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Track days give you the chance to fully explore the performance of your car in the relative safe environment of a race track. You can be sure that they'll be no pedestrians around the corner, no parked cars, no GATSO cameras and no speed limits. With the smoothest one way streets in the country, you can push you car to the limit and find how it really behaves under stress.

The TVR Car Club organises a number of track days through the year and dealers often organise days with demonstrator cars available as well.


Obviously your car should be in top condition prior to participating. Get your car checked out a few weeks prior to the day. Particular attention should be paid to the state of your brakes and tyres which will be stressed more than they ever are on the public roads.

On the Day

On the day you should increase your tyre pressures by about 10% to stop the side-walls flexing. You'll have to put tape on all the lights on the car, so that if they break glass isn't scattered all over the track. The oil level should be topped up to maximum. This provides some protection against oil starvation when in long corners with the oil surging to one side of the engine.

Take it Easy

When out on the track, don't be tempted to stay out for too long. Depending on the organisation, you might have the opportunity to stay out for up to half an hour at a time. If you feel your brakes are starting to suffer or if you're starting to make mistakes, leave the track and cool off!

Remember most road cars aren't designed for prolonged stresses and the brakes and engine will need to be cooled between sessions. On your last lap of each session, take it easy and let your brakes cool before you get back to the paddock.

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  • bikesdelsol 17 Nov 2005 have a free to enter competition where you could win;
    a place on their 3 day novice track training school event at Cartegena Spain, worth over £600
    3 day trackday at Cartegena worth £260,
    or a set or tyres for your bike

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