Time For Tea? Porsche Sunday Service: The Movie

Didn't make it to last weekend's PH Sunday Service at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone.

Look at what you could have won: sunshine, lots and lots of nice cars (and not just Porsches), bacon rolls to eat and plenty of like-minded chaps and chapesses to chat with.

We'll see you at the next one, then?



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  • bamberwell 20 Oct 2011

    flyerblade said:
    Nice video. Was impressed by the cars, turnout, location. Sadly only seemingly just 3 of us on bikes (although I was late) but maybe we're just special wink
    i got there early , but had to leave early due to wearing my one piece and nearly passing out in the heat smile......didn't realise it was you i was talking to on the gate ,garlick! i was on the grey/black r1

  • Cotty 20 Oct 2011

    varsas said:
    Great vid, really captured the mood of the day.
    Yep thats what I thought, great video.

    I walked in as my BMW was full of camping gear in the 1st Tickets camping area for the Britcar24.

  • Aizle 08 Oct 2011

    Did a video ever surface from Mercedes-Benz World SS?

  • tmoby 07 Oct 2011

    fatboy18 said:
    That Hooligan revving that Red car at the end of the video hehe Great line, "That should sell it to them" rofl
    Thank you very much, I'll go back to lurking now smile

  • Garlick 07 Oct 2011

    About 8 bikes IIRC. I spoke to all riders at the gate

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