Monday 9th November 2009

Video: Porsche Boxster Spyder

Stripped-out Boxster revealed on the move

The new Porsche Boxster Spyder will be comfortably the lightest car in Porsche's range when it joins the company's range next February.

The new Porsche Spyder weighs in at 1275kg. That's 55kg (or a very light adult) less than the next lightest Porsche, the basic Porsche Cayman.

Read more on the new Boxster Spyder's spec here

And as if to prove the point that pared-down functionality is the key to the 320bhp, no-stereo-or-air-con car, Porsche has released this refreshingly non-pretentious video of the Spyder careering along some twisty country lanes.

There's no music, nor are there any fancy production tricks - just a couple of minutes of empty road, a Porsche and a flat-six soundtrack. Lovely.

Author: Riggers

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