Friday 13th April 2012

PH Blog: you can't handle the truth

Dan faces an unwelcome realisation about the new 911 Cabriolet

Being forced to confront the fact that long held and passionately defended beliefs might actually be wrong is a disturbing thing to happen to a man, especially at 7am on the way into the office. Maybe it was down to the fact I hadnít yet had a brew. Or I was just a little vulnerable. But this 911 Cabriolet in the car park actually Ė or should I say finally Ė has made me confront an uncomfortable truth.

I think I actually quite like the 991 cabrio.

Speedster-like lines finally make sense
Speedster-like lines finally make sense
Now, I know we prattle on a lot about 911s of all shapes, sizes and vintages here. Just one of those things, the more so since bringing Harris on board.

But the beauty of the 911 is that thereís one to suit pretty much all tastes. Each to their own and all but mine do not, itís fair to say, accommodate anything other than coupes. And, if Iím getting really fussy, preferably ones with rear-wheel drive, manual transmissions and normally aspirated engines. The Boxster brilliantly covers the open-top Porsche angle but a 911 needs a roof and that distinctive swept back C-pillar, or it doesnít count. So Targas are out too. Arrogantly I thought this was more or less in tune with the PH way of thinking but, boy, was I wrong and when I expressed this sentiment in a story about the 991 Cabrioletís unveiling I got a proper flaming.

Stubborn, entrenched beliefs? Who'd have thought!
Stubborn, entrenched beliefs? Who'd have thought!
Well, hereís double satisfaction for those who shot me down. I think the 991 may have converted me. Itís a worrying sensation though. As far as I was concerned I knew that soft-top 911s were wrong as much as I knew that night follows day, Iíll always be right-handed and only an idiot would drink tea that doesnít come from Yorkshire. Honestly, if you havenít seen the sun set over the plantations outside Bingley you really havenít lived.

But the sight of this one, dew covered and brooding in the low morning sun. Hmm. And itís a manual.

Iíll hold proper judgement until Iíve driven one, which Iíll be doing shortly. Until then I remain a little unsettled.

For what itís worth I have no plans to switch to PG Tips though.


Author: Dan Trent

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