Who Wants a Reventon?

With just 20 Lamborghini Reventons around you’re likely to wait a long time before one turns up on Autotrader. But one of these rare beasts recently came onto the market in the US.

Only 10 Reventons were said to have made it to the States and this one is for sale in the very slickly-named Silicon Valley Auto Group. According to the description the car has come from Dubai at some point.

After doing a bit of digging around it looks like the seller may have had the car for some time - looks like the credit crunch is biting even at this level. Unsurprisingly there’s no price tag plastered on the windscreen but I guess if you have to ask…

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  • Streetrod 26 Jan 2009

    Personally I think Lambo missed a trick here, as a marketing exercise it may have been a success but it is way too expensive to justify in my opinion.

    What they should have done is make this the next generation Muci, they would have made a lot more money and freed up cash for a halo model.

    The problem is that the car is so rare it will spend most of time in a centrally heated garage. This kind of car needs to seen on the roads to inspire the next generation of Lambo buyers

  • hilly10 26 Jan 2009

    Those patterns in the rear lights are lifted straight off the Predator weapon armband Is it just me that can see it. OK I will get my coat

  • elster 25 Jan 2009

    Gun_840 said:
    Has anyone else looked at the rest of their stock, some of it seems a bit optimistically priced, like the 1998 Honda NSX for $50k!

    Not really is not much difference between others for sale in the US.

    Remember 2 years ago that would of been £20k.

  • Hughesie 25 Jan 2009

    DJC said:
    A standard Murci is a much cleaner design. The Reventon was just a "money out of mugs" exercise.
    Bit like the Sagaris then, i much preferred the clean lines of the T350 than the chavved up Sagaris wink

  • pshooter 25 Jan 2009

    DJC said:
    Reventon looks a bit st only parked in a normal street? Eh? What? Its *always* looked st! Especially so to anybody who has worked in the mil aviation industry and fell over laughing at the "inspired by F22" drivel that Lambo came out with at the time.

    A standard Murci is a much cleaner design. The Reventon was just a "money out of mugs" exercise.
    smash What?? oh i see.. you worked in the british airforce so have ultimate knowledge of all aircraft... bottom line is thats its 'inspired' by an F22 - not based on it.. for the record i can personally see the lines loosely following the F22 dynamics..

    so to clarify - if something has been inspired it does not dictate thats its a replica... an example of inspiring could be me inspired by you, i could carve a phallic shape out a lump of scensoredt!!! rofl

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