Alfa 4C UK price announced

It's been a long time coming, but the Alfa has finally revealed a UK price for the 4C. It will be available from October from £45,000, with first UK deliveries expected in early 2014.

And it's the same price as a TT RS...
And it's the same price as a TT RS...
Not only does that make it slightly cheaper than the initial c. £50K estimates, it also undercuts the Cayman S by £3,783. Add PDK to the Porsche (the Alfa is only available with a twin-clutch, remember) and that gap becomes £5,705. Whether buyers will be willing to accept a relatively humdrum drivetrain in exchange for the 4C's exotic construction methods of course remains to be seen.

All 1,000 Launch Edition 4Cs sold for 60,000 euros (around £52,000), which certainly augurs well for the standard car. But there will always be those who covet a limited edition so perhaps we shouldn't read too far into that. Global production is limited to 3,500 units.

Other rivals? For those after beautiful mid-engined handling, the Lotus Evora must be considered. It's more expensive than the 4C at £52,500 but the Alfa will be doing exceptionally well to match the Lotus's dynamics.

Let's hope it can deliver out here
Let's hope it can deliver out here
Closest on price is the Audi TT RS at £46,160, and comes to battle with a fabulous engine. Everywhere else though, we'd like to hope the Alfa is the more desirable and compelling car. Indeed, Alfa's invite is to 'just drive' the 4C and we'll be doing that very soon...

Furthermore, dynamics feature extensively in Alfa's launch blurb. Not a new technique to promote a sports car, but here you'd hope it's meaningful. There's talk of a 'far more intense driving experience' thanks to the layout plus 200,000 hours of wind tunnel and track aero development.

The 4C's is a tantalising recipe. Can it be brought together?


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Comments (270) Join the discussion on the forum

  • loudlashadjuster 21 Sep 2013

    Doesn't take much to turn the ugly duckling into the belle of the ball, does it?

    With a GranTurismo-lite front and rear as per those mockups the 4C would go from being nice-but-omg-those-lights to straight-up stunning.

  • Axionknight 21 Sep 2013

    That maser looks amazing.

    Reference the 4C - props to Alfa for building it though, it's nice to see a focus on weight (or in this case, the lack of it) in a modern car when most just seem to be getting fatter.

    I want one so badly it hurts but being sensible I'd have very little, if any use for such a car, I currently run a RS200 Clio cup as a second car for fun (going to try a few track days soon enough) so I suppose I'll have to stick with that, my missus would kill me if I spent money like this thing costs on a toy.

  • GTRene 21 Sep 2013

    kambites said:
    I wonder if they might attempt to get it in longitudinally - it would require an interesting gearbox design but it might be possible.
    that would be indeed way better (longitudinally), although you would probably loose the rear trunk then, but maybe they can make to small ones each side from behind the rear wheels biggrin

    but I guess they save that for the 6c or maserati sports car...
    they then only need a new somewhat longer rear/wheelbase but that not such problem with that type of build car.

    saw some nice drawings how such car might look like...I like those>

  • kambites 21 Sep 2013

    If they ever put the V6 in, I hope they can get it to rev a bit better than that. a 6500rpm red-line is rather pathetic.

    It doesn't look like that engine would be much fun to work on if installed transversely in the back of the Alfa. It would also sit right over the rear axle line, which would make balancing the handling interesting. I wonder if they might attempt to get it in longitudinally - it would require an interesting gearbox design but it might be possible.

    Edited by kambites on Saturday 21st September 16:07

  • GTRene 21 Sep 2013

    more space than I thought it had...nice.
    and indeed a Maserati V6 would be nice too, I just saw its a biturbo V6 with 404hp

    if they drop that biturbo system which also saves some weight and heat, I guess there would still be enough power for the 4c (or 6c) to get out that engine NA.

    The V6 twin-turbo engine has 404 hp at 5,500 rpm and 406 lb.-ft. torque between 1,500-5,000 rpm. In normal mode, torque is smoothed at 369 lb.-ft. in the lower rpm range.

    The engine shares the V8’s bore and combustion chamber design, valve control technology, twin turbos, direct injection-ignition system, and auxiliaries (alternator, starter motor, and power-steering pump); the oil pump is similar. The V6 revs to a 6,500-rpm maximum speed, and delivers its torque level 500 rpm sooner than the V8.

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