YouTube biker faces court

They're watching too...
They're watching too...
Don't post your driving exploits on YouTube.

One biker did and is now facing a driving ban after he filmed himself speeding at 100mph and posted the clip on the Web TV site. It's the first case of its kind.

The rider, from Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, is alleged to have identified himself as he because he left the camera running as he left his front door. A camera mounted behind the windshield of his 180mph Yamaha R1 shows him pulling wheelies and riding past a school and housing estate.

One of the drivers Parrott passed recognised him from the YouTube video and posted a message on the site, according to the Mirror.

The Jeep driver said: "Unfortunately I am one of the cars he passed that day doing a phenomenal speed and pulling a wheelie. I didn't see him until he was by my side, he was very close as well and the slightest drift to the right on my part and it could have been a bit rough."

Avon and Somerset police spotted the video and have sent a file to the CPS as evidence. According to the story, dangerous driving charges will be brought within the next few weeks.

Let that be a lesson...

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