Range Rover Sport leaked undisguised

So, you run a window tinting company, and a big-name car manufacturer apparently gives you a top-secret, pre-production prototype to tint for a top-secret, pre-production TV commercial. What’s the first thing you do when you’ve done the job? Take some pictures and post them in a public forum, of course!

Things to regret...
Things to regret...
That’s been the logic of this happy chappy. Going by the username of ‘the art of tint’, he posted these shots of what would seem to be the new Range Rover Sport on window tinting forum, adding that he’d just tinted it on Land Rover’s behalf for a TV commercial. Given that Land Rover has only just released its first teasers of the new car and is planning on a reasonable bit of build up to the car’s official unveiling in just over a week’s time, it’s reasonable to assume that this was not officially sanctioned. Oops.

Still, the new pictures do at least give us a chance to have a good gawp at the new car. Ignore the tints, of course, and as we suspected, it looks to be a reasonably attractive blend of new Range Rover and Evoque cues. Engine-wise, we can expect a line-up similar to the Range Rover’s, with the possible additions of a hybrid drivetrain and a 2.0-litre diesel mooted too.

Yup... it's definitely a Sport...
Yup... it's definitely a Sport...

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  • BigBazza 19 Mar 2013

    seefarr said:
    You'll be seeing lots more of this car in your rear view mirror, lights ablaze, 4 inches from your back bumper.
    Hurry up or move over.

  • poah 19 Mar 2013

    that is horrid but then with 80% of JLR sales oversees I'm not shocked the way the design has gone for LR. Looks have been going downhill since the disco3. Still I'm sure footballers will love it lol

  • robm3 17 Mar 2013

    vintageracer01 said:
    Garlick said:
    Denver09 said:
    I think it looks great. Surely they would have made him sign an NDA of some sort. "leaked' is PR speak for lets test the publics reaction
    It's very, very unofficial.
    Then, there will some poeple losing their jobs... Ooooops!
    No there won't, it's olgivy at their best. My wife used to work for Cogent Elliot and she was the account director for Land Rover for three years, she organized the launch for Freelander 2 and Discovery 3 including exterior shoots (in Spain) interior shots, brochures (shes in the disco 3 brochure) etc.. I can tell you for a fact the security around the protypes was extreme. Never in a million years would a full mock up be 'left' unattended in a 3rd party location.

    Sorry guys but you've been completely had.....

  • unrepentant 16 Mar 2013

    sjn2004 said:
    You mean in the land of sub prime people find it hard to borrow money to finance a car LOL. This thread just gets dafter by the minute!
    Are you a personal finance expert?

    If you are you will know that finance requirements in the US were tightened almost overnight after the crash of 08. They have been relaxed a little now but lenders lend based on credit scores and payment history. As with most things it means that the working poor suffer most. Around half of the population have credit scores under 700 and would not usually qualify for a loan on a new prestige vehicle without a sizeable down payment (depending on the lender). Even with a 700 plus score income will need to be at a reasonably high level to finance say a $70k car. I can finance a millionaire at 0.9% but poor people with credit issues (which is many people post 08) often end up being pushed into the arms of "buy here pay here" operations that have proliferated everywhere.

    Many mortgage lenders charge a premium to buyers with credit scores below 740 and that's 75% of the population.

  • sjn2004 15 Mar 2013

    unrepentant said:
    NomduJour said:
    jdw1234 said:
    unrepentant said:
    jdw1234 said:
    From 2008 cars.com - "The typical [RanegRover] buyer is a professional or executive male, college graduate, with an annual income of about $375,000".
    It's quite a bit higher than that now.
    I expect its not far off for UK/USA.

    Maybe now skewed by Russian/Asian ultra high net worths.

    Do you agree?
    No chance. Being able to find 600 a month for the never-never on your white Sport is a very different thing from earning 250k p.a.
    I can't speak for the UK but the person you describe wouldn't get financed on a Sport in the US. Leasing gives the lowest monthly payment but requires a higher credit score. You need a solid income and a good credit score to get a lease on a Sport which will typically run at about $900 per month. I've seen people turned down with pretty decent incomes. A lot of RR customers are cheque strokers and a typical customer for either Sport of FF is a middle aged professional with a very good income.
    You mean in the land of sub prime people find it hard to borrow money to finance a car LOL. This thread just gets dafter by the minute!

    Edited by sjn2004 on Friday 15th March 23:41

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