Ross. 911 3.2
Larry 911 356 C Coupe
Larry 911 356 Speedster
dotdog 911a very special experience. feels unique - light front end, and you feel the width at the rear - on a dry road accelerating off a bend is exhilirating - in the wet, your heart is in your mouth - it fee...
sone 911Worst car I've ever bought. Tuned to 400bhp and handled like a shopping trolley, didn't lke going around corners and brakes were dangerous. Never again!
geoffphead 911 996 Carrera 4
nickhazell 911 C4Awsome car, only just got it but high hopes. Massive grip so far without swapping ends
Ukta 911 carerra 4s
oppolock 911 GT3 mk1Series 1 GT3. Unmodified apart from a half-cage and track day tyres. Pagid blues. Guards red. Sublime car.
petric 911t coupe
Larry 911 993 RS
redkite 997
bogtrotter boxster
delmatt Boxster
mqandil Boxster S
TVR 5000 Boxster S
slippy17 Carrera 4S Cabriolet
lotusguy'00 BoxsterOne Owner 17k mi. example. 18" Porsche Turbo Wheels w/ Perrelli P-Zero Rossa tires, leather interior, premium sound system, body colored roll-over bars.
jastx'05 997 Carrera S - Arctic Silver
jastx'73.5 911 T CIS - Tangerine
jastx'76 914 2.0 - Black
jastx'89 930 Turbo Factory Slantnose - Guards Red
jastx'98 993 Carrera 4S - White
jonnywalker46(991) GT3
Boggy(997) 911Midnight Metallic Blue, 18 Classic Carrera Alloys & the fastest point to point car I've ever owned. Honestly it amazes me every time I drive it, Fantastic!
JFIVE05 996 Turbo Cabriolet S
cultofcars1967 912
loughran1968 2.0S SWB.Sold it, damn it.
Master H1968 magnus walker 68r
Master H1973 2.8 rsr
Tankslider1973 911Genuine 73, 3.2 engine, brakes and a G50. Proper.
Tankslider1976 3.0 race carQuick.
mrandy1978 sclightwieght hot rod,B road blaster totally awesome
lancashireman1988 911 turbo
ghecko2.7 Boxster
hobsonschoice2.7 boxster
ecurie albion2.7 RSWe've done loads in this. Commuted 150 miles a day for three years Raced it Rallied it Sprinted it Hillclimbed it Crashed it, only three times...so far Rebuilt it three times Went on honeymo...
jonnywalker462.7 RS Touring
Ranman2.7RS 3.6
denat2.8 RSRM472 2.7 RS (1973) converted to Group IV (M491) for racing
JohnAllen2.8 RSR
Mark A S2.8 RSR ReplicaRoad legal race and rally car, fantastically reliable and dam quick.
medieval2001 996 Turbo manual
Alanpeterson2003Too lovely to drive.
Rizfiz2006 cayman s
Tvsummerlin2006 Cayman S
BSRS2007 997 GT3 RS
Scockers217 T
ro55a3.0SCWhite with pascha trim, 67k from new, show condition. Used to belong to Derek Bells sister. Met him at Goodwood FOS and remembered the car to him, he had driven it and recalled the private reg there a...
sambaman3.0scmy first 911...wasnt the best car when i look back but it was all i could afford...made me very very proud....
NickEva723.2Anniversary edition. Has to be the favourite of all my 911's.
NickEva723.2~Classic grand prix white. non G50 so very heavy clutch and clunky.
Big_Dog3.2 CarreraFantastic car I owned it 3 years it lost £3k and was always reliable. Great value.
BILLY 9113.2 Carrera
burriana3.2 Carreraok, it is not a Ferrari ... but bang per bucks you just cannot beat it. One of the world's best drivers' cars? I do not doubt for one moment. [pic]http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00552291f00000007.j...
Claret Badger3.2 Carrera
DavrIan3.2 CarreraFantastic classic.Replaced a '7' kit with a Vauxhall red top. Felt slower at first but time tells! Virtually no depreciation but care is needed in buying as engine rebuilds are expensive. Porsche r...
diametric1233.2 Carrera
diametric1233.2 Carrera
franklin9113.2 Carrera Bilstein sport dampers rear and inserts upfront. 252bhp by Bob Watson. Thin film induction, MBE DME SSI's and lightened fywheel. Black, standard with 7/8" fuchs. No music, no speakers, no abs, no pa...
I Rock3.2 Carrera
Jase_eaton3.2 Carrera
MATHEW3.2 Carrera
Neural3.2 Carrera
ro55a3.2 CarreraTurbo alloys, white with oxblood leather. Lowered, updated ecu, air induction, cat bypass, stainless pipe. The best driving car I have ever owned.
Simon - ESS3.2 Carrerarare colour and spec lead me to buy this car even though I was looking at coupes at the time. It has original BBS RS cross spokes built in 1984, I had the 915 bearbox rebuilt by JZ Machtech inc new cl...
simonhole3.2 carrera
Steve Devaney3.2 Carrera Classy classic Porsche.
Stuttgart Steve3.2 Carrera
Uncle Alfie3.2 Carrera
nonsso_LeeME33.2 Carrera CabA lovely little car, taught me a fair bit about driving a 911!
nonsso_Jedi Knight3.2 Carrera SEUsed daily for 4 years and I loved every minute of it!
Richard Hamilton3.2 Carrera Sport Coupe
Scockers3.2 Carrera Sport Coupe
carrera323.2 carrera sport targa
bigmach3.2 Carrera Sports Coupe 930 Guards Red
davej3.2 Carrera-3.4Cayman-924 turbo-944-boxster
Kieran3.2 Club SportFor me it does not get any better. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to drive many great cars but this classic, can I say iconic, 911 has it all. The way the steering, handling, throttle a...
JezHill3.2 Clubsport
Pompey19623.2 S/Sport Cab
Pompey19623.2 S/Sport Targa
CUE 99T3.2 Supersport
dixhuit3.2 supersport Immaculate air cooled porsche. Just what I couldnt afford in the 80's.
e6003.2s boxster
bigmach3.4 Carrera 2 Convertible (996 in Ocean Blue)
karpetkeith3.8 gen2 clubsport
benjj356In a million pieces
felix66356A chesil Speedster in its real life with an original 356 engine/badges wheels and chassis components
higs356356Lifetime dream car and taking part of a lifetime to restore
John042356German engineering at its worst
Johnny G Pipe356
mattiselvis356More to follow. A beautiful car, although one that is a little frightening to drive in modern London traffic!
nonsso_Taxidodger356Great fun at less than 70 mph - looking like a decent investment too.
Renn Sport356I want a A or Pre A. I am sure I have missed the boat though. They are big money now. Hmmn do I want one bad enough?
SCO356"Outlaw" coupe imported from Nevada, bumpers removed, later 911 seats, some small mechanical mods, a fantastic conversation starter at petrol stations.
thekipdr356OK so it was a chesil -factory built and gorgeous.Never have so many heads turned,,, but was in fact half decent to drive too with the IRS
V8Smith356 Been promised this by the wife next year, love them cant wait......
Classico356 A
Renn Sport356 AThis is one of my dream cars. An original German machine. I have owned a B Coupe but an 'A' is what I have always wanted. I cannot wait to have this car built up with better running gear and a ho...
renns reunited356 A 1600 Super
Larry 911356 A Coupe
Larry 911356 A Coupe
deja356 B
sng45356 B
mattrsd356 B-T6
calum.malcolm356 CBrilliant little car. How it can keep up with modern traffic on back roads is amazing.
ChrisPaveley356 C
petric356 c coupe
nonsso_Xtreme handling356 cabriolet
Larry 911356 Carrera Speedster
912uk356 Pre-ATop classic early Porsche
ims101356 replica
Meeja356 ReplicaLIsted it as a Porsche becasue there isn't an option for a Chesil! Currently under construction..... reached a rolling chassis stage, but progress halted by other priorities sadly!
CSK1356 SC
Veronica M356 SC
356moose356 speedster
AOCMAX356 Speedster
Boosted Cerb356 SpeedsterIts so pretty! Took four years to build from a sorry old beetle.
johnreynolds356 Speedster
Larry 911356 speedster
Larry 911356 Speedster
gl911356 Speedster Dubois Racing
donalom356 speedster replica
JeffGleed356 Speedster ReplicaAfter the TVR it's been really reliable. It is easily the best looking car ever built and I always have to fight off admirers when it's parked on the street. It sounds great and the handling is adeque...
thebirdman356 Speedster replica
andiferous356 super90 roadsterreal proper porsche!! so cool unlike me!
andiferous356,boxsters,cayenne,996,997,997 turboall competent and well engineered cars,fast great handling and total reliability. arrogant unhelpfull smug dealers!!!
Captain Cadillac356AOriginally a 1600 Super, came with the original engine but it's currently got a built 1750cc 912 motor in it that produces about 120 hp so that's staying. Clean "driver" quality, Originally Meissen B...
loughran356ACalled Ruby of course, the 1600 super engine gives just 70 hp but the car is light and nimble and a real joy to drive. Amended :- Engine rebuilt as a 1720 by Prill. Fast now for a 57 year old.
simon whittley356A
sjm18356AHad 3 'modern' 911's before this, then decided I wanted to go back to basics! Love it, and hope I never have to sell it. Will have various "period" tweaks over next couple of years.
volkert356A speedster
W1111AM356A Speedster
Juddder356BCalifornia import in Metallic Sky Blue with lots of Chrome for the 'Cally' look
mikeblanchard356BRestoration project with John Mayer Racing engine
Robin Clark356B
simon whittley356B
jonnywalker46356B 1600 Roadster
356T5356B T5
monkey checker356B T5Imported from the US, slowly being restored, any advice / assitance greatly received. Any other 356 Owners in the Cheshire area ?
markg066900356B T5 Cab
Talkwrench356CFascinating car. Complex, overengineered body construction. Currently in bits and being restored whenever I get the time (like, never!) Sweet, reliable car and a delight to drive
McNab365A *Story to follow.
melv550Just for a laugh....and yes, it is a kit!!!
bertie550 SpyderPorsche 550 Spyder replica by Beck. Just picked it up with 129 miles on the clock.
cowboyengineer718 Boxster
rlanghorn718 Cayman
englishgent64718 RSK
lewis1718 rsk ReplicaBrilliant Rare kit car. Looks the part Sounds brilliant
Simes66718 RSK Spyder
SpydermanRS60718 SpyderI built this myself after writing off my old beetle. The engine is a beast when you open her up due to the 300degree duration cam, but not much fun in traffic and won't tick over below about 1500rpm.
proline718rsk spyder
KAL73RS rep
101jcb911Great car. Use every day, occasional track day. Great all rounder.
191 kph911
1JEB911In addition to anniversary spec... Porsche leather bucket seats Roll Cage
200Plus Club911 Last of the Air-cooled!
21CYP911Dream come true, waited for 40 years for this. It's not a garage queen but a decent good looking motor AND IT'S ALL MINE AND PAID FOR !!!Love it. So when the dry weekends arrive it's a 'choose your we...
24Razor911Love it. Even some minor parts are expensive however. Currently having some major restoration work by specialist £££££'s! Even galvanised bodies rust after time....badly
356T5911What great cars and value for money. Very sweet on the track as well, the whale fin did help cornering speed on the track. A car I want to own soon again.
37RB911akropovic full evolution system Manthey map PARR track geo
456mgt911Just collected it today and so far impressed with the grip and handling, in the snow and slush- it acquitted itself well. Really shifts when it comes on cam @ 4K. Not impressed with some of the tri...
456mgt911 This is disguised 928GTS.Actually the result of going along to test drive a 928GTS at a local independent. Wow, they're just horrible to drive, just a tank, and not a very quick one at that. I was bit...
475 preston911
550M911Blindingly fast, but less 'in yer face' than the rest. The one you can go down to the shops in, and then take the long route home. Miss that one.
555 Paul911
64red911Strong engine, great sound and smell, solid build quality, smooth 6 speed, gorgeous curves. I'm in love.
7 Sevens911Initialy a brilliant car for soaking up the miles in comfort or having fun in when traffic allows. Sold it because I got use to it. Whilst it was very very good it had lost all its excitement. In t...
85Carrera911Just imported from the States. Easy process - apart from registration this end!
86 targa911
911 Ed911
911-32911Its not quite a standard one anymore: - 22/29mm torsion bars - Bilstein shock - adjustable rear sway bar - 964 brakes - 7/9x16 Fuchs wheels - 260hp modified engine - lightweight at 1130kg dry v...
911cab911Can't wait to get another!!
911silverback911RS front bumper with front rad mods RS rear air ram spoiler JZM Alcon mk2 floats and pagid Pads Castrol brake fluid JZM track set up last done 14/7/06
911TEL911The last of the manual GT3's....
911teo9113.8L 9M n/a 400hp - 1050kg.
911VXR911If that is what you want!
911weeman9113.3 930 turbo engine with sports rear box, 915 G/box with LSD, Bilstein shocks Lowered, Racing pads, braided hoses, racing brake fluid, 2.7RS engine lid (Looks less lairy then a turbo fin, Just fits t...
930 Ravenhill911Probably the best car in the world! FUN FUN FUN real drivers car.
964Cup911Hated it. Nothing like as tactile as my much-missed 993RS. Not the best introduction to the 996.
964Cup911'77 3.0SC converted to 3.2 Carrera spec racecar, ex-Paragon/Sumpter cup car. Shed, basically, but a great first racecar which spent its whole life sideways.
964Cup911Black with black, black windows, shiny wheels. Exactly (presumably intentionally) like the car in Bad Boys 1, except RHD. 16k miles in 11 years before I bought it, so mint but *utterly* unreliable. St...
964Cup911Fan-effing-tastic. Should never have sold it. Midnight with black, touring spec, just brilliant. Still, I think, my favourite car ever.
964Cup911Nice old thing, maritime with linen IIRC, but never quite ran properly and felt old. Good intro to Porsche, though.
964Jim911This car has been a long term restoration project. So far I have had the engine fully rebuilt, the Turbo body refitted and the car fully resprayed. I still need to tidy up the interior and replace the...
986HCF911Basalt Black Graphite Grey Manual 18" Carrera alloys Sportseats PSM Sound pack
993 turbo911
993944911First 911 - guards and, well, they get under your skin!!
993944911Chopped in the 3.2 for the 993 (Strasse - great guys, Dave always seems to sell good honest stuff for sensible money). Super car but I sold it........
993944911Ebay strikes again - marine blue, another cab (but beggers can't be choosers). Bought for the right money which has become my mantra when buying these cars. This one is a keeper....until I sell it.
993SC911993 powered and now supercharged. Lightweight Patrick motorsports flywheel. RS pulleys. Turbo brakes and suspension. Braided fuel and oil lines.
996driver911M030 Sports suspension is very hard! Would choose model without this next time
996jim911Leaks,leaks,leaks,leaks,leaks. Where did all that water come from?
996ttoof911Go back to the future when I've finished tweekin this little bad boy!!! Don't know if i'll be able to convert za flux capazitor to run unt old banana skinz and zi dog endz zough:(
997c4s911Never wanted a Porsche.. Don't know why couldn't live without it now. Exceptional in every way.
A911DOM911I am awaiting the telephone call to go and pick up my dream car. Its not the newest, nor is it now the quickest thing on the road. But, in my opinion its still the most stunning, classic, personificat...
ab82uk911fantastic car, got all the kit and all the tricks, used as my everyday car and never a day's bother with it. would seriously recommend this car to anyone who wants a responsive reliable supercar for e...
Adam Kindness911
adamfawsitt911Fabulous classic Porsche - 180HP never felt so fleet of foot! This is the Blue one not the Orange one!
adamfawsitt911Fabulous classic Porsche - 180HP never felt so fleet of foot! This is the Orange one not the Blue one!
adamfawsitt911An absolutely fabulous car in every respect!
adamfawsitt911Last of the naturally aspirated road going 911s. A really fun drivers car - I am so pleased to be back in the Porsche family!
adamfawsitt911Evo car of the year 2015 - need I say more.
AdamT911Absolute dream car. Read about this very car in EVO in 2000 when Richard Meaden drove it on the Targa Florio. Then it appeared in the 100 best drivers cars of all time and came 3rd. It really is a joy...
Adom911now sold - very sad to see it go
Adom911Rapid, refined, proper car.....still think i may head back for some more air-cooled action at some point. Otherwise, deeply impressive. Sold.
AdrianPattisson911Dansk Stainless Exhaust (sounds too much like standard so thinking of getting a Fabspeed Maxflow) Steve Wong Chip Managed to replace aftermarket stereo this week with 1989 Blaupunkt RDS unit from La...
adyc1973911A glorious car. Regrettably I had to sell due to a, er, temporary reprieve from driving.
Aerostar911Great Machine. Didn't use it that much, and impossible to find a car seat for infants that fitted securely.
After Eight911Fantastic car, couldn't fault it.
