Toyota Hybrid-R concept

Ping! 'Toyota says 'trybrid' this August!' And another press release goes straight from inbox to waste basket without being opened...

'Exciting new concept for road and track' Really?
'Exciting new concept for road and track' Really?
In case you were wondering - and you probably weren't - Toyota dealers are promising 'a pleasant surprise' for hybrid sceptics willing to take a test drive in a Prius or one of the two Auris Hybrid variants this month. And the pay-off for this automotive lobotomy? You'll get your car cleaned while you're out. Pass the bucket and sponge, I'll do it myself and skip the hybrid experience, ta.

Ping! 'Frankfurt Motor Show first news: debut of new Hybrid-R Concept!' Another one for the bin? Actually perhaps not, even if it's perhaps the shortest press release in history:

"Toyota will showcase an exciting new concept for road and track at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, featuring Toyota Hybrid System-Racing (THS-R) technology.

"THS-R technology has been used in the TS030, Toyota's FIA World Endurance Championship car, which achieved second place at this year's Le Mans 24 hours. More information on the concept will be available in the coming weeks."

And that's it.

Concept hybrid inspired by this, not Prius
Concept hybrid inspired by this, not Prius
Now if the words Toyota and hybrid have your head full of greenwashed eco piety, CVT-linked Hybrid Synergy Drives and the very antithesis of all that PH stands for ... you'd be half right. But the Toyota Hybrid System-Racing is rather different to that in the Prius and Auris Hybrids, the LMP1 TS030's 530hp 3.4-litre V8 getting a 300hp electric boost to the rear wheels from regenerative energy stored under braking in a 'super capacitor' next to the driver. Good enough to give the Audis a run for their money (almost) at Le Mans this year, the Davidson/Buemi/Sarrazin finishing runner up at this year's 24-hour.

How does THS-R relate to a 'a concept for road and track' exactly? We're not sure yet. A GT86 with a 100hp electric boost to the rear wheels? It'd be an unexpected response to the 'not fast enough!' doubters. And have us considering popping down to the Toyota dealership to bag that free car wash.



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  • binnerboy 12 Aug 2013

    kambites said:
    binnerboy said:
    Falling Down said:
    With a 3.3L V6, a 165BHp motor at the front
    that might be acceptable for an american car from the 50s but I mean the ford eco tech can produce the same hp at under half the capacity,
    I think you missed the comma and the "a"; although I'm not sure why it would matter anyway.
    I just though that was low for that size engine, i mean if they want efficiency a smaller IC engine would deliver the same output thereby using less fuel, but you are right I misread, it is a V6 putting out 249BHP and a 165 HP electric motor driving the front wheels and a 65 hp eletric motor driving the rear.

  • sorrel 08 Aug 2013

    Escort Si-130 said:
    Ha ha! And that from a man who's had an Orion (gasp!) and Nissan Cherry!! So, who should get out? LOL!

  • KM666 07 Aug 2013

    So Toyota will clean my Astra for me whilst I take one of their cars out to pull hippy/media milfs? Where do I go to 'test drive' a car I'll never buy?

  • Escort Si-130 07 Aug 2013

    Nothing to do with Clarkson, it is just a pathetic hypocritical conscious ass hole type car. Plus its shape is friggin ugly and styling fktarded. Its almost as bad as the G-whizz and smart ass car.

    mugwump00 said:
    It's good to see that many other PH readers are far-less reactionary than the micro-Clarksons now writing the site. I'm sure many 'Pistonheads' are happy to not subject their 18mpg show-pony to their daily commute. So why shouldn't the other car really be alternative?

  • Escort Si-130 07 Aug 2013

    GET OUT!!!

    sorrel said:
    Couldn't agree more! I have a Toyota Hybrid for daily "urban warrior" work and an R172 SLK and Saab 900 turbo for fun. Why not? smile

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