fast Impreza has probably passed us by but there are still a few keeping it real and still a few tempting propositions in the PH classifieds. I couldn't find a 22B, but I did find this.

Saying that, I wonder whatever became of my old wagon...




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  • Terminator X 24 Sep 2014

    Ah, the 22b yum


  • Steve_W 24 Sep 2014

    drumsterphil said:
    In addition to the 22B I had an RB5 previously (being one of the original founders of the RB5OC) -

    Ooh - very nice! And you seem to have an 18" wheel that looks like similar to the original RB5 wheels?

    This thread is making me want to get on putting mine back together - still need to refit the headlights, front bumper, etc. Oh, and find a replacement RB5 wheel for the slightly bent one frown

  • Coatesy351 29 Mar 2014

    Contigo said:
    The sound of that wastegate chatter!!!

    My first forced induction was a N reg Scooby Turbo 2000 and I had Hayward and Scott full system on and a manual boost valve (dawes) which allowed flameouts.Poroper cackling and popping from overfuelling. The first car I properly modded myself.
    It's not Wastgate Chatter its compressor surge.

  • RemyMartin 01 Dec 2012

    boma said:
    Don't know about heading for the classified, but that clip and all this talk is seriously making me want to dig out the old PS1 and the first ever Codemasters Colin McRae Rally...

    Ahh the memories! Remember being wowed by the mud that stayed on the car, on the New Zealand Rally.
    Was impressive at the time, honest!

  • Rollcage 01 Dec 2012

    Anybody have experience of Japspeed exhausts? Seem fairly priced and reasonable quality, and the Youtube videos I have heard sound OK.

    I just get confused with all the de-cat options though, which one do you need to keep to ensure an MOT pass (other things being equal)?

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