After Eight911
After Eight911
agtlaw911My 911 GT3 RS was one of only 113 examples officially imported by Porsche Cars GB between 2004 and 2006. Porsche built 682 of these cars in total; far fewer than the legendary 1972 Carrera 2.7 RS whic...
ains911Cracking. Absolutely fallen for it already and it's only been a fortnight. Wish I'd gone air-cooled a long time ago. Full of character and last of the classic 911 curves, with a gorgeous arse. At r...
air man911No this one realy does
AJ GILMOUR911Never driven it picked it for years and have been re commissioning it back and forward.
al 350i911
Alexia911Beautiful car -- perfect condition. Tiptronic makes it a smooth drive.
alistair wright911
andrewturner911FIrst 911. Quite scary but fun in equal measure.
Andy 222911
Andy DC911
Andy DC911
Andy M911Fantastic car. Sports seats, Porsche sports suspension & Porsche sports exhaust make it a hoot to drive :)
andy74911Best 911 road car I have owned. Sad to see it go but new baby and house forced sale. Will be tempted to buy another in the future
andy74911Mad track car. Heavily modified, running 400bhp. No abs/traction=fun. Found out expensive choice of car. Replaced by 993 race car
andy74911Stop gap between 996 cab and 996 GT3. Nice looking but disappointment after the 996's.
andy74911Needed a second car aswell as the 360. Nice to look at but felt very old.
andykart911 so far only had it a few days but hell does this baby go!!
AndyL72911it is early days but very happy with it so far
Andys1000911Great car, I moved to my first house in it - that was a kinda comedy moment - it took over 15 trips ( I didn't own much in the way of furniture I"'d spent all the spare cash on the buying the car...)...
andyvg911recently restored to (near) factory spec.
angliandemo911My first Porsche. Excellent performance with reasonable running costs.
Animal911911What a fantastic car.....
anniesdad911Mk2 Comfort Polar Silver Sports Seats
AnotherGuy911Actually for an old girl she was amazingly put together. In classic guards red with whale tail spoiler I thought I was on Wall Street. Always started, never leaked and felt like you were doing 50mph ...
AquaRegia911Car is a delight had a few issues on induction but seem to of resolved, targa top off most of the time, no ac so a tad warm in the summer! But she copes with the 40 degree heat and dusty desert air. T...
AREA911As the saying used to go... there are two types of 911 driver, those that have had an accident, and those that haven't - yet! Fortunately I had the car for 20 years without. Immense fun that really ...
Armagreggon911Factory LSD. Fantastic traction, sticks in the corners. Cheap and plastic interior. Lota of wind noise and tyre roar.
ArrowSC9113.0 SC Coupe in rare Arrow Blue. An ongoing project with mods to sharpen it up for track days inc Bilstein HD/Sprint dampers, LSD, poly engine/gearbox mounts, custom lwt bumpers (loosely based on SCR...
aspencelondon911Beautiful, dream car since I was 3 years old. Manual, Sports exhaust, no traction control. Want another one!
augkuo911Autocrossing here at the old Alameda Naval Station, California
Aused911Oh dear, my bank account will hate me for this one. I feel a certain responsibility to carry on with the ownership though since these are a tribute to the way drivers cars used to be and as such pull ...
Automental911Sunroof, satnav, 6cd, heated seats, sports exhaust, 18s
autopia40911Just fantastic, all the previous superlatives are right on the money, surprised it took me so long to take the plunge.
auyt911Best Car I have owned Silly me got taken in by Italian exotics
avhbi911Cover car for 2000 Classic and Sportscar. LYV 10D Beautiful car but couldn't stand to put any miles on it. 31K when I let it go to Josh Sadler.
avhbi911Bought over on the continent which means it would have been churlish not to punt it around the Nordschleife before getting home. Great car even when it started peeing it down on my first lap.
Ayde911911A work in progress
B16JUS911so far so good really pleased only owned it 5 days
bad company911 bought new but could not live with the running costs as an every day driver. I was doing nearly 20K miles per year.
Bagso911Mods; Cargraphic 20" racing wheels, eibach springs, RSS dog bones, carbon splitter. Strosek spoiler, evoms induction, IPD plenum, AWE headers and cats.
bananaface911ahhh ze germans. so efficient.
Barnaclebill911Appreciating classic???
batterseaplayer911Currently SORN
Beanzybob911the childhood dream did not let me down ;-)
Beau Roberts911The most beautiful 911 ever made. Won 3 National Concours events.
Beebop911LHD, upgraded wastegate.
Beebop911LHD. One of first 3.2 from factory and is only 1160 kg (same as the later lightweight CS).
ben91176911Best car in the world
Beno996911996 Arctic Silver Metallic Metropole Blue Leather Sports Exhaust GT3 Aerokit 18" Sports Design Alloys
BERGS29112nd 911 - modern luxury cruiser meets lairy old school rear engined fun... what a hoot!
BertieB911Whar a great car, I use it daily and I still get the thrill every time I start it up. The sports exhaust and GT3 body kit certainly help to turn heads wherever we go. Love it!
BG and The Bear911
bga911Awesome car, reasonably practical for the family too. A change in work patterns meant it would spend most of the time in the station carpark & it was too good for that so I moved it on to someone who...
BI AL911Fully Restored with RSR type engine fitted
Big Bad Boris911
Big Brin911Realisation of schoolboy dream.
Big E 118911H&R Springs and "fast road" geo. Carbon ducktail Aero kit front splitter Cargraphic X pipe more to come!
Bigel911Great car, real fun to drive, would highly recommend!
bigfoot57911A review I wrote on Autotrader: PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 4 - STILL THE CAR FOR OTHERS TO BEAT I'd had an older Porsche before, so I knew what to expect in terms of driving pleasure and quality. Never...
biggav911got the looks and the power . a great car that still turns heads
bigkeeko911Brilliant brilliant motor car. I don`t know how many cars I`ve had and none have got to me like this one. Edit** It didn't get to me that much. I sold it after 7 months.
bigmartinbarnsle911good car but by the way these are raved about i expected so much more too cold too precise and although insanely quick just lacking in character a touch anal
Bill mIller911
bittenheroes911wish i'd kept it worth a fortune today..
Blackrs4911Just became too small for a growing family. Loved and still banker for another one! So predictable
blindswelledrat911Its Ok.
Bloitus911This is my 911 Carrera 2 (996) manual, purchased in March 2014, with navy blue leather interior and 18" turbo twist alloy wheels. It has no further after market modifications - other than battery c...
bls1911New to me, but love it so far
Bluesgirl911 I'm still getting used to it, but what a fab car. Not my first choice of colour (arctic silver) but the drive is epic. I searched high and low for the right one. After a number of false positives, ...
blueyonder911My first 911! Iris Blue with refurbed turbo wheels. She'll be going to Le Mans and Megahoon.
bmwcsl911last one of 53 uk cars.
Bob Higgins911
Bobbywhacker911Had it 1 day...... and its mental. All cars should come with 'cages and buckets
Bobo W911
bobt911964 with a few RS mods. (brakes and dampers). LHD and a bargain. Planning to use for track days. Now sold to a Frenchman who is using her regularly.
bodgerben911Nice car - Caroline's fun car. Was standard, then a 9e30 now a 9e25. Full Akrapovic evolution titanium exhaust system. 9E Mods include : Uprated Bilsteins 2 wheel drive with full 2wd geo. ...
bonus99911Vesuvius and Savannah leather
Boo152911My pride and joy - one of the very 1st UK 993 coupes Registered to Porsche Cars of Great Britain in December 1993. Mine since November 1998 - bought as an approved OPC car with 39k miles - now in...
Bosh 964911
Bounty Hunter911Great so far..........
boutte69911Always wanted a 911, so I saved up and got one. Puts a smile on my face every time I get into it. The way the 3.6L flat six accelerates is just awesome! Its not bad to live with either. There en...
Bowside911Beautiful, beautiful old 911, was 100% reliable, although cost me a fortune in general servicing. As good as any 1990's hot hatch and no car tax to pay!
braddo911A magic mix of modernity and rawness.
BrakeCalipersSUK9114-pot Brembos re-manufactured and re-painted in an exceptional Porsche Red, with the Porsche logo stencilled on - so that's painted onto the cast and lacquered over, not just a sticker!
brian saunders911911 GT3 cup car. Don't need to say anything else.
BringerOfLight911Amazing car, makes me smile everytime.
brooksjohn911This has been a fantastic first Porsche, despite having to spend £3000 on a service shortly after purchase.
BrotherMouzone911EVO magazine car of the year 1998.
brownspeed911 Fully rebuilt in 2016 by Hartech with all new liners, pistons, IMS bearing conversion etc etc.
Brussel Sprout911
btodd911Great. Like driving a four wheel WWII fighter plane. Corners like nothing I have experienced and makes my Beemer 330 CI Club sport look weak.
bubster911Wanted one of these for as long as I can remember, only a turbo will temp me away, this year I hope!
bud177911I have wanted a Porsche since 9th September 1975. Always loved the Targa so when the stars a lined I managed to buy one. Even although they say you should never meet your heros it has not disappointed...

Bumble SV911
C Baker911
calum.malcolm911Thoroughly enjoyable. Expensive to keep in A1 condition.
calum.malcolm911Too much understeer in wet or loose conditions for me.
cameraman911Acquired this no expense spared understated beauty in mint condition (a real credit to the previous owner Phil) after months of looking for a..... 350Z! ..........Go figure! Sold 20/11 to fello...
Captain Bongo911Awesome car. Great to look at, great to drive.
captain kaos911Not really driven it properly yet....roll on next spring for the next Ring trip.
Captain Sideways911It's not real but it does a great job of pretending!!!
Car Mad Dave911
Carcierge911Bad Boys, Bad Boys...watcha gonna do?
carcrazypop911 Arena red, Tiptronic, 64k miles, hardbacked sports seats. After buying the car in late 2013, I booked it into Ninemeister for cosmetic & mechanical restoration; I also had a turbo front bumper fitted ...
Carl Davey911Cobalt Blue Clubsport PCCB No modifications. Maintained via OPC network all its life.
carl911911great fun.
carlosanna911Great car but the sport seats need lumber support
carlove911stunning 80s 911,great fun. Sold due to lack of use
Carlson W6911
Carlson W6911
carpov911Lovely car. Bit sedate for a supercar
Carrera Andy911
Cartwheel911Roof is as flaky as everyone says, otherwise it's brilliant. Took a while to "get it" unlike the 964 I drove fairly extensively but well worth a dabble if you ensure you choose a good one.
cater_racer911This is a seriously good car, it feels taught and solid even if it is 15 years old.
Caveman911Excellent as always
cbrtim911Great car, fast, superb handling, sounds great with PSE.
charffers911Good condition '82 911. Looks, smells and handles like the old classic it is. Previously owned by Richard Hammond
Charge99911Ridiculously fast, firm ride, comes into its element on fast flowing smooth roads, which it devours. Evo's fault I bought it! Sep 14 - 4 wheel alignment just done at OPC, actually done twice as the...
CharlieAlpha66911Absolutely mint example late 996 model in Artic Silver Metallic with full Metropole Blue leather, Facelift model, Equipped with 6 speed manual, PAS, ABS, PSM (Porsche Stability Management), PCM (Porsc...
Chipchap911A non C16 car that had great history.
chockymonster911Dry stored for 13 years by previous owner Very tired state when it was retrieved from the garage
chris-w50no911What a car its a keeper
Chris911993911 Fab !!! And very high mileage now as I've covered over 80,000 in the car since owning it !
chrisma911This car was one of the first Carrera 4's - a 964 model. I bought it after I'd written off my TVR thinking I needed something 4WD for a bit of piece of mind. The problem was that I couldn't afford a U...
chrisstern911Fab car, cheap to run - just brilliant
chuck_ster911Running in is such a pain, can just start to feel the engines urge, then, shift...argggh!
cito quod fortis911Loved the car but twice had major gearbox issues. these sorted under warranty, but made me worry about owning after warranty expired. Great performance and no idea how I didn't kill myself.
cito quod fortis911Loads of niggling problems with this car and seemed to spend more time back at dealer than it did with me. When I had it the performance was great and sound fantastic, I just didn't have it enough of ...
cityneil911Loving it to bits!
ClaphamGT3911 Only just picked it up but predictably awesome!
ClassicLines911Just perfect - I regreted it and wanted another as I handed over the keys - stupid boy.
Classictoolbox911My first Porche, the start of i suspect a very long term ownership. Love at first drive and a more usable and comfortable everyday car than the Exige i was considering. Track days happen only once a y...
Clawson911911Great Play thing, of the road at the minute for some refurb.
cobalt911911LOVE IT!
Condorman911it's my baby. Looks and sounds gorgeous (even the door 'click'), but not too ostentatious. At the same time small enough to zip around town with the kids. The perfect car. Might buy another to keep as...
Coolbanana911 Sublime Sports car. Peerless supercar in terms of all-round ability to be a daily driver and super car.
Cornish 993911When i was looking for a 3.2 i came across this locally owned targa that was absolutely mint. So i bought it but always wished id bought a coupe. Still did 60,000 very enjoyable miles in her.
Coupe_bloke911Pretty impressed with this. Does the extra practicality and able to carry some kids, but much more involvement than the RS4. Intriguing.... feel like I'm still only scratched the surface. Only ...
Cpt Stirling911
CraigJ911Lots of fun. Ignore all the crap you read. Just buy a good one with good history and enjoy.
crbox911Ultimate 911 at the time and maybe still. Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Newer cars have too many driver aids. This was the best of the air cooled cars, that reward the skilled driver and s...
Crimp911Brilliant car, the sound!!
Crimp911An animal this one......... GT2 "look" Full GT2 kit/suspension/H&R's 25mm lowered 19" GT2 wheels 997 GT2 intercoolers with larger bores Forge Actuators & diverter valves DMS remap-1.3 Boost ...
Crimp911Guards Red with a spoiler.
Crimp911Special order colour Mint 42k miles
Crimp911Sold this car then bought it back 2 yrs later. Concours in GP White Now resides down under
Crimp911Looked nice sounded nice, but no classic or modern car feel and a little dull.
Crimp911Bloody Eck!
Crimp911Epic, nothing to say really.
Crimp911Guards Red with a spoiler.
Crimp911Another 996 Turbo Stunning.
Crimp911Last model 5 speed minter. Horrible drive but wished I'd have kept based on current daft prices
Crimp a Length911Looked the business, and went like shit off a stick in its day, 90's Single turbo on/off power Never really got on with this car though for some reason. Second most iconic 911?? maybe
Crimp a Length911First 911! Concourse winner, never missed a beat. Quite quick for a 28 year old Porker!! How many Ferarri's last this course of time and get driven!......none ;) Great first 911 and quick kept w...
Crimp a Length911
Crimp a Length911My dream 911 end at the time. OK so they are expensive the widebodies but they look stunning IMO......... Now sold and apart from the looks and grip, pretty boring & steady if i'm honest.
Crimp a Length911"The Daddy" GT02 THE made its way into my ownership in 2011. My 9th 911 & the one i thought i'd never own After a significant period getting used the the immense performance and traits such as ...
Crimp a Length911Last classic torsion sprung 911. G50 5 speed box SS Dansk exhaust Very mechanical drive coupled with the distinctive smell & noise that tends to go hand in hand with the air-cooled cars. This ...
Crimp a Length911Sublime, Epic, Phenomenal. Oh and the noise!! Did I tell you it revs passed 8k too
crusty911Engine wanted to go bang - so I said goodbye
csmith319911Sublime. Best car I've owned by a HUGE margin and one I'll try and keep forever, supplement it with other cars rather than replace it. Fun at all speeds, an event to drive - still a sports cat f...
CupraAndy911Fantastic daily drive and great family car. Much more spacious than id ever imagined. Take my 2 little children (currently 3 & 9 months) everywhere
cyclonepath911An Amazing car, goes like sh*t off a shovel!
Cyrus1971911Personally imported a 993 in LHD from Germany. Good Euro exchange rate at the time meant I got it for £21,700 including flights, channel tunnel and UK registration (quite straightforward but time con...
Dagerous911Lives up to the childhood dream.
DaJoRy911Great performance, quality build, excellent styling
Dakkon911Picking it up on Saturday 15th Jan 05, can't wait, a very recommended method of easing through the transition into my 30's Guards Red, 231 bhp / 209lbs/ft, 915 'box, 17" Speedline split rims, tear ...
Dale B911Loved it wish I'd never got rid. Just stupid I guess
dank911My dream car is now a reality!
danny tattersall911
DasChin911 had a nice GT3 kit with the sports chassis and suspension. first porsche and what a lovely car that was with the PSE and the lowered suspension. every journey was a moment and mission!!
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911Amazing car, highly modified and according to Mike Wilds, the best GT3RS in the world!
Dave Sums911Owned before and should never have sold...
