Lotus Esprit: the name's official

Lotus Esprit - the old one!
Lotus Esprit - the old one!
Lotus'  third, high-end performance model will be called the Esprit, according to Lotus boss Mike Kimberley during an exclusive interview for PistonHeads.

The Hethel-based hasn't officially announced the name of the old Esprit's replacement yet even although everyone outside the company's been calling it the Esprit. But Kimberley let it slip during the fascinating interview, which we'll be publishing in full soon.

Kimberley said: "For Lotus to be successful we need a three model line-up and the jewel in the crown is the Esprit; it always was." PistonHeads' interviewer noted that the PR man cringed and reminded Kimberley that what he meant to say was 'the mid-engined sports car', as no decision has officially been made about the name yet.

Kimberley also defended Lotus' decision to produce the Europa. "Some people are criticising the Europa but the fact is that there are a lot of people out there who want a sports car they can drive every day – to not do the Europa would be to deny Lotus access to a market five times bigger than the one we're currently in."

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  • teigan 14 Aug 2006

    yeah, that the english solution to everything isn't it? stand in a queue and trust there isn't a way to speed up service. that clue you have was planted there to fool you.

  • Tuna 14 Aug 2006

    teigan said:
    if those drawings were done to reflect the styling cues lotus ordered, then lotus should adapt their badge to sport a bull minus any testicles.

    I'm sorry, the queue for a clue is over there. This is for people who already have one.

  • GKP 12 Aug 2006

    I think there's only one person 'round here talking bullocks

  • teigan 11 Aug 2006

    the management is always ultimately to blame. whether they microdictate the styling direction or not, they still approve the final design. that's why it's the managers' jobs that get shuffled when the sales figures come in. it's really too late to influence the upcoming esprit. it doesn't seem as if the current lotus team wanted input either. it was the same modus operandi for the europa. following that pattern, they'll get very secretive for a long time, then unveil too little too late. but at least the europa isn't a cheap lamborghini knock off. that strategy has no balls. if those drawings were done to reflect the styling cues lotus ordered, then lotus should adapt their badge to sport a bull minus any testicles.

  • Autocross7 11 Aug 2006

    I would have to agree that an over abundance of negative thought is not good... However, I could make the argument that it is well founded - esp. from the last decade of the majority of automotive stylist. Or rather their bosses in management!

    For a decade or better the buying public has generally been forced to pick from a lot of designs approved by management that "knows what we want". Ford, Chrysler, Mercury (what the hell happened here?), and to cross the pond... Jaguar, Mercedes, Honda, and BMW come to mind. Really boring cars with a linage that was not boring.

    This had very little to do with regs and more to with "safe styling". I think this is why there is a so few cars that stand out in the current line up - and they are all "exotic" or, like the new Mustang, Challenger, and Miura - get blasted by critics as "RETRO". OOOOOOOO..... retro.

    No! These cars were actually styled by people that did not have to deal with middle management for approval. The cars are ACTUALLY what they should have been all along. Nobody can say the new Mustang looks like anything but a Mustang. The old Fox platform car... well... no.

    I have every confidence that the New Lotus will look good. And I agree that style drawings are the start. I might be the one person that prefers the "pen" as the CAD and wind tunnel designs are really no very pretty (Enzo comes to mind). Thank God for people like Peter Stevens that use the CAd and wind tunnel "stuff", but not to the detriment of the pen. on a good note, perhaps /some/ of the negative comments will make it back to the 'shop' and the ugly design elements will be lost to the floor trash?

    Drive topless!!!

    Just be glad it is not going to be a front drive mid engine or something goofy like that!

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