Wednesday 8th February 2012

How to ruin a Porsche 964 - video

Teaser for VW group show has us weeping over a molested Porsche

The following video trailer for the 'Dubshed' VW Group show in Belfast this March should contain a severe health warning for anybody with an affinity for unmolested Porsches.

Especially anybody who likes a decent 964 Carrera RS (lookalike we've been informed - Ed), because the vehicle that Dubshed has chosen to use to advertise its 2012 show might well make you cry.

Not only has 'D4M LO' been treated to a stupid numberplate, it's also been lumbered with some overly bling split rims (and are those stretched tyres we see in the video?) and some unnecessarily low suspension.

Oh, and if that upsets you, for the love of all that is good please click away from the video before 1 min 41 secs. Because at this point it's revealed that this Porsche is riding on air/hydraulic suspension of some kind and thus has even further to drop before the video is finished, both on its suspension and in our estimation.

Damn low? RS or not damn ruined, more like...

Dubshed 2012 - Teaser from I Love Bass on Vimeo


Author: Riggers

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