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Dave Sums911
Daveeoo911Truely amazing car. Fast with great handling. I wasnt so sure about the Tiptronic Option as I had only driven and owned manual before but it works brilliantly. I also wanted the Coupe, but previ...
daveherron911Speed Yellow with RS bits, beautiful looks, beautiful sound, every drive a special occassion.
daveherron911 Old fashioned!
davelise911A car for my wife and the kids
davethreepointwo911My first 911, black on black. Awesome car!
davethreepointwo911Needed to try a modern porsche. Great car to drive. Recycled dealer tat if you looked too close.
davev72911A superb machine, shames most of the track day crews cars. But you must turn off the traction control it dulls the tail happy slides.
David Gooner911
David Hype911
David Palmer911
David Palmer911
David W.911Everyday in every way, fantastic
david3208911my wifes everday drive
davied911Simply the most complete package I've ever driven..... 5 stars from me
DC911Carrera911It's true what they say - a supercar you can use every day - I do, even in the winter snow 'cos it's a hoot. Just need to drive something else now and again so that when you get back in the Porsche...
DDV911 Stonkingly good car and in my experience faster than the S except on the track.
deckster911I'm not sure how many 911s there are with over 140k miles on the clock - more than you'd think, probably. Not that you'd know, if this one is anything to go by. Everything works and it feels tight as...
Denis O911
derbyjim911Must have options for me were Bose, Porsche Sports Exhaust, multi-function steering wheel and, most important of all, THREE PEDALS! Have taken this to the south of France with the roof down and the...
dev bhamra911
Diablos-6669111995 Aventura Green 993 Carera 113k miles tip s Bought for £18,750 Jan 2013 at 113,000 miles Sold for £22,500 in April 2015 at 122,000 miles
dick_dastardly71911Sadly parted with for room for family :(
dinsdale911Used everyday. Not a 'Fun' car but a good compromise. Unpredictable handling.
dinsdale911Very capable superb handling car. Used everyday. Cheap to run, reliable and very rewarding. A must for any enthusiast.
ditchvisitor911A classic aircooled 911... in white..enough said!
DJ Marky Mark911
DJ Marky Mark911
djb666911Fantastic car. No ABS, power steering etc etc. Real drivers car!
dmayberry911Red 991 C2S PDK the best Dual Clutch Gearbox out there and initially negative towards the Too n Fro Steering buttons but i prefer them over paddles
Dodgey_Rog911Taken the plunge and bought a Porsche 911, went for the 964 C4 variant, fancied a bit of fun whilst in the US. A few mods planned, so we'll see how things go.
dom9911I love this car. Love it. However, with almost 80k on the clock, it is probably costing about £500 a month in parts, labour, tyres etc. Seemed like a bargain when I bought it but now the bottom has fa...
dom_911911Quick, loads of character and usable every day. Nice.
Don1911Fast, safe, boring, fast..... errr... did I say fast? This is Mrs Don1's daily driver, and it does everything she asks of it. Except in the snow (see pic). It lives outside, never complains, and gene...
dotdog911See previous for description.. had to have another, and this is my fav.colour, white, with the csl style red wheels and script..
DOUG GRIFF911nice car
dpr racing911 What a car!!! last of the air cooled
DPSFleet911Fabulous RS replica based upon a 3.2 litre G50 car.
Dr Dray911 I Love my car. Its been a great car have serviced by local deal. Its been the 6th 911. 911 1975 LHD in white 911 1976 LHD white 911 1977 LHD with 935 tail from the USA white 911 1980 LHD 911 1...
Dr K911
Drakey52911Manual and all the better for it. As a 4-seat roof off car with 2 kids under 10, tough to beat. However I think I bought a dog. Am sure a nice one would be a better experience.
drewbags911First Porker. Always wanted a 911, decided on a 964 as I couldn't quite justify the price of a 993 to the Missus. She's not so damming now that she has driven it!! Don't know why I didn't get one s...
Drive Adventures911This is absolute joy to drive. It is so raw and communicative that you smile every time you drive it. It has been reliable over the years and has been driven daily up until recently. Sure it is loud, ...
drobs911It's a dream of a car. I've worked my way up through the Porsche collection and have yet to be disappointed. As well as performance and its outright speed, the sound it produces is unparalelled in the...
drocter81911Basalt Black with Grey, GT3 kit, PSM, PCM. £10k of options. 6 speed
drpep911Best bit of kit (notwithstanding a GT3) i've driven. Utterly chuffed with it... Though I do now have a hankering for said GT3. Maybe even an RS... Brilliant.
drtrev911Ground Up Rebuild
dts439911First 911. No problems so far and sports exhaust is great. Changed the wheels to Carreras from Sport Classic.
Dukes911Arctic Silver, Black ruffled leather, lovely car
e8_pack911Rebuilding to 850hp: 4.0L fully forged stroker motor, Alpha 3076 billet turbo's, 1100cc FIC injectors, spec 3+ clutch, tubi exhaust, forge intercoolers, agency power y pipe, evoms turbo intake pipes, ...
Ed T911
EddyMo911Everything you would ever need in a car. Regretably my commute has increased so having to sell in the new year to make way for a 968 Sport. Not much of a sacrifice but I'll miss the 911.
EdJ911Mine was a 54 reg one from new and I do miss it - I still find myself listening out for the engine noise when I see one (which is quite often I have to admit).
Eeerrmm911it is Red, eeeerrrrrrmmmmmm it is a targa eeeerrrrrrmmmmm i'll check the rest out with tommo but think it is a 911 or something. ;)
EJH911Bought in 2006 off it's first owner at 118,000kms and now (having been used as a daily for much of the intervening time) at 146,000 kms. I'm not going to put in running costs; I have a folder of bi...
Ekona911Best car I have ever or will ever own. Does everything so well, and yet so hard to master that the challenge is immense on every drive.
elvisjsmith911Awesome car, nuff said
elvisjsmith911Fantastic useable classic
Endorphin911Um, well, er......just bloody wonderful. I'm missing it after 5 days. I'm not going to tell you how good it is, just go and try one. And then live with one as it only gets better. Hope to be lu...
english2911LHD, bought in UK and put on to French plates
englishhaggis911Love my Targa. Love it even more knowing that it's not everyone's favourite 911.
ensignia911Utterly brilliant.
Ewan Oozarmy911Mental
Exigent9112 things about this car: 1. A truly great driver's car, no nannies, no BS - everything you need and nothing you don't ! 2. Completely reliable on and off the track, simply doesn't break.
EXLOTUS911I bought a 911 C2S Cabriolet and apart from the weather being so bad, I've scarcely had the top down, its a knockout. Goes like the wind and fine around town too. Sports seats and sports exhaust are...
Eyeball911I love this car
Fantic SuperT911Great all-year sports car for road (not track) driving.
farook911Shared with a friend
Fat Boy 911911
fen7on911First 911!
fen7on911First 911!
ficklefriend911Made the most wonderful bark/noise with the roof off at 4000 revs +. Great performance from a 2.7,and reliable as always
field-e911Love It!!!
finals2land911Bumpy, loud, noisy inside, tracks like buggery. I love it!!!!
finals2land911Great car apart from an expensive oil hose failure!!
finals2land911Loads of options, special thanks to Lee @Porsche Hatfield. PDK, Bose, Red stitching, Sport plus etc. The nuts!!
findtomdotcom911 Outstanding handling, fit and finish. Best 911 yet... My thoughts on owning a 991 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HpGuHmqRcI&list=UU-EqZDQJ5WtP5XwJU8ZNwug
findtomdotcom911A more track focused version, PTV+, SPASM, etc.
findtomdotcom911 GTS, noise, speed and centre lock wheels. Awesome! Sold due to unexpected move overseas.... :(
finenucars911city smart Smart 450 cdi (05), old Merc e55 estate (98), two slices (64&92) of Porc and some auld (63/65/96) Loti
Fishy Dave911Looking to replace my long term Caterham Seven Supersport with a car that appealed to my heart and kept me a little warmer and drier on road and track. An air cooled 911 was my main choice, knowing it...
Fl0pp3r911Probably the most beautiful car i'll ever own...
FLAT 6911Of course I'd recommend it - I've just spent £2,500 on an engine rebuild. Mind you - it has done 110,00 mls, if it was a TVR it would have been rebuilt twice by now!! ps - I'm a big fan of TVRs as...
Flat Stick911
flat6monkey9112 owners from new
Fletch916911I loved this car! it was a very nice example. I owned it for about 4 years and it surprised me how cheap the every day running costs were. It never let me down, you could have run it as an every day c...
flipflop1911LOVE IT, buy one, you'll love it.
flipster911Incredible... Enough said!
Flying machine911
FLYONWALL9911I don't understand why these cars get a bad rep for reliability. Thus far the car has proven to be 'bullet proof' sure they have oil leaks and can be hard to work on. Honestly doing research, the owne...
Ford Prefect 42911Stunning car to own and drive.
ForzaGilles911Yet to drive it much, but what a donkey! Sounds great with the Dansk exhaust too.
fourfivesix911Zenith Blue with Metropole blue leather
Fozzy100911Fantastic driving experience. I'm fairly tall but find still find the driving position comfortable. Had a few issues with the suspension early on but this was solved by the dealer almost immediately....
freemax911Wonderful car, all I can say after a few days Update 18 months in: the car has benefited sooo much from a proper geo and suspension set-up (at fmt in Rapperswil) and better tyres (Michelin PS2 inst...
Frenchda911Red with a whale tail. Just great, my first "real car". I had a minor rear end in this and the guy that I hit got out and said "oh no your car" without even looking at his.
Frenchda911Very nice, cemented my love of 911's - Still lusting over a decent, sorted RS 2.7 Rep
frg530911First Porsche - LOVE IT!
FRPs Porsche911Massive BHP, custom turbos etc,
futie911Best looking 996 imho and drives perfectly - tracked a couple of times (nurburgring and bedford) and used for lots of motorways - impressive in both environments. Obviously it can cope with signifi...
g price911absolutely breathtaking.
G9 NGR911
Gary C911Like a go-cart. Scary reputation limits bravery on public roads. Not enough suspension travel for bumpy A roads, but would out grip my EVO V on smooth tarmac. 20 Years old and still holds its ow...
Gary Norman911
garynorman911In the process of being put back together after full body repaint
Gaughran911 WILD!
gav2612911Brilliant car, caused a few probems and costs with coolant tank spliting and having to replace alarm control box at £750. makes up for it all when you drive it though, loads of grip, progressve power,...
Gazza3000911Great fun, great lines. But had dodgy electrics that meant it was an ownership disaster...
GBAndy911Bought in Sept 2012 - still grinning like an idiot
Gene G911
George 500911Delighted to have finally got one of these- the scratch has been there for ever and thought I had missed the boat It's a little cramped but I just love the turbo laaaaag....booooost. Not a car for ...
George36911Still finding my feet...
ghamer911Awesome car.
Gibgob911Completely standard
Gibo993911Not really, buy a 993
Giles911Consumate all-rounder.Remarkably solid, even though it's 5 years old. Does everything exceptionally well, particularly A roads and high-speed cruising, but lacks the wild spirit of previously owned TV...
gizard911Never turned up although did exist - receieved VIN. European order but euro / pound exchange rate screwed things up....
gk993911 Not the cheaqpest of cars to run, but lovely!
GP993911Blue with blue
Graham L911Silver, with marine blue leather interior. Extras - RS s/wheel, Cup alloys, teardrop mirrors, CF strut brace, secondary bypass and a fat driver.
GrahamPM911Old school charm! My first 911 - back in '96!
Greasy Joe911Sticks to the road like glue. Handles like a wet dream. Could do with more power and was noisy and bumpy. Best looking car I've owned
Greatshapeand911PORSCHE 911 996 3.6 TWIN FULLY LOADED TURBO 2003 '53' 2 door convertible metallic seal grey very rare 6 speed manual 3.6 twin turbo with stage 1 conversion 450+ BHP
Greg P911
Grimbleweed911Very very pleased with my first Porsche, low mileage, full OPC history, sensible price, and in tip top condition, and I mean tip top . . . . got the toys I wanted, and it really is great fun to drive
GT2Dan911Clubsport version. After an initial wobble about it being to savage for UK roads am now enjoying it after 6 months of ownership. Currently started process for new front cermaics frm porsche....only...
GTHans911Not as much fun as my old 964
GuitarPlayer63911My first 911 - wanted one from when I was just 10 years old. Lovin', lovin', lovin' it!
Guy Steen911Light Yellow
Guy Steen911Grand Prix White - Club Sport Replica
halfpenny43911Should never have sold it
happig911Speed Yellow Black leather interior Sport seats PCM Bose audio X51 power package Sport exhaust Console painted exterior color
HappyOwner911Got fed up with breaking down and dealer/Porsche GB indifference
Harms911Looks good but just blended in to a crowd of other porsches, triptronic was boring to drive. a very boring sports car in my opinion. things just kept going wrong with it.
Harris_I911Brilliant old school 911, no electronics, simple and classic inside and out, great sound, still quick enough by modern standards.
Hawmaws911An expensive itch scratched. I never got on with it. Too quiet (even with PSE), and needed to be driven really fast to get any kind of buzz. And not nearly as practical as the Boxster.. I really misse...
hazy911replacement for hated/loved Cerbera. Nice spec, nice colour, nice wheels, what can I say???
Helen Breadvan911
Henry-F911Always a selection of road going Porsche to dip into ranging from 944 through to 911. It`s a hard life !
Hereward911At last! Wanted one of these for years. Well, actually I wanted a Turbo, but I think this is a good way to start my 911 ownership career. The car is very easy to drive and can potter down to Waitro...
Hicksy911Still running in Paintshield just fitted.
High Miler911
High Miler911
higs356911SCpowered 3.oL
higs356911Race Car Gulf Colours
Higsy911Great car, have a had for over 10 years. Recently had full engine rebuild costing over £6k: new pistons, barrels, camshafts, head studs, timing chains, tinware etc. Also had gearbox rebuilt so the ca...
HKDragon911Comfort spec with fat boy seats
hoges senior911Previously owen by my brother 'hoges11' and kindly sold to me(at a huge discount!) 911 & Porsche World's Project 964. Imported from Germany in February 2002 and documenting in the magazine under a s...
Hollow Legs911Loved it. Miss it. (wife cried when it went) Will have another one day.
Homer J911
hondansx911 Slightly overrated as an every day car - jiggly ride and road noise are particular bugbears. Never get bored of it coming on boost though!
hondansx911Never got used to that power/torque - phenomenal!
HONEYMON57ER911Had loads of fun in this. Ticked another box for me.
Hoopsuk911Still trying to decide whether its worth modifying. Not a cheap exercise it seems for a 911. SOld after 18 months for 500 less than I paid for it. Pretty pleased with the economics of 911 motoring
hoov23911White on Grey, Grey Top. Supple Leather, Power Seats, Hi-Fi Audio. Loved that car, great in summertime. Never liked convertibles because of top-up lack of visibility, so I was always forced to drive w...
hot66911My baby
Hot9Eleven911Verry modified, 6 point roll cage, full fire safety equipment, cut off's, fitted with 3.3 Turbo engine, Kremer Motorsport intercooler, Carrera 3.2. brakes
hotpowner9112006 911, Silver, Black Leather, Sports Exhaust, Love the car Supplied by Stirlings who was a super chap, delivered to my door and perfect
hotrubber007911shit gearbox linkage - but the rest is just pure magic m have had it sideways at some speed, still learning but enjoying every minute>
Housey911Quite simply the best car I have ever owned.
hugepiece911Engine went within a few weeks of purchasing due to head bolts sheared. Once rebuild ran like a dream, didnt have to spend another penny on it. Great sound with FULL stainless exhaust
hugoc2s911Original specification other than Bilstein HD shocks, M030 springs and turbo spec front and rear ARB's. Oh...also Fabspeed Supercups! Sorry...what was that you said? Speak up!
hypermark911not much to say apart from wish i never sold it.....
Ian Abel911
IanO911Beautiful and fast - just waiting for that first real garage bill!! Excellent as a second car, but would be a trial to live with everyday. Air con rubbish, none of the toys on a modern car, but I ...
IanT 3.2911
ICSD911Just love it - quick enough for any road use and big big fun factor. Best thing is that it's surprisingly cheap to keep.
ICSD911Roof too noisy for daily use but otherwise a great car.
identity_crisis911My first porsche and you may aswell do it properly and get a 911. I bought it to sell on so isnt what I would choose if it was a keeper. Has the tiptronic gearbox which I hate and is always in man...
illegal eagle911Fantastic car! Loved it so much I have recently bought another one.
illegal eagle911My first true sports car - engine needed to be rebuilt, so time for a change!
illegal eagle911People either love or hate them - I love them and hope to keep this one (my third) for a long time.
ILoveMondeo911Early days, only done a couple of hundred miles. These things stand out Speed Agility Stability It does them all, effortlessly. In the end, I found I was hardly using it, less than 600 m...
impboy911silver with carrera rear arches and whale tail sold it as it went very rusty and needed engine rebuild
infinity911Superb every day car. Sports exhaust a must.
