Time For Tea: Mini does a backflip

It’s no secret that we aren’t enormous fans of Mini’s Countryman here at PH. But despite being performed in such a vehicle – or, to be fair, a heavily modified version thereof – this latest automotive feat, performed as a fairly shouty publicity stunt by Mini, was impressive enough to warrant our attention.

It’s a video that’s just been released of Frenchman Guerlain Chicherit performing the world’s first backflip in a car. Set in Tignes, Chicherit uses the Mini All4 Racing – the same vehicle that took back-to-back Dakar Rally titles in 2012 and 2013 – to perform a full backflip, complete with a successful landing on a snow-built ramp. Although others have attempted the feat in the past, this is the first time it’s been achieved fully, and what’s all the more impressive is that it was done without any boosting from special moving parts on the take-off ramp.

Unashamed publicity stunt it may be – but that doesn’t detract from the spectacle of this video. Enjoy!


P.H. O'meter

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  • k-ink 20 Feb 2013

    Cotty said:
    In that case its not "the world’s first backflip in a car" as monster trucks have been doing them for years.
    But this is the first monster truck with a MINI badge on it. Hence it is a car. And a Mini. Apparently.

    Yeah I'm not convinced either.

  • filski666 20 Feb 2013

    Wammer said:
    PascalBuyens said:
    filski666 said:
    Didn't Rhys Millen do a backflip in car a couple of years ago?

    He failed on his actual run though...
    But if you read the article this was the first flip to be done unassisted so without a special ramp also Rhys Millen couldn't of driven away afterwards as he landed in some Boxes
    ok, I checked - he did do the backflip - but didn't land too well - although no worse than Carey Hart's first FMX backflip - and he is still credited with pulling off the first backflip on a motorbike.

    no cardboard boxes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PaaFYLevKM

  • Cable 20 Feb 2013

    Travis Pastrana has been trying it for a while. Apologies for the quality, it's the only one I can find


  • MonkeySpanker 20 Feb 2013

    Dirty said:
    Have to say my all time favourite is this though. A double flip with twist and a backwards landing!

    If you look close enough you can see brown streaks biggrin

  • Dirty 19 Feb 2013

    skyrover said:
    this was more impressive IMO


    each wheel probably weighs more than that "mini"
    hornet said:
    This is the craziest one I've found :-


    Suspect the second was accident rather than design, but even so!
    Now those are proper backflips!

    Have to say my all time favourite is this though. A double flip with twist and a backwards landing!


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