Driven: MINI JCW Coupe

The Mini Coupe's public unveiling from beneath a giant baseball cap with accompanying break dancers in low-slung denim has to be among the more nauseous examples of motor show marketing guff. But there's always been more than a hint of the embarrassing dad trying to prove that he's down with the kids about Mini's relentless flirtations with yoof culture. You'll note early allusions to the roofline being influenced by a reversed baseball cap have been quietly dropped though...

Perhaps better when partially obscured
Perhaps better when partially obscured
Motor show glitz and press launch hyperbole dealt with we thought it worth spending a week in the Coupe's company to suss, once and for all, whether the coupe is actually the most PH-worthy Mini yet or simply a derivative too far.

Putting the boot in
First impressions? Well, it's a Mini with a daft roofline and even less room in the back than usual. Oh, apart from the boot, which is actually bigger than the Clubman estate version, yet difficult to access thanks to the world's heaviest bootlid. So it's both the most and least practical (non Countryman) Mini yet made. And the fastest, apparently.

Familiarity means the novelty value of the Mini interior has dulled a little but if you haven't been in one for a while it's still like nothing else. OK, the retro thing may be a little over-egged but it's fun and distinctive and, for all the daft features like the oversized central speedo, actually quite clean and easy to use. The near £30K pricetag of our test car is going to raise a few PH eyebrows no doubt but, though pricey, extras like the stitched leather dash (£805) do at least raise the ambience levels a little.

Points deducted for trying too hard
Points deducted for trying too hard
This being the JCW version (what, you thought we'd get the diesel in or something?) our test car has the full 211hp and temporarily overboosted 206lb ft of torque, still remarkable figures for a mere 1.6. Again, it's an engine we're familiar with from a host of cars - not least the Peugeot RCZ you may consider a rival - but Mini seems best equipped to unleash it's more charismatic side. Saying that there are fewer of the characterful bangs and pops it's had in the past.

Speak up caller
Like every control in the car, the throttle response is a little springy and over keen, the sense that the Mini is shouting just a little harder than it actually needs to about its performance never quite absent. There's nothing subtle, the JCW dumping seemingly all the available acceleration or steering in response to the smallest input. It's desperate to impress but sometimes you wish for a slightly calmer response. Hitting the Sport button just magnifies this further, the steering gaining unwelcome and artificial weighting and the throttle even snappier responses.

Looks do turn heads, it has to be said
Looks do turn heads, it has to be said
It's all about the front end this car too, the rear wheels seemingly just propping up the back end. They certainly don't offer much in the way of lateral grip, no matter what that Riggers might say! All Minis seem willing to steer from the rear, lifts even with the stability control on occasionally requiring substantial corrections in addition to the sometimes violent kickback and camber sniffing you get from the front wheels. The JCW gets the LSD-simulating Electronic Differential Control but at times you'd swear there was a mechanical diff up front the way the wheel tugs back and forth at times. All of which makes the JCW somewhat busy on bumpy roads, be they city streets or undulating back roads with sudden camber changes or big compressions.

So where does that leave us? Pretty much where we started really - a Mini with a daft roofline and even less room in the back...

1,598cc 4-cyl, turbocharged
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Power (hp): 211@6,000rpm
Torque (lb ft): 192@1,850rpm
MPG: 39.8mpg (NEDC combined)
CO2: 165g/km
Price: £23,795 (£29,335 as tested)


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  • KMB 03 May 2012

    dandarez said:
    Ha bloody ha.

    You sure it ain't because it might make you look stupid when that tiny 1.6 turbo pees off your 2-litre Clio Cup?
    I think you may have confused Pistonheads with the playground.

    Ahh but wait, maybe you're a Mini driver and felt the need to reinforce your purchase and brand loyalty. I'll check.. How sweet wink

  • Numeric 29 Apr 2012

    Don't know about the coupe and maybe it's a press fleet thing but the standard suspension on the new JCW hatch seems a lot more giving than the standard we had on the three year old "S" we had before. It loses a tiny bit of bite but does make the car far more liveable with. My instict is that they have softened the standard suspension as an "S" I drove also felt softer

    I have always suspected that the press cars are getting sports suspension, which I've always heard is way too hard for the cart tracks we all seem to have for roads these days, and can have a nasty effect of creating a lot of traction etc problems when trying to get the power down on bumpy roads. This is only what I have heard though as I guess you'd need to try the two set ups back to back.

    As for the coupe I can't say I like it but the roadster looks a lot of fun and is clearly what the design was all about me thinks.

    One final thought - we adored our S and stuck 60k miles on it - but the JCW is a clear step further on so well worth it for us as it does move the game on.

  • Pig Skill 29 Apr 2012

    Not a fan. No matter how many people say they are great to drive, I just could not bear to be seen in it. I drove our neighbours after his insistence and it didn't do it for me. Steering far too twitchy and the exhaust note was too loud. Inside is just a comical as outside with the UFO speedo cluster and the MINI styled buttons.

    No wonder you don't see many about. Even the trendy twentysomethings have limits!

  • dandarez 28 Apr 2012

    KMB said:
    I haven't driven the new Mini Coupe but despite throwing in some sporty versions, my opinion is that the styling and sale pitch isn't aimed at people that frequent PH and read EVO etc

    It's for the fashion conscious, ladies (sorry for the sexist generalisation), and people who probably think they like driving; although in reality don't really care for much other than friends opinions and the badge on the nose.

    I want more driver orientated cars that are fun to drive, not funny to look at!

    Anyway, I did manage to find secret pictures of their prototype...

    Ha bloody ha.

    You sure it ain't because it might make you look stupid when that tiny 1.6 turbo pees off your 2-litre Clio Cup?

  • s m 27 Apr 2012

    KMB said:
    It does put a whole new spin on 'booting it', but I secretly want the 1M Coupe so could not possibly agree redface
    1M Coupe - ooh, I like the M-department's "bowler hat" too ...... but I like short stubby cars like the 309 Gti, Alfa 75 and SZ so it looks great to me smile

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