Ipe Ferra911
Irish911Oh my good god. With a sports exhaust it is only fantastic....
italianjobken911Very Quick and loud and clean need i say anymore
J Diddy911
J DUB911
J-P911What an awesome car! Handles, Rides, steers and goes beautifully! Sounds great at 7000rpm too! If you can, you definitely should! This car is actually good at everything. Surely one of the best...
j2huss911A real enthusiasts car
j44esd911My childhood poster car.
j911911My dream car. wanted a 911 since 1976 (when I was 3!)finally own a fairly basic C2S, with sports seats, exhaust, chrono pack and not much else. It steers, stops and rides far better than the previou...
j911911 911 with pdk love it
j9119113.8 Turbo with PDK, Sports Chrono and PTV.Centre Lock wheels Awesomely quick
Jack911911My Australian racecar. Currently in pieces underneath my parent's house in Australia.
Jack911911UK race car
Jack911911One of the nicest Porsches I've owned. Unfortunately it was stolen off the street outside my flat. The perils of living in central London I guess.
James B911 Having decided to chop the S7 for something more interesting as a daily I was lured back to modern Porsche ownership, this time in 2wd flavour. I had some must haves for the spec so took a little t...
JamesGS911Great car - good fun to drive
jamesson911Always wanted a 911, finally found the right one after toying with the idea for a long time. Had it for almost a year and a half, and although a few things have gone wrong with it, generally it's b...
Jamie Summers911
Jamie.Banks911PH Carpool car of the Year 2012 PH CARPOOL: PORSCHE 911 CABRIO This week's Carpooler wanted a 4x4 for ski trips - 160,000 miles on and he's not looked back! Name: Jamie Banks Car: 1990 Porsch...
jayemm89911"The Banana" 996 C4, complete with GT3 bodykit, wheels and bucket seats. Superb car, handled brilliantly and one of the most exciting cars I've ever driven. In my opinion the most under-rated Porsc...
JazzPuppy911Cost of ownership reasonable with great build quality, reliable mechanicals and fantastic fun.
JBE68911My first supercar
JBE68911My first classic supercar
JBE68911I had two of these. A black tiptronic that lasted a month before being replaced with a silver manual. Characterless.
jc74911PDK Nav
Jellyfish911Standard except for the cassette player and steering wheel
Jellyman911Fragile car but oh my, made me feel like a DRIVING GOD.
JEM72911Great introduction to 911's cheap, solid, quick with torque.
Jemma Kate911
JeremyEl911Most impressive thing about this 911 is the handling. Whilst not overly quick (but quick enough) it handles in a way that makes no sense with the engine hanging out the back. Even in the wet, doesn'...
jevansio911Totally standard, but mint
jez2577911every one wants to run you off the road ....it had to go
Jibaro911Manual X50 EVOMS upgrades, sports exhaust & 890nm clutch.
Jibberingloon911Pure bit of history :) And lovely in Grandprix White
jillian911Love it
jimmy p911So far so good, would def recommend the PSE.
jimmy p911Fully sorted 993 C2.
jimmy p911glacier white
Jivaldinho911Poised, powerful and with the aero kit just different enough from the standard Porsche 996. The lights don't bother me PLUS everyone loves the Porsche 996 GT1 so why hate on the standard 996???? pecul...
JK75911Simply the best car I have ever been lucky enough to drive and own. I grin every time I look at it :o)
JLJ119111977 Chassis, 993 Engine, Custom GT3 Exhaust. Speedlines
jm doc911
jmabw911Wifes daily runner!
Jmorgan93911X51 Performance Pack X74 Suspension Carrera rear spoiler
Job38911By far the best car I've ever owned. If you can ever own a 911, you must.
jock mcsporran911Absolutely..... Bloody tremendous getter of A to B in as swift a time as possible.
Joe911911Nearly 30 years old and runs near perfectly!
joeaksa911Hard to beat a good 911. This one has been backdated to look like a 1972 RS model and a 3.6 litre engine stuffed in the back.
John huggy911Engine went bang ..... Lucky for me new engine Mr Porsche .... Service at porsche Glasgow horrendous , car came out with two separate oil leaks and loose chassis bolt. They treated me like a idiot...
john911ni911No ABS, no power steering, no traction control, noisy but so far perfect.
JohnG1911I think I owned this car for about 7 months. No love for it. Competent but dull. Cobalt blue is a lovely colour and that's the best thing I can say about this car.
Johnny G Pipe911
Johnny G Pipe911
Johnny G Pipe911
johnsuper911fun to drive, well restored, rare manual transmission
johnsuper911great car
johnycarrera911Now chipped by 9ff, Manthey exhaust and cup induction. But most important is the Quaife dif and Billies with H&R springs, oh and Steering Geometry is essential ! Running on 18 Split Rims, love this ca...
jon shove911good fun car and very useable day in day out
jonathan collard911
jonny h911Just got it ..!
Jonny Neumonic911
jonolondon911Absolutely fabulous piece of kit - beautifully screwed together, never broke down in 50k miles
jrdevoy911great car
JSS 911911
jthomo911Suffered some problems including loss of engine oil pressure. My dealer could not be faulted and swapped it for a similar C4S.
Juno99911One of the best 911s produced since 1980. Limited electricals, no electronics and its in your hands if you step out of line !! My biggest waste of money since I bought it - a RADIO - never listen to...
justinbaker911Sports suspension, GT3 headers, K&N cold air intake. GT-3 Split Rims, N Rated Mich. Clear lights, Voice recognition Becker. Manual six speed, in the fastest colour - Guards ;-)
Justyb911White Porsche 911 Carrera 2S PDK with a GT3 Aerokit and black wheels.
jwellsatguroo911My first Porsche, and even though it's 11 years old, it feels great.
k10al911The best car I've ever owned. I always wanted a 911 Turbo, since I was a kid. But one of these came up at the right money. I wish I still had it but towards the end it just didn't get used so it was a...
kagey911best looking 911. my 3rd porsche. awesome
Karnivor911It wants my licence and i'm finding it hard to resist.
KB1obj911All i have to say is that it is a very nice car. But next year i would like to buy a lamborghini and i think that will kick this cars butt.
kenhill911Love that car!
kerryxeg911Fully Restored
kettl911Getting better!
kf1911great car bought from opc 4 years ago low miles - 30K
Kiwi Carguy911
Kiwi Carguy911
Kiwi Carguy911
kmadsen68911Very good value Porsche - just make sure to get a "clean" one...
koringsny911Easy and cheap to maintain generally. Bigger parts like complete engines can become costly. Lovely car to drive about town and in the country side, especially with the top down on a nice day, which we...
kronik911I had dreamed of owning a 911 since I was 7 years old. Finally, at 28, I got the commission check that allowed me to fulfil my dream. An hour after my wages went in I had picked one out, given the guy...
L17KE D911
Last Stop911I know it's not Aircooled, but I love it
Lax Power911
LayZ911Sold at auction after 15 years. Looked perfect at the end with new paint, wheels and interior.
LCR Dave911I love these pre-impact bumper models and hope to own one in the coming years, especially now the prices are lower than for a long time.
Ledzep911Just a few weeks in, and it's a real blast!
Lee Cliff911If you want a fast quiet GT car then yes, if you want a track day warrior/hillclimb or sprint car then no.
leemarkadams911GT3 bodykit and wheels PSE Sports suspension Sports seats etc etc A lovely car!
LeighB9113.2 carrera with 964 body upgrade. Lowered, turbo torsion bar, cup wheels, flamespitting cup pipe and OMP lightweight seats. Engine & gearbox rebuilt Jan 06. My first Porsche - realising a dream!
Lenhamracer911A fantastic car. Was cheap when I bought it and the value has gone up. I use it as a daily driver. Perfect car for the winter with its 4 Wheel drive.
Lensey911Well I finally did it! Couldn't help myself!
Lloyd Six911A must have car if you are a true petrol head.
lojohn911Big and Red w black leather
Lonners71911Lovely car, very reliable as a daily driver. eventually got bored and they're a bit to common for me
LordMcMenace911Loads of fun... but the old girl needs treating with a bit of respect...No Power Steering, no brake servo and a heavy clutch makes this a mobile multi-gym, as well as a great car. Going to bed for the...
Lordsmut911Awesome car, shame it never got used much
lordyplums911OZ Superleggera alloys, Re-mapped, full harnesses, on board fire ext, cage, full underfloor and splitter, 680bhp. Been all over Europe and Scandinavia, track day demon...
love truncheon911Sex.
lukeharding911Great car throughout.
lynchygt3911my first 911 bought it as a 21 birthday prezy for my self, massive factory spec full gt3 areo kit, gt3 bucket seats/no rear seats, sports suspension, sport exhaust must have been a 1 off factory order...
M Coupe 99911But watch the back end in the wet! ;o)
M3 Mezza911 I love Porsches.... !! A water cooled stunner ! Get a good 964 and you will not look back !
m44ttg911Used to hillclimb+sprint. Now race (or at least try to) at knockhill, SMRC classic sports class. pic is Doune hillclimb some years ago.
maeowenti911forget all the rubbish about engine problems, these were on the early cockster and 996 3.4L units. Get one, and enjoy, they are pretty much bullet proof
Maf911After the TVR didn't work out I did some extensive test driving. I found out that I liked the Impreza and the 911 Turbo more than anything inbetween. So here we are. She is my daily driver (at lea...
mak911awsome, what can i say! The most i have ever spent on a car and it was used every day without fault, not the quickest car i have owned but may be the best. This is the last car in my history as i h...
manek911Love this car to bits - it can do it all.
mar1b0ro911super car. classic looks, great handling and non whale tail version.
marc robinson911Without a doubt the best car i've ever owned to date. Not a huge amount of room in cabin but what performance! See ya Jap scrap!!
Mario149911Prettiest 996 by far other than the GTXs. Sports exhaust is a must. Performance? Check. Looks? Check. Vague practicality? Check. Sensible ownership costs? Check. Only problem is that any other car w...
Mario149911 Needed a fun car to drive for everyday-ish stuff that I can't really use the 550 for. Had a falling out with the Mini Cooper S so this is the replacement :)
Mario149911Finally scratching the GT3 itch having always previously plumped for a Fezza. The best compliment I can give it and way to describe it is that goes like a bloody rocket-powered go kart, just with a fe...
mariolanza911Awesome car, quick enough now with 528HP. Need to be an experienced driver though.
Mark Hendry911A bit of a handful!! Tame drivers beware
Mark Morrissey911
mark seeker911A lovely car, power available in every gear, a real punch is there when you want it. The computer tells me I'm doing an average of 29.7mpg, 90% of my journeys involve a good section of motorway. ...
mark seeker911
markbbb911Perfect toddler transport without costing the earth. Sold it after a year as it got a little boring
markgilbert911A classic in every sense, best car I have ever owned.
markomah911Wind in the hair coupled with the bellow of the Porsche Sports Exhaust - automotive heaven!
Mark_900T16S911Everything they say about the 3.2 model is true... fantastic and emotional.
Mart-1911LHD 1989 model bought in Germany
MARTEN911Poor handling, poor performance compared to similar priced competitors
martin911911my most favorite car of all time...this car is perfect,everyone should own a 911 at least once in there live!
matbat911My first 911 and I love it!!
matfinch911I purchased in May 2009. Done just over 90k miles. Red interior is not to everyone's taste, but i think it works well with the Silver paintwork! In good condition for a 25 year old car that has never ...
Matt HVAC911
Matt Sketch911
matthewwithers911 What a car
mattiselvis911Oh Hell, yes: this is some machine, it really is. The first of the last air-cooled turbos, civilised to pootle around town in, but demonic when the needle passes 4000rpm. As soon as the turbos get inv...
mattiselvis911Wow! How right did Porsche get this? Everything about this car is perfection - the steering is communicative, the chassis smoothes out the worst of British roads without being wallowy, the driving pos...
mattiselvis911So. Another Turbo. Let's get the basics out of the way - this is a ballistic implement. Whatever the road conditions it goes like a rocket and has unbreakable traction. The handling is sublime and for...
mattiselvis911Bit of an impulse buy, this. I really loved my old Slate Grey 997S, but decided to sell if because it wasn't getting enough use. There were a few little options I wished I had, too, which meant it was...
mattthemunch911can't wait lashings of carbon, basalt black, black rims, upgrade
Matt_33911Beautiful cobalt blue 911. Never had so much fun in a car. Can't wait to take it on a track day (or to Germany) to really test it out.
mavester911It cost a lot of money and liked a drink but it's the best car I've ever had. I will definitely have another as soon as the wife is suitably persuaded (drugged). Great, great cars and if you get the...
Max964T36911One of the best money can buy!
Max964T36911Very drivable and enjoyable car, although not spectacularly fast.
Maxxuk911Will Put a Pic up as soon as it's delivered...
Maycott911 getting quite fond of it
McSwerve II911I loved my 964 sooooooo much! Space ship mileage seems nothing to a 964. A little under steery, but I still liked the 4 wheel drive system. mcx27911
meerkat911911A great car for speed and handling. Very reliable but expensive to run.
meno-porsche911My first Porsche - love it, love it, love it. Might not love it when I have it serviced or it's poorly.
mercurysports911A BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT CAR !!
MGR911Mixed bag, not convinced its for me but will give it time to see if it grows on me. Good seats, good visibility, good brakes, love the looks, slower than I expected given the book times, hardly any re...
michaelevans60911Awesome. The feeling and sound when it came on cam is like nothing else.
mickb993911Love the car, if a little expensive for repairs & servicing, but that's maybe me being a tight wad! What the hell, I will only live once!
mickgrim911Full gambala flatnose conversion. SC cams Still use the 4speed box Full retrim in cream leather
Mid-life Crisis911
Mike Holmes911GREAT CAR ITS A 911
Mike Pott911
Mike Pott911
mikiegb911If I was only allowed to keep one of my cars, it would be this one.
Miss MCC911This will keep me going until I find the right Turbo.
MixB911Love classic cars,and this is one of the great one's of the 80's.Great drive and reliable 3.2 Ltr Flat six engine.
MJDavis911My first Porsche. Love everything about it.
mmalbon911This was my introduction to 911 ownership. I bought unwisely from a bad dealer. I bought a badly maintained 964 from a dealer I thought I could trust. Oil leaks, duff clutch. Hardly got to use it as i...
mmalbon911Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Celebration - model number 504. Porsche built 911 of these to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the 911, only 50 of which were right hand drive.
mobile chicane22911
mollytherocker911Like a fine wine. Takes time to truly appreciate, I just didnt get it first. Now, I wonder why all cars arent like this!
monoloco911last of the proper air-cooled 911's and a real classic. I was gutted when it got nicked despite being fitted with a PA1000 Immobiliser (then state-of-the-art). Didn't help that the little s*ds had th...
monoloco911If ever anyone could be in love with a car this was it! My first 'real' sports car and she was an absolute beauty. Concours condition, subtly lowered, wheels spaced, nice trim -Diamond Blue with black...
moonigan911Never meet your heroes.
mosbo911The ultimate all-rounder.. Likes a bit of a drink if driven as it's meant to be. The best car I've owned. Can't imagine ever replacing it.
MPoon911rare colour - Rainforest Green Pearl with Savanna Beige leather.
MPoon911Initially my mother's car, and later mine. It was finished in a rare combination of Arena Red metallic with Midnight Blue leather interior.
mpv911So dull compared to a 968 Sport / Club Sport. Made me feel old.
MPWR360BHP911White with Martini Racing Stripes. Allways in the garage, had two gearbox rebuilds and then clucth went. major ;0(
Mr Freefall911Had to have something I can take my little boy out in, and still have fun at the same time... The handling is something the Cerb should always have had, but never did... So far so good...
Mr Haribo911
Mr Moley911
Mr Scruff9111999 Carrera 4 3.4. The 'unloved' 996. The one they tell you not to buy as: 1) It'll leak oil from the RMS 2) The IMS will give up and destroy your engine 3) The radiators and condensers wi...
Mr Seee911
MrsPikey911My first car. Learning to drive in it was a bit difficult though.
MrTickle911Sports exhaust was very nice, great car.
MrTickle911It was a cab as it was a cancelled order and saved me 9 months wait - but it was my first 911 - the rest of my history says it all!!!
MrTickle911I love this car. Just the right spec for me in GT Silver with sports exhaust, sports shifter, sports suspension with LSD, sports seats, nav and some carbon!
MrTickle911PDK box is fantastic!
MrTickle911Best one yet!
MrVert911Very green, very cool ;) [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/14lhbhe.jpg[/IMG] Now in Hong Kong :(
mr_tony911First of th impact bumpers. Narrow body makes it very drivable on back roads, steering is light and upgraded 3.0 sc engine is a peach in such a light chassis. It's a nice little sleeper..
Mud plugger911RS Bodykit, Full Rollcage,stripped out Lowered. 285 HP A bit savage for every day use!
Multi21911Stunning PDK gearbox, a major step forward from the 997. No worries over the steering unless you're skill level is Senna..ish. Makes paying £200+K for a 458 seem ridiculous (sorry 458 owners). Q...
