RUF Roadster Apes Classic 911 Targa

A 1967 Porsche 911 Targa was the inspiration for this new Roadster model from Alois Ruf and his team. They'll make one for you if you're blessed with a spare £200k and (one might possibly opine) the desire to offend against nature.

RUF says its new offering is equipped with an integrated roll cage which combines the safety of a coupé with the fresh air feeling of a convertible. The centre piece of the roof can apparently be removed and folded, as can the flexible plastic rear window and the 'targa' panels.

As a result, you can drive the car completely enclosed, completely open, or with a closed roof and open rear window, or open roof and closed rear window.

If you're not put off by all those choices, they'll build you a car with 400hp six cylinder power, or as a 560hp Turbo, and the base price for the Roadster starts at Euro 195,000 before tax.

On a different tack altogether, we're wondering how long it might take a workshop full of monkeys to recreate the entire Porsche back catalogue, given a sufficiency of different sized spanners. Or perhaps monkeys can only type...


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  • Johnpidge 15 Oct 2010

    Looks like the basturd child of a gayman and a cockster - not nice at all - not a classic Targa!

  • james_tigerwoods 15 Oct 2010

    If it's supposed to ape the Roadster of old - what's with the window that comes out of the back - did the old Targa so this?

    Also - this is a bit untidy - for the money you're paying:

    Edited by james_tigerwoods on Friday 15th October 11:56

  • OlberJ 15 Oct 2010

    The front splitter part of the bumper is out of place, looks like someone could only afford the front part of a bodykit.

    Some subtle sideskirts might even it out, the GT3 ones perhaps, but i'd prefer a less Darth Vaderish front.

    Here we go

    Edited by OlberJ on Friday 15th October 11:50

  • madala 15 Oct 2010

    ....definitely better with the Sport Classic wheels....

  • donteatpeople 15 Oct 2010

    dr00py said:
    Actually I don't mind it. Though I think the targa roof should be black to match the lining of the rear screen (or vice versa). And perhaps the roll bar, which looks like it would be noisy at full flight (ie.turbulence), should be colour coded with the body but otherwise I'd have it if I won it in a raffle.

    [Edited to showcase my rudimentary p'shop skills]

    Compared with the original below:

    Edited by dr00py on Friday 15th October 08:49
    Some even more basic MS Paint skills but here's my input anyway. Roof off and wheels from the Sport Classic:

    Edited by donteatpeople on Friday 15th October 11:16

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