Track day insurance is proving a bit of a minefield. Unless your policy includes restrictions which mention the likes of 'Speed testing', your normal car insurance should cover you as track days are a non-competitive activity.  However, if you check with your insurers you'll find that many will insist that it is a car club organised day, or that your excess will be increased dramatically.

Several cases have gone to the insurance ombudsman where insurers have claimed that policy holders were not covered for track days, with the policy holders winning their cases thanks to the lack of specific exlusions in their policies.

It all comes down to the regulations on the days specifically excluding timing and clearly defining policies such as overtaking on the track etc. It's well worth seeking written clarification of an insurers policy with regard to track days when shopping around for insurance. Ask in the forums for people's recent experiences with the specialist insurers for your marque of car.

Be aware though that your quest for clarification may be a futile one and just incredibly frustrating! If in doubt, take out specific insurance for the day from someone like Competition Car Insurance.

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