Murray993911Great car best i have ever owned. use as a daily drive (when I need a car) and it has been reliable.
mustdriveslower911A beautiful Car. Handling is not as good as spoken about. It is soft at the front end and very hard at the rear. The PASM suspension is too hard for road. In bone dry on good roads great. In any other...
MWilds911 Awesome Car!!
mycerbera9112003 Special order Metallic polar silver, Sports Exhaust, PCM 2 Satellite Navigation, BOSE Sound upgrade, Electric sunroof, Painted back sport seats, Porsche crest embossed on headrests, Reverse parki...
MyM8V8911Only any good in a straight line, but looked good at the time.
Mystic Slippers911Great classic car but sadly rip when damaged by another car :(
Nally1704911So if fact this is the first proper car I've had to pay for (and more importantly maintain!!) using my own penny's, WIJ933 paid for the Boxster and the Maserati when i worked for him and Audi kept me ...
Nano2nd911 awesome!
nashteck911great car with the dms tweeks
nbetts911Sold my 997 GT3 in GT Silver as I received a strong price - Sold with 'Head' and thought I could live without one... Ended up buying another 997 GT3, this time in Carrera White a few months after the...
Neilpeel59911Fantastic..great entry level 911.Highly recommend
neilski911On the circuit at Goodwood Supercar Sunday 2010.
nervous911 Lovely, if a bit purple.
Nessocomo911Dont be fooled by articles telling you that 996 Porsches are cheap to maintain. Worth it though
neutral 3911My first 911 . A Highly Orig California car in Rare and Stunning Black Metalic . Bought as salvage from a breakers . She had been vandalised and set alight in the east end of londonr. Took ages to get...
neutral 3911C367-TUT. The finest version of the Air cooled 911 Series. Late 85 saw a much improved dash and heating system. My one was finished in Guards Red which i hated , but a low miles car that needed a bi...
Nick Wood911
Nick Woods911
Nick644911Wonderful, but far too noisy on motorways especially tyre roar and short fuel range when driven briskly. Think I need a LHD GT3 with the 90litre fuel tank for my European jaunts, but hope the rea...
Nicklouse10911 http://www.wix.com/nicklouse10/motors
Nigel S911
NigelE911Fantastic car, too expensive to keep maintained. Very sorry to see this one go.
nigelonich91104 Black Clubsport Cage Sports seats
Niiige911Mmmm. Well, it was fast and reliable. Quite good fun. And nice looking. But, the water cooled sound track was rubbish. And you did feel like everyone hated you when you were driving it.
NineEleven911Best handling there is
nonsso_Andrew Coates911
nonsso_Andrew Coates911
nonsso_Frederick O'ram911
nonsso_JamesWinterUK911Quite a practical family car actually. The porsche car seat for ages 3.5 and up fits really well. Can't quite justify the costs of a 0-6 month rear facing car seat - so will have to use the fami...
nonsso_Jedi Knight911
nonsso_Jedi Knight911
nonsso_Jonny P911
nonsso_joolsp911 Great car but make surre you take on board runing and servicing costs but if you have a decent look around with someone who knows the car then you'll be surprised at how good they are.
nonsso_MarcoDecamilli911 Porsche 911 2 S VXR8
nonsso_Mark Gilbert911Unbelievable, best handling car I have ever owned! Next for some modifications, an air box and titanium exhaust I think!
nonsso_queensgate2911Fantastic car, love every mile in it.
nonsso_Stu - B911Tiring to drive though.
nonsso_Stu - B911Loved it.
nonsso_Stu - B911Best 911 I have driven.
nonsso_Stu - B911Bought and resold to Loughran's within a day, so cannot comment really.
nonsso_Stu - B911Bloody fast.
nonsso_TGMSW6911Handling superb and the best 911 yet
nonsso_TGMSW6911Loved this car so much - old school car with total class
Northernsaul911Did 13000 miles in it cost me £180 to service. Bought from Paul Stephens Specialist cars who I recommend. A great car for the money
nxi20911It has now done 190 trackdays. All the suspension was replaced by 55,000 miles but the exhaust still hadn't rusted through when it was replaced with an M+M Cup system at 95K miles! Probably the mo...
nxi20911Originally delivered as a LHD factory non-sunroof Turbo. Already converted to RWD when I bought it and now a finished GT2 replica using all genuine Porsche parts. I intended to sell it when I'd co...
nxi20911One of only 2 GT3 Clubsports in PTS Riviera Blue - the other was the Porsche GB press car.
oily1911My first porsche and its brilliant. Has been expensive over the last year (engine/gearbox rebuild. Drove it down to Le Manns last year and was real experience.
OlberJ911The car i've always wanted and in the right flavour. Special and about to get more special.
old No 1911 Aye not bad, better than a passat
ollekenbolleken911Fun car, has to be driven regular; I HAVE to drive it regularly. Love the technology. Can look at it for hours. Don't have to race it, occasional showing of muscle calmes the beast in me pretty qui...
olly22n911utterly ruinous.
olona911Fabulous car!
oneinam911Faultless apart from keys which cost £300 plus to replace. The car itself is the car I have always wanted and it has not let me down in any respect. Different method of handling but this car is a st...
Onetrackmind911Worryingly fast. Very planted and amazing traction. An occasion to look at and drive. Great steering feel and brakes. Very competent but I want a bit more drama. Probably due to exhaust noise is a bit...
Only on Sunday911Perfect weekend family duties car
Orangecurry911Never meet your heroes... unless your hero is the 993. It's everything you expected and in my case even more than I hoped for. Particular thanks must go to the previous owner(s) for: 1) specify...
os993911My 1st Porker, had to be air cooled and have the Turbo Body. Driving this car makes me feel like a kid again
otp911Great build quality
Out Run911Bought a dog. No end of problems. Don't skimp if you are thinking of buying one!
outdoormax911its a fantastic car, nice balance and no driver aids apart from ABS…
outlaw911911I love it!!
OZ2044911 Absolutely amazing vehicle.there is no substitute. You mention the name...people know what you have bought.
OZ2044911 It sucked me in and spat me out....2 wheel drive...no psm... now written off on a damp road. I burst all 4 tyres shattered two alloys...went on 2 wheels... hit a tree head on and did a 360 pirouette. ...
Ozzie54321911Left hooker, imported by me from Holland! Sold it for £8K .... I was robbed! I loved the car. Ex Wife forced sale :-(
P11AUY911Still being prep'd for delivery :-)
P1eface911Dark blue 996 Carrera Manual 6 speed gearbox Charcoal grey leather Memory seats Sunroof Climate control Upgraded stereo Headlight washers Comfort seats Traction control LSD OBC Sports muf...
P4NAK911Fantastic sports car. less expensive to run than merc estate.
p70cnr911A must have at least once in a lifetime. Easy to use a pleasure to drive and wow.
paddy360911Everyday high performance car, so easy to drive,sounds good, practical and very satisfying town and drive.
Paddy_N_Murphy911 Loving it!
paf291x911 Great so far and sounds awesome with sports exhaust.....
pagani1911What a hoot, totally reliable depreciation free motoring. Service and new tyres once a year and some Mobil 1. What more could a boy ask.
pagani1911big red, and aircooled
parmley911My second Porsche and first 911. The steering feel and general handling character are lovely.
Partyvan911No glovebox
Patrick1964911The fastest 911 I've ever owned, a fantastic car which was thoroughly reliable as a daily driver. Not my favorite 911 owned though.
Patrick1964911 Marine blue with linen leather. I should never have sold this car.
Paul A911
Paul A911Track car with 3.5 litre twin spark engine on 50mm PMO's
Paul Lewis911
Paul O911A change from the Cayman after 3 years, influenced by the impending arrival of a little 'un. Back-seat city, rather quick and a welcome return to convertible-tastic motoring. Lovely jubley. Now...
Paul.B911Picked it up yesterday (15/12/10) I'll let you know
paul6767911I love this car
paul72'911Turns heads , sounds gread , looks the best of all 911's in my opinion
PaulZR911...and then there was the time I went mental and spent £37k on another 911 I couldn't afford. I had been sold on the looks of the 997 since it came out, a skilful combination of the 993 front end a...
PawnSacrifice911Traded my second 924 S for this one, 911 SC with Sport Pack. Needs work, tatty body, but the engine's fantastic... although it needs some work too.
Pazuzu911Loved it, had it 18 months which is 3 times longer than normal for me.
PBMWC33911Full of germanic character Still great after 180,000 miles albeit a little rusty now
pdavison911I've always wanted to own a true big winged 911! Feels very old to drive but great fun and the noise is wonderful.
penalltimate911First experience of Porsche ownership for me. So far the good things; chassis and engineering feels as though it's hewn from granite, surprisingly delicate steering and feel, linear and throaty engi...
pengers911Always feels good getting into it.
Pepsi Max 996T911
Pesty911pretty car
pete917911I have owned this 911 for many years and have spent as long restoring and modifying it. Most of the details of what I have done are here: http://www.myporsche911.co.uk There is also video her...
Pete996911Fantastic all round everyday useable supercar. In the real world as fast as virtually anything on the road (mine was chipped to around 500bhp). Equally good at the school run and the shopping. Room f...
Peter Lory911The best car I've owned, by far. Bought it privately via Autofarm for £15.5k, had a new clutch and front paintwork re-sprayed, then forced to sell it when I went on a foreign assignment. I was sad to ...
PeterGT911What a car !!
PGM911Fantastic car No PSM Porsche Sports Exhausts Permanent grin as standard I got this car 1 year after a brand new boxster. It was 18 months old at the time and was the car I really should have ...
PGNSagaris911Loved this car. First Porsche. Made me smile every day. Best addition was the Sports Exhaust. Great noise.
PGNSagaris911Perfect spec car for improvements: So far...... - Lightweight Clutch and Flywheel - CRS Sports exhaust - RSS Engine Mounts - Anti Roll Bars - Low temp thermostat - 18" Gold OZ Alleggerita L...
PH5121911Varioram, Guards Red, 18 inch hollow spoke technology wheels, sports seats, air con, RSR exhaust boxes.
Phesant911A 1971 2.2Litre car rebodied as a 80's car with wide wings and whale tail, cheap insurance with all the credibility of 911 ownership, just watch the back end on ice, many 360 experiences but never hit...
Phil B911
phil.bourne911The 922 Experiance...... more than I ever thought it would be!
philiphunter911Dream Realised!
PHOENIXUK911At the time I thought this was the dogs, but sorry Beardy boys, give me water cooled progress and day.
Phooey911It's a bit good :-) Full Clubsport spec. PCCB. Front axle lift. My fave car so far! Like a tw4t i sold it for a 997 GTS. Doh!
pikey911I bought this from a friend who'd owned it for 4 years, but simply didn't drive it anymore due to other toys he had to play with. Before I bought it it hadn't been used for 6 months and in the past ye...
PILCH 23911Needs fixing. Tuthill HRCR rally car that in a former life won the European Historic Hill Climb Championship in the hands of Mario Illotti.
PiloteAM911This car is just amazing, but the running costs match the experience.
pj11911Tiptronic an absolute joke, pleased Porsche ditched it after this model, just a shame they kept the stupid buttons for so long!
plavix911Excellent daily drive. Leaves you feeling tingly after a B road drive, and all within the speed limit!
plavix911Excellent daily drive. Leaves you feeling tingly after a B road blast, and all within the speed limit!
plugspartacus911In my opinion one of the best 911's (I have owned 8 in total) Scary in the wet Not as fast as a Turbo but it feels faster Negatives: Draws a bit too much attention and a couple of electrical gremli...
Plundy911Fabulous to drive. Fast enough for most people. Trickle charger recommended if occasional use. Sold to my Dad so hope to have another crack in it soon.
pneumothorax911this was a fantastic car and sold on pistonheads to a very lucky man...properly usable everyday and put 22k on it in one year. no major problems and regret it going but had to be moved out for the fez...
Polar Black911Polar Silver and totally original apart from RSR exhaust. I loved this car as it was 1 previous owner from new and was in fantastic condition. A shiny new black thing took my eye and this one ha...
Polar Black911Basalt Black Full Factory GT3 kit 320 BHP factory engine mods 19 inch Wheels Sports Suspension Sports seats
PompeyPaul911Love it. Simply love it! Looks fab, sounds fab, and drives amazingly! Favourite car owned to date by a mile as an all round package.
pontypool911Happy pootling to the supermarket or hagning its tail out :) For the money probably the best car in the world - even takes two people, two dogs and all their luggage for a weeks holiday. In fa...
pontypool911Whoa, now that really is fast!
Pork911Awesome car. Very capable, lovely to drive, nice sound. Sat nav and integrated phone were great. Very subtle and didnt so much as turn a head here in SW London. A little souless and not really s...
porker32911classic motoring at its best good enough for steve mc queen good enough for me;)
porkpie911love it
Porky911911Lucked out with a mechanically strong car with matching cosmetics and matching numbers. I imported it from California 2007, purchased from European Collectibels in CA. Average 3K mileage p/annum. It ...
porschemanpat911Last of the air-cooled. Need I say more? Turbo "S" front and rear spoilers - not to everyones` taste but I think it looks superb, so I don`t care...! Servicing carried by Zentrum. Have tried seve...
porschemode911Great engines.
purpleperil911One previous lady owner.
Q McCameron911Gaurds red with tan leather interior type 930 5 spd manual 24,000 miles with full history Previously from private collection Comes out for dry days and Le Mans 24hr weekend
Quentin2911last of the original greats sdix speed all fact. options incl. rare susap. and RSR seats great bully finest Porsche ever
quentin985911Another great classic. Great fun to drive and a real drivers car. Parts easy to source but be prepared for the expense. Watch out for rust around the front lights which probably means new front wings....
quyen911911 canary wharf r.g.911
R1nur911What a find :-)
R5YUP911First class - alas, sold after 3 years to pay for a wedding...... :(
rallyeman911Wayne re-map, RSRs. Bilsteins HD's, GT2 Evo track rod ends. RS engine mounts, Ali solid billet cam covers. Hollow spoke 18's.
rallyeman911RS Clutch & Flywheel. Re-map. 100 cell Cup cats. RS wing. Cup bumper. K&N cone filter with ram air duct, from carbon Manthey air duct. Hands free phone kit. New Michelins N4
Ranger 6911Silver C4 Cab
RankAmateur911Best car I've ever driven. And it kept getting better every day. Loved it. But sadly let it go after one year as I wasn't driving it enough. Sad day.
Ray Singh911
rbroughton1911Just purchased
Red Ticker911Wonderful car: everyday driver, but put your foot down and it takes off.
Reece Garside911
Reece Garside911
Renn Sport911This is the last of the real Carerra's. Lightweight body (pre 74) and 3.2 motor running Turbo Wheels. Love it!
retrodude9111979, silver, later RUF Speedlines fitted 17", F1 255/40/17 Rear + 225/45/17 fr, 3.2L, 230bhp non turbo model (SCR), 5 speed close ratio LSD box. front mounted oil cooler, turbo tail, Ruf front air da...
Revilo911Brilliant car..amazing performace and great cornering. I love it!
rfretro911much loved but too small for family to have in the garage
rias888911Just gorgous, the best car i have owned.would recommend thnis car to any one. I just had a ferreri 360 spider, trust me it not as good as the 4s. If you dnt believe me try for your self!!!!!!!!!
Rich OD911Great all-rounder. It's good to be back in a Porker... Turned out to be a bit too polished.
Richard A911
Richard Dean911
Richard Leach911
Richard7K911It's a WOW! car.
RichardMoore911The original rear engined air cooled 6 cylinder 911. 1500km drive from Venice to home in 35C and the car did not miss a beat.
RIDA76911Just awesome, way fast enough in sports plus, comfortable in normal mode, doesn't wake up the whole street like C63 coupe it replaced!
riscuit 911I rate these as an awesome fast, analogue sports car, sounds fantastic too. I was lucky to find a one previous owner, pampered car. Good spec with low mileage, PSE, M030 suspension, sports seats...
rlw911Not a bad car - not as quick as the 944T it replaced but a lot more surefooted. Everything works still and there's nothing wrong with it that another 100bhp wouldn't cure. Despite all the bad press ...
rob.kellock911Just acquired. Initial impressions exceed expectations. Sublime.
Roberty911 Have owned the 911 for almost three years now and I'm still absolutely loving it. Have had a few niggles on the way, the first a minor issue with a door handle that I manage to fix myself in an hou...
robinshu911Wonderful - Triple black Sports susp + Carrera Sport 10 spoke alloys set it off a treat. 3,8 motor goes hard, sounds great with sports exhaust.
rocketdogbert911More awesome than any review
rog007911In Lapis Blue, the fastest colour!
Ronnie C911
ronnieretro911Running costs are very high!
Roopster911Comfortable, rewarding and super slick.
Rossco1911Great car but would definitely get the manual next time.
RRG911First assessment: Fabulous One year on: car has such depth of ability I still don't feel I've properly mastered it, despite N'ring, Spa, Silverstone, Bedford... Utterly reliable. Two years on: stil...
rs 911911
rs48635911will probably never sell this car. More fun than we ever expected, the convertible just looks great roof down and you can hear that engine much better.
