Bertone ceases trading

The last PH Bertone news story was on the stunning Jet2+2 concept from Geneva last year, and the exciting possibility of a limited production run. Today the news is rather less auspicious with the design house reportedly having gone bust.

Jet 2+2 production even less likely now
Jet 2+2 production even less likely now
Despite generating 20m euros revenue in 2013 thanks to Chinese projects, the cumulative effects of redundancies, lawsuits from suppliers and additional court cases have proved too much for Bertone.

To see such an iconic design house cease trading is of course sad news for enthusiasts everywhere. As well as the legendary Bertone designs (Miura, Stratos, Countach), there were some lesser known stunners as well: Iso Grifo, Fiat X1/9, Cizeta V16T and Alfa Montreal to name just a few. We'll overlook the Fiat Punto Cabriolet and Daewoo Espero in this time of reverential reflection.

According to GTSpirit though, a rescue plan could be in place for Bertone. A Turkish firm has apparently expressed interest in buying it for $2.7 million and other Italian companies could be involved too. So there could be light at the end of a very dark tunnel for Bertone, any news of which we'll be sure to update you on. For now, here are some pictures of its greatest styling work. Enjoy.

[Sources: Autocar, GT Spirit. Stratos pic: LAT]

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  • Sensibleboy 27 Jul 2014

    This was a particular highlight. Seem to recall the Citroen BX being designed by them too.

  • Dave211 27 Jul 2014

  • Axionknight 19 Mar 2014

    dc2rr07 said:
    'lawsuits from suppliers and additional court cases have proved too much for Bertone.'

    I hope these guys are pleased with themselves.
    Maybe Bertone didn't pay them, how would you feel if you ran a business and someone you supplied services to didn't pay up?

    "Oh it's OK they're an old firm with a respected name, we'll chalk that one off the board".

    I doubt it.

  • bobberz 19 Mar 2014

    Sad news for petrolheads the world over. frown

    Probably my favorite carrozzeria. Miura, original Countach, Montreal (very, very underrated design, IMO), the Grifo, etc.

    Surprised no pic of the Grifo? As beautiful as any Italian GT from the classic era!

    Well, here's a few I took a couple years ago:


  • pagani1 18 Mar 2014

    Me also had 2 Bertone X1/9's. My Pininfarina Alfa Spider and Lancia MonteCarlo were good too but unfortunately not enough of their more recent concept cars were taken up, but give me Italian design over German anyway as the cars have more personality and beauty, however they would need to be built better than in the past. Shame though we need Italian flair.

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