BMW i3 prices confirmed

If an XL1 is too costly and a Leaf too worthy to fulfil your green aspirations, BMW may have the answer; an i3 will cost £25,680 when it arrives in Britain this November.

That figure is after the £5,000 Government grant for electric vehicles and is certainly a welcome surprise given the initial £35K guesstimates.

Don't worry, body panels are standard...
Don't worry, body panels are standard...
For those not purchasing outright, leasing an i3 will cost £369 a month over three years and 24,000 miles following a £2,995 deposit.

BMW will sell the i3 through a 'multi-channel sales model' which essentially means you won't even have to leave the house to purchase one. As well as dealers (or Customer Interactions Centres in BMW parlance), i3s will be available through 'BMW i partners' as well as an online platform. Probably best not to leave that delivery with the neighbour...

BMW is keen to make charging the i3 as stress-free as possible also, but will ask extra for the privilege. So whilst the car comes as standard with AC Fast Charging capability, you need the optional (£1,200) BMW i Wallbox to actually utilise it. So equipped, the i3 can be 80 per cent charged in three hours. Charging through a conventional plug takes between eight and 10 hours.

BMW will officially unveil the i3 on July 29, giving a first look at its production interior. Prices for the range-extender i3 are expected around then also.

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  • Pvapour 27 Sep 2013

    wouldn't want that on my wall, looks like he should be making a telephone call and got it all wrong!

    come to think of it, you'd get people queuing on your drive to use the public phone box hehe

    the one i linked to is far more sleek imo.

  • Amateurish 27 Sep 2013

    He'll be waiting a while...

  • AV12 27 Sep 2013

  • Prawnboy 27 Sep 2013

    ^^^^^^AMEN TO THAT

  • DonkeyApple 27 Sep 2013

    Amateurish said:
    Agreed. There's no contradiction in enjoying the beautiful sound and power of a proper V8 but also the smooth power delivery and peaceful silence of an EV. Two different experiences, both with their own pleasures and enjoyment.
    And both are infinitely superior to the noise of a generic diesel.

    If each EV sold means one less crappy little suburban diesel then it is a resounding victory.

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