RSL911if you like a car with very few creature comforts,but a fantastic engine[especially with MOTEC fuel injection fitted],brakes and a very communicative chassis then its fantastic,i love it. downside on...
rubystone911My first Porsche! my ambition was to own my first Porsche before I reached my 21st birthday - I failed - I was 21 and 4 months when I bought it - purely because I wanted to find the right car. This o...
rubystone911It took me 2 years to find the spare money to contemplate another 911 purchase...and even then it'd have to be a restoration project. I liked pre-impacts - a ride in a mate's 1972 2.4 s was what insp...
rubystone911Stupdily cheap lhd 3.2 Cab - non-sport GPW with Can Can interior (you can see I like loud interiors...) Had some fun in it and then had to be pressed into action as my only car through the winter. Co...
rudester911Aqua Blue, LSD, Sports PASM, adaptive seats
Rudolf R911
ruffy996911Fantastic car, bollocks to the purists who tell you 'it's not a real 911'.
runnersp911Dreams do come true!!! I own a Porsche!!! Okay it needs a new engine, but its mine!!!
RVVUNM91187000 Miles,Mint condition,Silver with Burgandy interior,superb condition. Took this one to Spain.
RVVUNM911145,000 Miles
RWD cossie wil911
rxtx911Has been in the family since 1980. Only model over 30 years old on the 911 SC register I believe. 51537 miles at the time of writing. This is my sunny-dry-weekend-only car. Totally immaculate, I don't...
rytaylor911Monstrously quick - recalibrated what I thought a fast car was. Missing a bit of character though.
RZ1911Sounds good when idling Sounds great at 2k Sounds amazing at 3k Sounds incredible at 4k At 5k and over only 2 words Wow & Rapid
sadlerj911Fast, comfortable, reliable and beautiful. A classic.
sambaman911Forgot how awesome these beast's are....actually loving this one ;-)
samro911 Beautiful - few rattles from the roof though. Hopefully fixed soon! If you get one of these you MUST have the sports exhaust....
sassy 911911Great fun but still a challenge when pushin' on!!
satnav1911 A great car. The only one I have ever made a chunk of money on.
sawyerrob911Just do it...you know you want to
Sbloxxy911Utterly fantastic.
sbwylie911Fantastic car. Owned a 996 cabriolet. Significant improvement on all fronts.
scamphor911Beautiful car to look at and be seen in, fell inlove with in at showroom and bought it without even test driving it. I was not disappointed - love it. Unfortunatly needs new engine at only 9k but Pors...
scarebus911Ok, I am sold. It is an amazing car, the perfect everyday car and now I understand what all the hype is about. Plenty fast enough and so much grip. Handling is so adjustable why would anyone need a 4w...
SCO911Good in its day, electrics started to show age.
scoobyc911 fantastic do everything car.
Scoobz911Not the fastest creature in the world but it is a fun little car. German engineering at its best. Drops a little oil but nothing to get upset about. Handling is very very sharp and sticks like ...
Scott Parker911
scottch911Handles well, looks good, fairly quick, (though doesn't feel as quick as the Jaguar XKR which I had last).
ScottL911Leaner, fitter and much faster than my previous 996 Carrera 2. Engine is a work of art. Carbon ceramic brakes are brilliant.
ScottL911The best car in the world. I loved this car with a passion. Incredible on track and brilliant on the road too.
sdbowen911Great car, just so easy to drive. Stuck to the road like it was on rails. Mine was manual and gear changing was a dream. No issues.
seanyfez911Had one before and accidently bought another!
SGOxon911Great car, finally managed to own a 911 and it is no disappointment. Great sound, handling and looks.
shake a fist911
Shane O'Neill911
shantybeater9112002 996 Turbo in Seal Grey - Manual - X50 Performance Pack - Full black interior
Shigg911I just love this car. Oh, and it can go quite quickly as well.
sidned911My first Porsche! A bit rough round the edges, but hugely reliable and easy to work on. Good performer, even today. sold it in 1998 but is probably still worth what I sold it for now (2010).
sifocus911Doesn't give the same thrills as my TVR or even a 2001 M3 i've been using this week. Quick car above 4k revs and proably fast on a track but no rear power slides and no thrill a minute drive. Disap...
Simon Bennett911Full body, mechanical and interior refurb
simon clark911big step on from 996 GT3 Everyone should have a GT3 in their life!
simon clark911Everyday supercar and fastest car I've owned in a straight line. 520 bhp and Ruf suspension...not the 911 for me though..
Simon E911LHD, rusty, a dog with flees. How did I do it, sell my perfectly good 944 for this apparently cheap 911? I learnt a lot from that transaction. It was quick but expensive when small things went wron...
Simon E911Had this when I was living in Ireland. Great car but running costs (insurance 3k euro and road tax 1200 euro) meant I didn't keep it for too long.
simon phillips911
SimonRS911Totalled it after 3 weeks. It wasn't my fault, honest, I retained complete until it dipped into the ditch.
simonwr911I still own this car & it is stunning....however, I am considering changing it to a manual 996 turbo
SirOliver_KW911I was 29 at that time, and I felt like a little looser as I wanted to manage to own before the magical age of 30 a 911. And this dream came true with this nice vehicle - later on I will complete the e...
Sixth Lord911
sjm18911In GP White - my first 911, and absolutely superb. I wish I still had it.
sjm18911 Had one of these before - in the same colour and same spec. Love having one again, and now my daily driver. May be used as basis for an RS/ RSR project in a couple of years time...
SJR202911Awesome power, handling, grip... annoying squeaks from cabin interior.
SJR202911Grip, looks noise are fantastic...
Skid Carrera911
Skrambles911Great car - unbelievable thrust and grip; the manual gearbox is the best I've ever driven. Engine is a peach.
Slaav911Maybe a hairdresser's car but absolutely love it!
slick0007911great fun and useability for the money
Slick_Rick911bloody fast, exceptionally competent and flattering to any driver supercar. Bit sterile though, so whilst fun, it had to go after a couple of years. Reliability on mine was crap as well. Would still r...
sm34uk911Fantastic drive and performance for the money. Porsche afficienados may turn their noses at them, but they really are a bargain!
SMcC2S911Superb, cheaper to run than a comparable age BMW or Merc. Always wanted one, if you have too, go get one, i don't think anybody can regret buying one, even if you have to sell it two months later!
smiththesmokie911Best fun you can have with your clothes on!!!!
Smokin Donut911I share this car with the owner.
smtk911This 911 looks like a 1973rsr but under the fibreglass skin lays a heavy modified beast. Tipping the scales at just over a ton, running modern 6pot brakes, a custom 3.2 short stroke engine on EFI p...
smtk911 This was my dream Car since seeing it on top gear. Back when I was in school I used to religiously follow the 2nd hand adds on auto trader. When I finally got the money together (thanks to a “home ...
SNB911Good car - though be wary of early 996's as they have engine problems. This is my second 996 as the first one needed an engine rebuild, this one is currently awaiting a new engine as well !!
sniff diesel911Great car, real sense of it being something special every time I see it let alone drive it. Up for sale now as there are other cars I want to try before this government taxes them out of existence. ...
So'ton Ben911loved it
Sohlman911Very nice car and quick. Unfortunantly is a tiptronic which takes the fun of driving it a little. Has i am told close to 300BHP due to Ruf back box and chip upgrade from new. Is a LHD imported car fro...
SoliD911911 996 Targa Tiptronic Polar Silver Metropole Blue PCM 2.0 with Ipod Converter Xenons Sideskirts
soporsche911Garage Queen
SparrowHawk911My first Porsche! God I will miss this car.
speedy200911I'll keep it thank you very much!
splitdiff911A step back in time with many of the same mod cons found in my BMW. Sounds great, goes great and looks great.
Splurge997911Now at 93,800 miles. Recent engine compression was about as good as 9E have ever seen, especially considering the mileage. Still puts a smile on my face every morning.
Sportbilly911Top all round Sports car. Luxury and performace all in 1!
Spow911Really enjoyed the experience so far. Dream car. A bit expensive to look after. However whenever i leave the house I see my 911 on the drive & it makes me feel like a hero. (Sh!te I know but then hay ...
Spud1911So far so good, Through Chester Porsche. It came with 2 year Porsche warranty and was absolutely mint. I bought genuine gen 1turbo alloys to Finnish it of. Ideally I was after a turbo but seeing this ...
spunko2010911Not into Porsches. Didn't like the dated feel of the cabin ('retro') or the ride. Also wasn't too keen on the engine note. Sold after a few weeks.
SPYDER MAN 987911Brilliant cars solid as a rock. If you buy one of these and sell it 2 years later if its a good one you will not lose any money.
squarepants911Dad's Toy
SRand911 Just when you thought Porsche couldn't find any way of improving this model they release this new 991 variant that just blows you away. The increase in size, the new super slick PDK gearbox, 4 wheel s...
sspencer350911Best car I have owned. Full restoration. Bilsteins, Brakes, 190hp 2.5 short stroke 901 gearbox, LSD.
sspencer350911Ok car. Sports suspension and tip tropic. Not the best spec.
sspencer350911The car I should never sold...
stephen.m.thompson911Manual, platinum silver, Sharkwerks bypass.
Steve916911This car has been a pleasure to own. Great fun and suprisingly cheap to run, you could use it as an everyday car, but what an everyday car!
Steve996911A fantastic bit of kit. Loved it loads. Not a thing went wrong with it in my year of ownership. Sold it as I thought I couldn't justify that amount of pennies on a toy.....but that didn't last long...
Steve9969114S sold now. It had lost its "special" feeling after having had it for 2 years and using it too often for my commute! Bought a sensible Scirocco GTTDI DSG for the commute now and will add another pr...
Steve996911C4S Cab PSE PCM PASM BOSE BiXenons Sports Seats Cruise Just been traded-in....now in the exit lounge, Pork - I will return!
Steveb265911First Porsche owned by me, brilliant car,one of the best
stevehasa996911Black. Spoiler Tiptronic
SteveO...911Great car. Too good in a way. So competent you tend to forget what it is.
Steve_M911Great introduction to Porsche ownership
stewey911Amazing...had a Noble 3R before this, totally different animal, but with the 4 wheel drive and another 100 bhp it does just keep pulling in any gear. Just as easy to pop the shops or go to the South o...
sticks090460911Fast. Very, very fast.
sticks090460911First 911. Great handling, fast, comfortable.
stripped threads911Not a car but a work of art.
Stu303911 Unbelievable, far better than I ever imagined.
Stuart Mitchell911
stubbsy996911PSE added February 2007 at a cost of £1,500 Sold to my son January 2011, when I moved on to the 996 Turbo!
stuttgart737911Fantastic car - would make a great buy nowadays at a quarter of the new price.
stuttgart737911Still in mourning over selling it due to a move. Remapped to 500 bhp, short-shift - managed 8mpg on a track day. Unbeatable value and unburstable feeling.
stuttgartmetal911Oh come on, what are they like?
stuttgartmetal911Paris in June [2 hours from Coquelles]
sulli911A true driver's car, well deserved reputation, affordable and useable supercar! For sale here: http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/911-carrera-996/porsche-911-carrera-2-996-cabri...
supermanj911My first Porsche, old-skool style.
supermono911Spot bollock. And it's for sale!
supermono911Stellar. My turbo seemed like the last word in quick cars but this moves up to another level. Savage acceleration through the gears, though more laggy than the turbo but with Optimax and a coupl...
Swede123911Wish I still had it.
System-G911Strictly not my car, but SWMBO's Slate Grey with £38k on the clock and pretty much every option possible. Very tidy indeed and just got it back from Porsche who gave it a pre-sales inspection and ...
tackb911living the dream!!!
Tam Lin911Good fun on track. Mine wasn't that reliable (starter went at Bedford. Ferrari boys were killing themselves whenever I had to push start the b*gger). Reaction of General Public also, erm, mixed.
Tam Tamster911Got the 993 to accomodate my daughter in the back. Saying that still haven't got a child seat for her. Using as an everyday car (actually amounting to around 3 days per week) and I do enjoy driving...
Tankman911Oh the pain.
tareknaaman911My First Porsche
targa6226911Full modified production sports car reg. road legal car. Cage, seats, etc.
TAY16R911a great toy.
TAZ 215911After reading many pages of pros and cons on the bargain 911, I took the plunge with a "sensible" 996 C4. The kids fit in it, it is my daily commuter, so every day is a special occassion. Fantastic c...
Teddy Bass911
tel l911Sports headers. K27 Turbo 1 bar wastegate. Plans to rebuild engine & box,fit 3.4 pistons & upgrade intercooler.Winter 2013/14
tel l911
TenBob911If you want or own one of these, get a Porsche warranty. Save the warranty inspection fee (about £250) by combining the purchase of the warranty with a service.
Terminator X911Fucking love this car! The noise is just amazing. Fast too.
TGJR911A few mods with more to follow!
The Yellow One911
thed4ppa911 awesome
thegoose911Having gained my race licence in June 2004 I bought the car and then raced it in Porsche Club Championship 2005 & 2006. 13 podiums from 17 races in 2005 (17 finishes) inc. 1 class win, 5 class wins fr...
This Is Pete911
thornettj911Unbelievable how a 25 year old car can still drive so well. 915 gearbox is great, don't know what all the fuss is about them compared to the G50. Noisy, lairy 1980's -tastic. I LOVE it.
thornettj911 Wonderful. Sold to pay for a chunk of my wedding. Will have another, possibly a facelift.
tightrighthander911A 1990 964 Carrera 2 Coupe manual in black with linen interior. I bought this car brand new almost 20 years ago. I'm never going to sell it, and it feels like it will outlive me.
Tim Mills911
Tim Netherton911
Tim1975911Day to day drive is a Carrera 4 (with an Autofarm rebuilt engine that takes some of the worry away). Takes me to work and I can pick up my boys from nursery in it - the almost-practical family sports...
TimmD911Full Hartech customer car.
timwatsham911Replacement for my last 911. Much faster, much better at holding onto the road, and in perfect condition. The one I should have bought in the first place... And now its gone - really going to m...
tiptoptoby911Recommended but not with the hideous tip box I got it with.
TJFX911Uprated AET turbo fuel pumps and intercooler
toffee911so far enjoying the car - maybe just lacks a bit of soul?? Growing on me - enjoying the drive and the sunshine! Just found it a bit soul less - neither (in C4S cab form) a sports car or a GT car. ...
toffee911Not the car for me, great car though.
tokmakoff911A fantastic vehicle - a real pleasure to drive, especially on tours to the south of France..!
Tom7911Should have one at some stage in your life
Tomo2911Love this car, great drive and very reasonable to run. Recent engine replacement has given me some concerns. 'Shaft failure', although been assured 06 engine has a modification which has resolved th...
Tony1963911 My first proper car in years. Bear with me!
Triple7911997 Gen II S Cabrio with PDK and lots of extras..... Awesome car, ticked the box. Saving for a 991S
ttweed911My PCA autocross car, modified with 3.0L 911SC engine and transaxle, w/ rollbar and suspension mods.
ttweed911modified for track usage w/ 3.4L race motor. Sold to Swedish Porsche enthusiast.
ttweed911My first 911, a 1966 model modified to 911S specs. Sold to an enthusiast in Australia who still vintage races it.
turbo-ww911Great car, great noise, bits falling off...
turbobungle911997 Turbo. Manual, Short Shift 'box, LSD, PCCB's, Cargraphic Powerkit 1 (540bhp/545lb.ft), Bilstein B16 Damptronic coilovers.
Turbonium911Liked the car, only niggle was the Tiptronic buttons on the steering wheel - could of been designed a bit better.
turbos7903911Car is a fully race prepared car.Sixteen point rollcage,Kirkey seats,Smart Sway bars,RSR Suspension,Slope nose conversion,962 gears in tranny,1986 930 hubs,poly bushings,K27 tubo and BB exhaust.Car is...
Turboswede911The 930 was prohibitively expensive to maintain and operate and I was happy to be rid of it. For the last 2 years I owned it I probably drove it less than 1,000 miles out of terror of mechanical fail...
TVR-to-911911Best car i've ever owned...must buy a 996tt or 997S next!
TVRobin911Lovely car but too many things wrong with it, I took it back!
uktrailmonster911Most fun road going sports car ever produced. Well maybe there are a few 2.7RS owners who might argue!
uktrailmonster911My first 911 and great fun it was too. Hard to find anything better for £10K
uktrailmonster911Classic full fat 911 for Ford Mondeo money :)
Uncle911Home built 3ltr EFI Turbo. 435RWHP
Upnorthgt3911Fitted with tubi style muffler bypass - sounds like a cup car
uremaw911I've always wanted a 911 but was never a fan of the 996. After a year of commuting in a sensible old barge, i decided i wanted something fast, small and impractical, ideally pork flavoured. I looke...
V12VMan911Great fun first Porsche
V12VMan911Quite an animal, awesome power but needed care!
V12VMan911A real power house!
V12VMan911First new one owned, massive spec!
