Toyota GT86 GT4 racer to hit the track

It looked like Subaru had stolen a march on Toyota in the BRZ vs GT86 battle to get to the track first with its Japanese Super GT racer, but keen to wrangle back some motorsport limelight Toyota has unveiled its GT86 GT4.

A turbo and aero have unleashed the 86's potential
A turbo and aero have unleashed the 86's potential
While it might not be on the same playing field as Subaru’s BRZ GT3000 (that’s more akin to GT3 level competition), its credentials certainly stack up. The Ginetta G50 and Mazda MX-5 GT4 might have some competition on their hands.

That’s because this entry-level endurance racer uses a turbocharged version of the road car’s 2.0-litre direct injection Boxer motor that’s been developed in conjunction with race engine manufacturer Nicholson McLaren Engines. The firm has two Formula 1 World Championships as an engine supplier to its name, so we’ll trust it knows what it’s doing…

According to Gary Blackham, co-director of GPRM – the Buckinghamshire-based motorsport outfit that’s developed the GT86’s chassis – “The new engine from Nicholson McLaren will be capable of between 360 and 400hp, although of course the definitive output figure will be determined by the balance of performance testing.”

Yep. It's got two of these.
Yep. It's got two of these.
The GT86 GT4 is due to undergo an initial shakedown in the UK this month ahead of a European test and a pre-season “balance of performance” process that’ll see the car’s engine power capped to equalise performance across the class – entry-level GT racing has to be competitive if you want to attract the numbers.

The GT86 made its race debut at last year’s Britcar 24 at Silverstone and GPRM kicked off the GT4’s development immediately after that race. It’s already in talks with a customer team that’s keen to race the car in the British GT Championship. With an eighth place finish overall on its debut – competing against higher-spec and much more powerful GT3 machinery – there’s plenty of promise for the Toyota.

Even better, there’s plenty of promise for the average PHer. With up to 400hp from a lightly breathed-on version of the standard road car’s motor, we could very possibly see some of this race car tech trickle down to the show room in due course. Now there’s a thought.

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Comments (44) Join the discussion on the forum

  • e8_pack 07 Feb 2013

    Ahh, the Toyota GT4 is back!

  • LordPetroleum 06 Feb 2013

    Ummm does any one have a tissue......... I think some sex wee came out.

    Even if it was fast or slow, it looks mint. In fact it might well be capable of doing 300 mph and have 7000bhp, but I would still drive past shop windows at 15 mph to cop at its relfection in motion. Thats correct, I am officially shallower than a puddle.

  • RX7 06 Feb 2013

    marcosgt said:
    "Brum brum, look at me, I can go really fast in a straight line!!!!"

    "Oooh. Better slow down to 20, there's a bend coming up" biggrin

    Foxhound clearly doesn't get the GT86, so stopping encouraging him smile

    Nothing wrong with a turbo version, imo, but don't expect it to be cheap - Probably somewhere between the 40 and 60K mark, if it ever appears and with only a very niche appeal at that price, which suggests it may well never do so, as a factory car, at least.

    Equally, though, the standard GT86 is fast enough to have some fun on the road, provided your idea of fun isn't JUST pinning your passenger to their seat in straight line...

    Why are you undermining what someone else may want from this particular car, if they want more bhp who cares, you get your, they get theres.

    A turbo one will be equally as quick through the corners anyway, just faster down the straights, why does that bother you and again who cares. U

    Unless of course its makes the na massively undesirable because actually most people dont want a "drivers car" at road safe speeds they want something quicker than the next man. There is no right and wrong in that, its just life, problem is as i see it, you wont lot be able to willy wave about how wonderful your drivers car is as there will be a faster variant and completely ruining this ridiculous comment of "the point" of the car, if Toyota/Subaru thought the point was na etc etc, they wouldnt be making it forced induction now would they wink

  • MadDog1962 06 Feb 2013

    Stonking track day car. Obviously not a daily driver. Very cool. Want want.

  • davidf4 06 Feb 2013

    Ringing 400HP out of 2 litres is still pushing it a bit from a practicality standpoint for everyday motoring.
    What I wouldn't want in a road car is something temperamental that needs servicing every 5 minutes. I’ll leave that to the track focused cars.
    Make it a modest 250HP or so and that would offer the extra umph the straight line merchants seem to need, whilst not turning the thing into a brittle handful.

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