Video: the world's fastest R35 GT-R - from Telford

If somebody asked you where the world's fastest Nissan GT-R came from, you would probably suggest some deeply deranged tuning works in Japan, or possibly a Californian custom shop. You would not think that the Shropshire town of Telford would be in the running.

Yet this is where 'Hulk', the creation of Severn Valley Motorsport, hails from. And last weekend it topped 218mph at RAF Marham, with Racelogic Vbox data and this onboardvideo to prove it, making it the fastest GT-R in the world (in terms of top speed at least).

That's pretty impressive in itself, but when you consider that a) this was the car's first outing and b) the weather wasn't exactly dry, it's a serious achievement.

To manage this, 'Hulk' has been modified over the past year to the extent that it now produces in excess of 1,250hp. But it's still road legal, and still runs ordinary road tyres.

That conventional rubber and the wet weather might have had something to do with the fact that, as the Severn Valley chaps tell it, the wheels were spinning all the way up to fourth gear. Despite this, the GT-R recorded a 110-130mph time of 1.47 seconds, which beats the time set by a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport by almost half a second over the same increment.

The Severn Valley guys say they're now after another run, this time in the dry. Should be interesting.

Severn Valley Motorsport, we salute you. We even forgive that lairy paint scheme - it is a promotional tool, after all...


P.H. O'meter

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  • NomduJour 13 Nov 2013

    Liquid Knight said:
    even at the lest intrusive setting the stability control and crap got in the way
    Either someone didn't tell you how the buttons work, or there's a strong smell of horsest here.

    Edited by NomduJour on Wednesday 13th November 16:49

  • k-ink 13 Nov 2013

    For a fraction of the money I would opt for an Ultima with 1000 horses, or more, courtesy of NRE. I suspect that would destroy these GTRs due to the lower mass.

  • Liquid Knight 13 Nov 2013

    NomduJour said:
    Have you driven one to prove your hypothesis?
    I set an amateur driver in a standard production car lap record at our test track in one last year and it was the most frustrating car I have ever driven. No scrub that the most frustrating car I have ever steered.

    The engine is brilliant, the gearbox not my cup of tea but effective, the chassis was excellent but, the electronic limit was nowhere near the mechanical limit. Every corner was at least five to ten miles per hour slower than I felt the car could do but even at the lest intrusive setting the stability control and crap got in the way.

    Basically I'd point the car at a corner knowing the car could handle it but the computer said no. rolleyes

    If you've ever set a lap record anywhere it should be one of the best feelings in the world, you jump out of the car and do somersaults. In some cases literally but I got out of the Nissan and had to leave the door open otherwise I would have slammed it.

    I did not set that lap time. The car did.

    This is why drivers don't like the GTR.

    Let's leave it with the midlife crisis who have ponytails.

  • NomduJour 12 Nov 2013

    Have you driven one to prove your hypothesis?

  • Liquid Knight 12 Nov 2013

    NomduJour said:
    Liquid Knight said:
    Any idiot can sit in a GTR with their right foot on the floor
    Same for anything with DCT. Naive to think they drive themselves though - maybe why so many end up crashed.
    In the original clip...

    ...the woman driver looked at the windscreen wipers, got a tiny slap, over corrected and even the best stability control will only work when the tyres are getting grip. It was stupid doing a mile run in such heavy rain and she was lucky to have got away with it at a reasonably slow speed.

    Almost slick tyres + heavy rain + inexperienced driver = crash

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