V8 FOU911
V8Andrew911Bought by the other half from a good friend
Val911Drove it twice and gave it to mom, she loves it. I dont.
VerySideways911Black RHD G50 coupe with cream leather and black piping, and the whale tail. Not massively fast really, but an intoxicating drive.
Vicki Graham911
Vixpy1911Dream come true With the addition of K24/26 Hybrid turbos and GT2 Intercoolers we now have 570bhp Which is nice. Gone because I never used it and it had become an ornament, which is totally ...
wachuko911Car is an import from Sweeden. PO took good care of the car and I am doing the same. Used as a daily driver initally now that I have the R32 this car only gets used for pleasure driving.
wax lyrical911Owned for almost 9 years until the engine went pop at 151k miles, so not a bad run. :)
wayneb911911None standard it now looks like a 964 Turbo!
Welshbubble911 Wish I had kept this one
wheeli911What an awesome car, solid german engineering. drives like a dream.
Whitean3911Arctic Silver/Black Leather One or two Tequipment goodies Cargraphic Sports Exhaust :D Simply perfect. Sorely missed
Wide arse911
Wiggyfella911Best-handling car I've ever driven. Once I got used to the offset pedals, and quirky clutch action, fantastic.
Wildsie911 Fantastic 3.2 Lightweight One of the best Porsche ever produced!
will smith911
will smith911
willi2i911Amazing car, fast, and can get the kids in the back, although they tell me its not for long journeys :-) I would differ..... A bit too fast for the UK roads.
wilpert911Classic looking (11 in nice colour combo of arctic silver with boxster red interior. Only "supposed" downside was the car was tiptronic.
WindyM911Yearned for a 911 since the age of 14 (first passenger ride in an R-reg (1977) Carrera). It took me a bit longer than planned, but I got it in the end and enjoy every mile. I use it every day sunshin...
WingNut911Another tick on the list of "must have one day" and had to get a car to go to Le Mans and Classic Le Mans for the first time in a four years! Classic 80's in Guards Red with the whale tail! Started...
WingNut911Bought to complement the IB Porsche that I love so much and to replace the S-Type as the daily driver. Is this the daftest move ever? We will see!
WinstonWolf911Sally's gone!
Wolfsbait911Something of a life ambition to own a 911 before I was 30...made it with just four days to spare. Lovely noise, brutal steering and clutch, but still the most charismatic motor I've ever owned...th...
world2dave911 Superb car, better than a 997 Turbo Tip for one.
Wozy68911Looks absolutly fab, and to many people thats enough.
Wozy68911Lovely Midnight Blue ..... complete with grey leather sports seats and (rare) working aircon, she is a very early 993. Owned since early 2012 and my fourth aircooled 911. So far she's taken me t...
X50911The best handling road 911 I have driven to date. I think all 997.2 911's drive far better than gen 1's but the GTS just has that extra edge. With 408 horsepower from the 3.8 naturally aspirated direc...
XJSJohn911[IMG]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l38/barf_the_magic_dragon/woof/DSC_0131.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l38/barf_the_magic_dragon/woof/DSC_0127.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i92....
XM5ER911The noise when hitting the redline then slamming in the next gear makes the pain of every pound earned to buy it fade to insignificance. Love it.
Y11MAC911Great car - does what it says on the tin. Designed to keep drivers like me out of the ditches.
YAHOO911Great as a family 2+2 sports car, my little 3yr old loves it .
yan97911One of the best all season car, but not much space for bagages, therefore I changed it to an Audi RS4.
younm01911Epic car, perfect for all conditions
Zebedee34911Last of the air cooled engines, VarioRam with an extra 10hp!
Ziggy Parker911
Zoin911Back to basics sports car after 20 years of fwd/4wd hatches. Loving it.
zooto911 About to have a 3.6 engine conversion....Should be good!!!
zz top911
_TC911Brillant car, loads of grunt with loads of class. my favourite drive.
gilesveitch911 Carrera CoupeMAINTAINED INITIALLY BY PICK UP , THEN JZ MACHTECH AND BS MOTORSPORT / NEIL BAINBRIDGE. Gear box needed a rebuild after a needle bearing collapsed on the diff housing- a not uncommon fault- difficu...
bubster911 (993)My brief encouner with my BMW M3 (sold!) lead me back to Porsche ownership, and what a car!! Air cooled and beautiful!
gaz993c2cab911 3.2
berny911 3.2 Carrera
Randompunter74911 73RS Replica
Bondhill911 997
Max Veloce911 997GREAT CAR
porkyrob911 997.
1ststop911 c4 s
simonlemans911 turboAs standard it was laggy and not much fun to drive. Chuck some money at it and get it to 500bhp with suspension to match then youa re talking!
wrab911 & Boxster S Life is about choices.Every morning I get to decide which one to drive.Nice to start the day with a smile.
Neil993fan911 ( 993 )
craggers911 (930 Turbo)It belong to my Dad which I sometime drive it. Awesome machine, massive grin on my face when floored it.
sambaman911 (930) Turbogreat cars...lots of fun...
Mach911 (930) Turbo 5spdI love this car.. It's a 5 speeder with a one bar boost spring. Turbo lag is easily managed in my view and when it's on boost it flies, even by modern standards. A real event every time I drive it.......
Bea911 (930) Turbo coupe in silver - 84
vinceh911 (964 C4)
Agent51911 (964)
computamedic911 (964)Turbo look Coupe in Trophy Yellow 8.5J/10J 18" BBS LM wheels Bridgestone S-02 N-2 tyres Drilled brake rotors Custom Yellow/Black leather interior Fabspeed dual outlet exhaust Dansk cat bypass K...
Coopstar911 (964)Excellent car, feels much heavier than the TVR (1450Kg), and the 4 wheel drive understeered quite a bit. Still a legend tho'. Sold due to house move.
flashhighland911 (964)This is my ultimate dream car, 964 cabriolet. Expensive... but I love spending money on it! This is just because i'm slowly going through the whole car replacing worn parts with better ones. You kno...
GeoffW911 (964)Personally, I didn't rate it. My friend described is as an old car with a rocket engine strapped to its backside, and I know what he means. Quick-ish but not great fun to drive.
GTHans911 (964)Baltic Blue, with Linen Hide Lost the roof on the A3 at 70mph and had to get one flown in from Hong Kong!
melv911 (964)
R5GTTGAZ911 (964) RS suspension, flywheel, clutch, 4 pots all round, M220 LSD, No air-con, RUF/Porsche exhaust. Kind of like a very comfortable RS ;)
rlg43p911 (964)Just brilliant!
slodge911 (964)
zooto911 (964)Rebuilt engine by Ninemeister putting out 320bhp with some mods. Running RS spec suspension and brakes. I loved this car!!!
Agent P911 (964) C2
PaulZR911 (964) C2Picking this up from Northway in Reading remains, I think, the most exciting day of my life. Rewind about three months and I'd decided that I could probably scrape enough cash together to afford on...
AMDBSVNick911 (964) C2 Cab
AMDBSVNick911 (964) C2 Tip
Postman Pat911 (964) CabrioThey don't have TVR Cerberas for sale here in Finland. So I bought a Porsche, but I want to have an Cerbera.
zadumbreion911 (965)Pretty rare, very quick and stunning car to look at. Speed Yellow with original Recaro split rim alloys and red calipers. In the end though I got bored with the performance and the stress of owning a ...
Coloneltom911 (965) turbo 2Imported this car in rhd from Guernsey. Ballistic performance and awesome street presence (last of the true Porsche supercars before they turned fat and flabby). Only downside was fuel consumption oth...
Captain James T911 (991)
Kiernan911 (991)
P30LAM911 (991)
sidicks911 (991)
COMPDES911 (991) C2S
Agent51911 (991) C2s Cabriolet
COMPDES911 (991) GT3
COMPDES911 (991) GT3RS
Hian911 (991.2)
AstonZagato911 (993)stonking good fun - owned it in Germany where there is less stigma.
Captain James T911 (993)
David Hype911 (993)
dongawoy911 (993)ext col: Arctic silver int col: Flamenco red Mods: 18 inch cargraphic split rims. More to come.
DuncHK911 (993)
gcpa968911 (993)
harrykul911 (993)Absolutely love this- loads of character!
heppers75911 (993)
Hotblack911 (993)
JAYD911 (993)
killysprint911 (993)the one you should never have sold......
mhjauk911 (993)
monkeyboy94731911 (993) my first proper sports car,great noise,fast,handles great when you adjust to it,makes m3's look silly,gets respect from people who know.much more of adrivers car than the 996,an absolute classic...buy...
neilw1001911 (993)
nonsso_Delilah '62911 (993)very special
p993man911 (993)Completely standard 993 - totally original - two owners (including me) - 37,500 miles - full OPC service history
Roary911S911 (993)
SpyderPig911 (993)Nothing beats a well sorted 993. The "basics" are just so right - great steering feel, prefectly weighted brakes, nice 'box. Can't make up my mind whether C2S or C4S the better model.
Tivbucks911 (993)
tomr911 (993)Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant After years of planning 911 ownership I never thought I would end up with a Targa or a Tiptronic, but having tested many it works for me as the perfect compromise. ...
VerySideways911 (993)I love my car! She's got a wired in radar detector, Becker Sat Nav, special option colour exterior, special option colour interior, soft full leather, 8 way power heated seats, and of course the full...
VerySideways911 (993)Getting back into a 911 is like coming home....
VerySideways911 (993)Awesome. Nothing else comes close.
VerySideways911 (993)Not quite sure about the rhd pedals (loved my previous three 993 cars - all LHD) but can't complain about the rest of the car. It's wonderful to be back in an n/a 993.
zadumbreion911 (993)
bosshog911 (993) Bi-Turbo LHDComing from a Lotus Elise, was a bit of a change to say the least. Love it though, great fun, v. v. fast, and totally usable every day. Had the pads replaced all round, 2 rear brake discs (500 quid ...
Agent P911 (993) C2
cuse92911 (993) C2
Jack Ennuste911 (993) C2TPC Supercharger Custom Sound System Weltmeister stut bar De-Cat Kit Performance mufflers
SunDiver911 (993) C4SFirst Porsche. Opinions are just that but for me the widebody 993 is the best looking car around...
SunDiver911 (993) C4SMy third 993 and my second C4S. Such a long search to find the best condition 993 I've ever seen! I think this is the UK's only 993 C4S in Cobalt Blue (please tell me if you know otherwise?) and...
goodlife911 (993) Carrera 4SGreat everyday supercar. Does Commuting and/or thrashing without complaint. Eat's tyres for breakfast. Never missed a beat, and servicing is much cheaper than I thought it would be.
W12GT911 (996 C2) Facelift
Andrew71911 (996 facelift)
aitch2911 (996)Just got it. First Porsche. In Portugal, great roads, no traffic, no cameras.... Perfect
Alibongo001911 (996)
Asmith12911 (996)
Athboy501911 (996)
BentS911 (996)Overall cost me a bit over £1000 a month - but was worth every penny!
Captain James T911 (996)
chiark911 (996)Stunning, simply stunning. Nothing I have driven feels like a 911. Everyone should drive one, and own one for a while... Preferably one that's had a Hartech rebuild so it won't go bang.
cocojambo18911 (996)Superb car. The special edition comes with everything and is faster than a standard C2. Spec: Sat Nav, phone module, bose, engine upgrade, suspension upgrade, brakes upgrade, sun roof, 18" polishe...
CraigBruce911 (996)
CraigBruce911 (996)
David Hype911 (996)
dermot0911 (996)Brilliant for a blast on hot Summer days - been round the Nring and done the IOM TT course
drcarrera911 (996)Wonderful car at the time. +ves Quick, fun, practical, reliable, looked pretty good too -ves Depreciation. In retrospect has dated more than most porsches as well (without yet becoming a clas...
dtpugh911 (996)
eyebeebe911 (996)
Gabby123911 (996)
Gallicbred911 (996)
Gee Man911 (996)
Henry 145911 (996)
Igurisu911 (996)Bought the car of my childhood dreams, a 911 Turbo. Initially I was looking to get a C4S but the horror stories about the IMS put me off to the point I waited for an extra year until I saved up enoug...
JayP1911 (996)
JonGT3RS911 (996)
jonnybircumshaw911 (996)
killysprint911 (996)gon but not forgotten
killysprint911 (996)
Koll911 (996)As it was the 4s, i found that the acceleration was not really what i expected. The weight of the four wheel drive system really doesn't do the car justice from a standing start. However. around the c...
Kurple911 (996)This car is fantastic. I use it every day and have no problems whatsoever. It's happy in town under normal driving conditions and loves those A roads and motorways. Screaming pace, useable all day ...
m3martin911 (996)
m444ttb911 (996)
MacR8A5911 (996)
MacR8A5911 (996)
masopa911 (996)Seal grey with grey interior. Standard exterior (no aerokits) with comfort seats, sunroof and CDR-22.
mighty t911 (996)
mph911 (996)Great car of course but - Bland.
Murphy's Law911 (996)I should have listened to my instincts and relaised it wasn't just stolen recovered. Thankfully the dealer didn't the honourable thing and decided to give me a full refund. Note to self: Trust o...
N1GGK911 (996)
num2uk911 (996) A car for all bases
Oldhatter911 (996)A brilliant car, owned for 5 years and only changed when I had the opportunity to aquire a GT3
Phil.911 (996)6 months in to my ownership and I still haven't found its limits! Just mine ;) Useable high performance in all conditions. Great road car.
Pistonpete3911 (996)
Prof Beard911 (996)Purchased from Portiacraft following an inspection by Peter Morgan's outfit. Car is Basalt Black My first Porsche So far, have had a vacuum link to the coolant valve to the tip gearbox, a ful...
Rakoosh911 (996)Should've got a manual...!
Remster500911 (996)Quick in and out with this one. Fantastic car only sold to pursue business interest. Will be back in a Porsche sometime in 2009! (more hardcore next time)
rickware911 (996)Massively fast and capable car. Running costs pretty good and used as a daily for 2 years. In the end it is too fast for the UK roads IMO, but taken to Germany on Autobahns and Nordshlief is where thi...
Shapes911 (996)
shortlad911 (996)Realisation of a childhood dream and haven't stopped ginning since I picked it up on Thursday 9th June. Update... 6 months in and loving it. I did a gental run up the A1 for a few hundred miles ...
Skittles001911 (996)
slodge911 (996)
slodge911 (996)
slodge911 (996)
slodge911 (996)
slodge911 (996)Ohlins Powerflex bushes (Black Series) Alcons Pagid R29s Full Clubsport cage Cup steering wheel Cup shifter Cup diff plates Etc etc
SNDa911 (996)
Spice_Weasel911 (996)Arctic Silver with Black Leather, Sports Pack (suspension, sports seats, traction control, big oval exhaust trims), Sport Design alloys.
tango111911 (996)
TAZ40JAHRE911 (996)Fantastic car. Looks, power, and heritage of the famous Porsche marque.
TheDarkSide911 (996)
tobyintheuk911 (996)Ok so far!
uktrailmonster911 (996)
v12ets911 (996)Nice car. Quick enough for everyday.
volkswizardph911 (996)See Car Pool in early 2016
Yiliterate911 (996)
zman911 (996)Arctic Silver on Metropole blue
AtkinsonAutos911 (996) 4S
cuse92911 (996) C2
I_Want_That_One911 (996) C2The best 996 apart from the GT3
The_Red_Baron911 (996) C2Simply the best GT ever
dafydd2008911 (996) C2 Convertible
Bea911 (996) C2 coupe in Silver - 01
yak293911 (996) c2ssolid every day road car
I_Want_That_One911 (996) C4 CabrioletBit gay...
I_Want_That_One911 (996) C4SMmmmm Cobalt Blue with AeroKit....
C4SCAB911 (996) C4S Cabriolet
Bea911 (996) C4s Coupe in Silver - 03
lee_harper911 (996) cab
DaveGB911 (996) Carrera
uwotm8911 (996) Carrera 4S
Bea911 (996) Coupe in Black/GT3 aerokit - 01
I_Want_That_One911 (996) GT3Mmmmm Black....
Order66911 (996) GT3 ClubsportThe ultimate! Noisy, smelly, unfeasibly harsh ride, tramlines, grounds on a 10p piece and I LOVE IT!!
GameOverMan!911 (996) GT3 MK 1
Agent P911 (996) TurboVery reliable and yet astonishing sporty car with lots of torque and power. The standard chasis suspension is a bit too soft in my opinion and a bit too shaky in high speed corners. But there are very...
BLKROKT911 (996) TURBO996TT FOR SALE IN LONDON - SOLD :( 35k miles, Basalt Black Metallic w/ Factory Aerokit, Black leather interior, 6sp manual transmission (all-wheel drive). I have to sell my car before September 20...
