VLN with Dale: Time For Tea?

This video is from last month, and I shot it during VLN round six, an epic six-hour race at the Nurburgring. Looking back, I'm overjoyed that we finished the race in one piece. The conditions in that drama were the same as they are today; leave the pits on fresh wets under a wall of torrential rain only to find the rest of the 24km circuit bone dry within minutes.

At one point you can see me darting from wet patch to wet patch in effort to reduce the heat in the delicate rain tyres. And woe betide the driver who changes to slicks, because he's guaranteed to find a flood out there somewhere. Of over 200 entries, fewer than 150 actually crossed the line. Our team was delighted to finish, so the second place in class still just feels like a bonus.

This weekend is the seventh VLN race of 2013, and there are still three more to go. I predict it will be a typical Nürburgring saga. Man and machine pushed to the limits through wind, fog and rain. If you want to watch it, you should be able to logon from 1045h (UK time) here.

I'm not sure how much of our little Rent4Ring BMW 125i (#506) you'll be able to see amongst the Porsches, Astons and AMGs, but we will be out there. Wish us luck!

Vid here.

P.H. O'meter

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  • pw32 16 Sep 2013

    Cool video Dale. Wondered who the lunatic was with the GoPro in the briefing!

  • Powerhound 15 Sep 2013

    Love the vid, love the music, an inspired combination... living in Sydney Australia is a wonderful thing, but there ain't no Nurburgring in Australia! That racing looks awesome.

  • Kawasicki 15 Sep 2013

    Iroquois Plisken said:
    Reavenger said:
    the Porsche trying to overtake on the outside @ 1:50 being...ehmm...running out of track? smile
    Looked more to me like avoiding the dangerous 1-series driver from bumping him off the track. Probably saw what he did to the 86 earlier on when he turned in on top of the 86 driver. Knob.

    So is that race always like that, full of drivers that don't check their mirrors or generally enjoy a spot of bumper cars?
    No. It seemed pretty disciplined when I drove there. Not much drama.

  • adzpz 14 Sep 2013

    Great video - S%$! Music!

  • priley 14 Sep 2013

    Interesting re-mix but the original is better. Inspiring vid from the Baron...


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