Ferrari 196S 'Dino': Time for Tea?

When a email arrives from DK Engineering with a link to 'probably the most expensive car ever on PH?!', everyday obligations tend to be discarded. Especially when there's a video to accompany it.

Racing provenance doesn't come cheap...
Racing provenance doesn't come cheap...
The car in question is a Ferrari 196S Dino, the first V6 racer made carrying the name of Enzo's son. This car, chassis number 0776, was the first of only three cars built at the end of 1959 for the 1960 season and campaigned by the Rodriguez brothers Pedro and Ricardo. Ergo, even when discussing Ferrari's sportscar heritage, the 196S is quite some car.

Fortunately, the accompanying footage isn't the standard video that can be found in car adverts (but then this is hardly a standard car!). The Millbrook Alpine route plays host to the 196S Dino and its glorious V6, the presenter certainly not keeping much in reserve when driving this hugely valuable Ferrari.

Ah yes, the value. After some not so covert digging (we asked DK upfront), we found that any prospective buyer should be willing to part with between £6.5 and £10 million pounds. Judging by this video, it could be worth every penny.

See the 196S advert here



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  • chevronb37 25 Jul 2013

    4rephill said:
    Benbay001 said:
    sinbaddio said:
    Surely there's a certain ginger Radio 2 presenter who'd be interested in this little number? Altho it may be too much even by his standards!
    Someone Tweet it to him?
    Or is this the sort of thing that those in the know already know about?
    I suspect he's already well aware of this car being for sale (from the "Those in the know" scenario).

    However, he has only just recently bought a 1961 Ferrari 250 TR61 for an undisclosed sum so I'm doubtful he's in the market for this car.
    Is it a genuine TR61? Looks remarkably similar to a replica that was for sale through DKE a few months ago...

    I'm fairly certain his 860 Monza is, however, the real deal.

  • mollytherocker 25 Jul 2013

    The Crack Fox said:
    £10 million, even if I had it, I'd feel guilty spending that much on a car, as lovely as it may be.
    What about if you had 1000 million? I think your perspective would dramatically change.

  • foxbat 25 Jul 2013

    First time in a long time where I've gasped out loud at the sheer beauty when a car photograph scrolled into view. It's a cliche but they REALLY don't make them like that any more.

  • Behemoth 25 Jul 2013

    Beautiful to the eyes and ears and I'm sure to the touch and smell if you're lucky to get in it and drive.

    Anyone out there still repeating the tired received wisdom that a Ferrari has to be a 12?

  • snowen250 25 Jul 2013

    Cacatous said:
    Why is it right hand drive?
    I believe for better weight distribution. Many of the 250LMs and 250SWB's were RHD as well.

    I could be wrong though....happy to be corrected!

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