DJFish911 (996) turbo
GameOverMan!911 (996) Turbo
Jack Kwok911 (996) TurboInsane power, intuitive steering, telepathic driving. Absolute bargain for a car like this. Well underrated. After all, it's a 911 Turbo.
nonsso_Alibongo007911 (996) TurboJust purchased today. Great for amusing the kids on boost! Wanted one since I was very small
silverspoon2911 (996) Turbo
slaw911911 (996) Turbo
supercampeao911 (996) Turbo
GameOverMan!911 (996) Turbo S
CarlLoller911 (996.2)
drpep911 (997 GT3)Epic screamer of an engine, hard as nails balls out road racer. I really cannot praise this car enough. Wonderful balance of chassis, highly communicative steering, near race car turn in, wonderful...
356T5911 (997)I never loved it as much as older Porsches. More efficient and easier, but the mojo is gone ever since air cooling went.
430DJ911 (997)
aigwilson911 (997)GT silver with cocoa hood and leather.
aki1987911 (997)A fantastic car - though the lingering potential issues never left me!
Captain James T911 (997)
Captain James T911 (997)
clintE911 (997)
dannyhust911 (997) Amazing car the best car i have ever owned. New addition to the family now means it may have to go. I would recommend a 911 to anyone. The best sports cars you can use everyday. Amazing performanc...
Dark Star911 (997)
davedingle911 (997)
djohnson911 (997)
Doug Ward911 (997)Took delivery in April 2011, thoroughly impressed with this car.
drcarrera911 (997)Great car, but rather lacking in character. +ves Compact size, speed, handling, comfort -ves Exhaust note (or lack of it), rather soulless
drpep911 (997)Another awesome GT3, this time in white, with stupendously effective carbon ceramic brakes. Looked over by 2 Porsche specialists and declared one of the best examples they've seen, suffice to say I'm...
eddharris911 (997)4 years of trouble free ownership. Bought it over a 2010 turbo and glad I did as the lack of a turbo made the experience more enjoyable. Even the Alcantara held up perfectly.
espresso911 (997)Superb car to drive and use every day. I lost a lot more money on it than I expected though (I did put quite a lot of miles on it) Is incredibily able and competent but rather misses that sense of...
F1RWL911 (997)My first 911, red with GT3 Aerokit - love it!
foliedouce911 (997) This is the perfect car for everyday use but also giving good performance. With back seats (sort of) we can go out as a family if we want to. I'd gone off Porsche having had a Boxster before - I'm n...
Gixer968CS911 (997)
HASM911 (997)Incredible sense of occasion every time you drive it. Great communication, noise (unplug the PSE for the full effect) and the after glow - the smell of the hot engine and drinking in the blood red c...
JFT911 (997)A dream come true!
johnejuk911 (997)
johnnyb2016911 (997)
Junior Bianno911 (997)
Junior Bianno911 (997)
Koll911 (997)Great car to drive.. I hope to own many more in my lifetime :)
Kurple911 (997)Animal!
m3ruj911 (997)
MacG911 (997)Loving this so far. Test drove Gen 1 cars and decided to go for a Gen II in the end. Very glad I did. Aqua Blue looks great.
MrTickle911 (997)Fantastic car, Porsche seem to make the 911 better and better every year.
Nomis Revilo911 (997)
OJ...911 (997)The best sports car money can buy for this side of £100k.
powernutz911 (997)
richcarr911 (997)Picking the car up on Wednesday 13th March 2013!
senator911 (997)Returned to Porsche - my 5th Porsche and without out doubt the best. I have to admit I have the tiptronic, which is no longer the best automatic gearbox on the market but for my town driving its a mu...
sidicks911 (997)
slodge911 (997)
slodge911 (997)
sollita911 (997)However don't buy any Porsche until its at least 4 years old unless you want to suffer horrendous depreciation. I did buy mine just before financial crash, so depreciation even worse....£20k in 2 y...
Stefanolux911 (997)Exceptional car, a bit "thirsty"
sukh_m911 (997)
TomButler82911 (997)Superb car, probably my best purchase, ever! Except for the fuel economy...
WJAS911 (997)
XaveOxf911 (997)My first Porsche. It's brilliant.
zman911 (997)
speedyK911 (997) 4SAlways hated the earlier Porkers – but this is pretty good – even if they STILL look like squashed Beetles! :)
Agent P911 (997) C2
cuse92911 (997) C2
I_Want_That_One911 (997) C2SIt's black with some bits on it..
Jack Kwok911 (997) C2SEngine rebuilt by previous owner due to IMS bearing problem. Now excellent driver with six speed box.
51ACKy911 (997) C4S CabrioletWorth every penny. Fantastic driving experience. Hardback seats and Porsche Sports Exhaust must have options!!
Tom Clarke911 (997) Carrera 2I love this car, It's not the fastest i've had, but it's so involving to drive, and it makes you feel special everytime you get in it. Costs nothing to run, look great, handles great, superb car! ...
Deano84911 (997) Carrera 2 Coupe (2007)
Deano84911 (997) Carrera 2S CAB
p993man911 (997) Carrera S997 Carrera S - 38,000 miles - usual equipment, including SatNav & Sports Chrono
SimonRS911 (997) Carrera SAt last it's arrived. Incredible machine.
Housty911 (997) Carrera S2
cuse92911 (997) Gen2
WalterU911 (997) GT3
DaveGB911 (997) GT3 Clubsport
nonsso_Womaniser911 (997) Turbo
One Trick Pony911 (997) Turbo
tdfcs911 (997) Turbo CabrioletVery fast with amazing handling. Just got a little bored with it a it was too good and lacked specialness. Great if only car but if a second car buy a ferrari.
Martian O911 (997.1) Turbo
MO911 (997.1) Turbo
shaunRS911 (997.2)
JNG1911 (C4S)
alex_gray255911 (Carerra 997)Solid to drive, but boring and interfered too much. Sold.
antacid911 (Gemballa)Finally got round to owning my childhood dream porsche, sporting an x51 power pack, modified 3.6 powerplant at 340 bhp, Gemballa susmpension, body, engine mods, exhaust, map and sounds b-e-a-utiful! L...
Harms911 (pre-89)Bags of personality, loved this car the old skool rawness of it, the way it rumbled the retro style and the violant turbo lag it had :-)
timskipper911 (Type 993)
El Capitano911 - 964
mltwomey911 - 964Rebuilt the engine in 2003 Toured Ireland, UK, France and Spain in it, great on long trips, also every day car for 10 years.
BOBPRISM911 - 964 - c2
bensimmo911 - 991
mk2zetec911 - 993love it.....
m3happy911 - 996
nicke999911 - 996
nickedwards911 - 996
Paul_e911 - 996Lack of PSM made it unfriendly under the rain ; clutch died after a few thousand miles but changed for free by my dealer. Sold for estate investment.
V1SAE911 - 996
LaSource911 - 996 GT3Basalt Black
LaSource911 - 996 GT3 Mk2 Club SportGuards Red
LaSource911 - 996 GT3 RSBlue / White
LaSource911 - 996 GT3 RSRed / White
eccounts911 - 996 Targa
cheekyone911 - 996 Turbo
nicke999911 - 997
Paul_e911 - 997Way better than the 996 3.4 and so easy to drive. Great sound when on "Sport" mode ! One of the best car I've ever driven.
LaSource911 - 997 GT3 RS 3.8 Gen 2
LaSource911 - 997 GT3 RS 3.8 Gen 2
LaSource911 - 997 GT3 RS 4.0
LaSource911 - 997 GT3 RS 4.0
V1SAE911 - 997.1S
V1SAE911 - 997.2 4S
V1SAE911 - 997.2 S Cabriolet
Lectra911 - Carrera - 993
rmboosten911 - Carrera Convertible
far57911 - GT3 RS
stigmeister911 - typ. 964 Carrera RS+ Everything! - Nothing!
stigmeister911 - typ. 993 Carrera RS+ Aircooled at its best? - You are kidding!
stigmeister911 - typ. 996-GT3RS+ Watercooled at its best? - Are you kidding?
stigmeister911 - typ. 997 GT3RS Gen.IIT.B.A.
smartonion911 / 993
AndrewW-G911 / 996
wukfitz911 / 996
AndyM2249911 / 996 Twin Turbo
rs60 spyder911 /996
renns reunited911 1972 2.5 Group 4
Lambokb911 1977
denat911 2.0L SWB
billy964911 2.0S
MontyC911 2.2
Larry 911911 2.2 S
Mayhem911911 2.2 S
Manu75911 2.2E
AdamPT911 2.2s targa
denat911 2.2T
C4ME911 2.4
Larry 911911 2.4 S
C4SCAB911 2.4 T/E
Ernesto911 2.4S
mattn911 2.4SInsurance £350 per year, Full service £200 per year Avg extra maintanence £400 per year
mitman911 2.4S
Rosse911 2.4S Targa
Scockers911 2.4T Targa
Freewheeler911 2.7
Omegapro911 2.7 Carrera
Persoons911 2.7 CarreraGreat car, drinks fuel by the bucket, appreciates even faster than it accelerates.
metsta911 2.7 Carrera RS rep
danspead911 2.7 RSJust right
epoch911911 2.7 RS
nrg250911 2.7 RS
seawise911 2.7 RS
far57911 2.7 RS (Rep)Undergoing restoration at 911 Rennsport - has full FIA papers and passport to race in the historic Porsche Carrera Cup
TheRocket911 2.7 RS Recreation
BSRS911 2.7 RS Rep.
Lambokb911 2.7RS
MFU911 2.7S
vinceh911 2.8 RSR race car
harvinko911 2slove it, had it 6 years would never sell it
26DH911 2S 997
Berengaria911 2s Convertible
Rosse911 3.0
JohnIOW911 3.0 RS
charanpal911 3.0 SC
vinceh911 3.0 SC
denat911 3.0L RS ('Karajan')Original 3.0L RS, chassis 9114609094 Originally owned by von Karajan (the famous conductor) and then raced by JC Bering who won with this car the European Hillclimb championship in 1975 and 1976 ...
denat911 3.0L RSR ('Toblerone')chassis 9114609058 "Toblerone" RSR 3x Le Mans, best finish 7th OA in 1974 20 years of fully documented racing history Raced today in Classic Endurance Racing championship
Banjo47911 3.0RS Rep
bobchallis911 3.0SC
aj911911 3.2
bryn_p911 3.2
C4ME911 3.2
flowman911 3.2 Great steering and that lovely flat 6 Porsche soundtrack. Targa roof perfect for all weather open air motoring without ruffling the hair. Super sports body looks superb with muscular flared arches an...
HamidQ911 3.2
morriclan911 3.2 Classic motoring. Love the car.
newtonpa911 3.2Only used during dry sunny days with 60,000 miles from new.
newtonpa911 3.2
rubystone911 3.2Great car - covered a lot of miles in this - affectionately known as the "ice cream van" courtesy of chiffon white exterior and Can Can interior! Didn't work very well as an autotest car though!
speedlimit911 3.2
speedlimit911 3.2
Bea911 3.2 Coupe in Black - 84
Matt.911911 3.2 (modified)
at100miglia911 3.2 cabrio
///ajd911 3.2 Carrera
911944911 3.2 Carrera
abcarrera911 3.2 CarreraMy fisrt 911 white with White wheels! very 80's
COMPDES911 3.2 Carrera
EK993911 3.2 CarreraLooking after it (long term) for a mate of mine.
Flat6911 3.2 Carrera
gijsjansen87911 3.2 Carrera
JM944911 3.2 CarreraLagoon Green Metallic. First taste of 911 ownership. Had to sell when half my garage was converted into an office, wouldn't have been right to keep it outside in the elements.
julesGB911 3.2 Carrera
PBLP911 3.2 Carrera
philly911 3.2 Carrera
PP 997911 3.2 Carrera
Rich135911 3.2 CarreraI am a lucky boy....
salocin911 3.2 CarreraNot as fast as 944 turbo but a lot more fun, the one I miss, stolen from under my nose!
semprini27911 3.2 CarreraLove it !! Went from Ford Galaxy Diesel(!) to the porker. It's in use every day, rain or shine - done 4k miles in 3 months.
simeonanderson911 3.2 Carrera This is a Project car. Nick Fulljames at Redtek built me a 964 engine with lightened flywheel and some trick cams, Bob Watson installed it and I now have a sport clutch and strengthened 915 gearbox wi...
SpawnyWhippet911 3.2 CarreraMy first 911, loved every minute of it.
Strider911 3.2 CarreraA lovely old girl in wonderful condition and a joy on road and track. A little wallowy compared with more focussed or uprated models, but that's part of her charm. A couple of 964 cams have filled out...
EK993911 3.2 Carrera SportClassic '80's 911. Guards Red, Black Leather / Red Piping / Whale Tail
g7jhp911 3.2 Carrera Sport Coupe
g7jhp911 3.2 Carrera Sport Coupe (MY 87)Removed the rear 'tea tray' spoiler and replaced with classic flat lid.
DaveGB911 3.2 Carrera Sports
reedman911 3.2 Coupe
rallycross911 3.2 SC targadont believe the hype you read about these cars, I always fancied one but this was a real let down, even though it was a really good example and had the G50 gearbox it was like driving a 35 year old B...
Mach911 3.2 Targa SupersportMy first Porsche and what a superb car it was. Wonderful sound, especially with the roof off. I liked the Turbo look so much that I decided to buy the real thing..
sambaman911 3.2. carrera again for a step on the ladder to 911's yah carnt go wrong..bullet proof cars...
ronbra911 3.3 turbo (930)BHP: 330bhpPerformance: Top Speed 174 mph - 0-60mph 4.7 secsExtras: All as standard in this model. Alloy wheels just refurbished.History: Complete HistoryDetailsThis is a unique hand-crafted car with ...
sambaman911 3.3 Turbo 2Cobalt blue & midnight blue...lots of fun..
mrg36911 3.6
turboslippers911 3.6 Convertible Tip
GTRene911 3.8good drive and good feeling...it was a night blue metallic with 3.8RS engine...
FergusC911 4s
ksimpson911 4SGreat car, but expensive to own. Didn't drive it much after the birth of my son so made the very difficult decision to sell it. Still in mourning!
mattseo911 4S
mqandil911 4S
26DH911 4S 996
Steve996911 4S cab Bought from Harry at Portiacraft, seems very well sorted so far. Has an overhauled and upgraded engine with new liners/pistons etc 3k ago so hopefully less of a worry on that score.
oddball1313911 50th Anniversary
mikial911 930 3 litre Turbo
911wise911 964
Aerostar911 964As long as you can afford the cost of owning one. It costs about £3K per year!
blue964911 964
Dr Mez911 964
Haves1979911 964
hoges11911 964Ex project car for Porsche and 911 World
Richie P911 964
Shortshifter911 964 C2A real porsche experience.
ginetta911 964 c4crashed for sale 10k €
MontyC911 964 carrera 2 convertible
Gallen911 964 RS Lightweight SpecAwesome performance but no ABS :-O Running too much fuel - 12mpg at best. No good for an every day car, or not for me at least. Prior to ownership, Raced in Macau and Singapore.
PetrolheadNut911 966
MollyGT3911 991
robgt3911 991
FisiP1911 991 C2
Montcoffer 911 991 Carrera
robgt3911 991 GT3
WoodyCGT911 991 Turbo S GB Edition
993 Barnsey911 993
charanpal911 993
mbushby911 993Realised a dream, and it is even better than expected, so far reliable, and in the same colour as my Chimaera (Iris blue). One of those cars to have owned in ones lifetime.
mbushby911 993My second 993, a varioram this time. Even more sorted than the first one, almost felt not run in at 42k miles. Closest thing to a perfect 993 I could find, no problems at all. A couple of great roadtr...
nbirch911 993Black. The best 911 in the world, bar none.
Token Jock911 993
verify911 993
Gaity911 993 C4S
Tw123911 993 C4S
Vpsteve911 993 carrera
Redbrix911 993 Carrera 2S
ADDLED911 993 TargaHad it a few weeks, learned about lift-off oversteer the hard way on a wet roundabout, still have a smile on my face. This car is hopefully a taster till I find out what owning a turbo will be like.
peekay74911 993 Targa
Billy M911 993 Turbo
5STM5911 996
Aerostar911 996If you can handle the massive depreciation of new Porsches. Unfortunately, gone are the days when the new ones held their value. I lost £11k in six months. It was an astounding rate of loss, and I ...
All2Chewy911 996
beeej911 996
BullyB911 996What can I say, it's a 996 C4S...!
canucksbear911 996
donaldosaurus911 996Great driving car
dwdaly911 996
dwdaly911 996
Fastfred911 996
flyboyben911 996Put a smile on my face every morning. On sports suspension, a little too hard for everyday driving on Aberdeen's roads
GeeBeeMan911 996
GeneralFranko911 996
hoges11911 996Great car and not a moments trouble
JRR1967911 996Getting Dirty in The Dales.
legweak911 996 with sports exhaust it was awesome. quick launches took some practice or smoking clutchs best when wet
m33mje911 996nice
Max Veloce911 996 good car
MontyC911 996
noble1978911 996
Renncave911 996
romansohor911 996
Scoobycity911 996Evil
steve22533911 996Great looking car, snapped more necks than any other car ive ever owned!! Tiptronic wasnt as good as the manual vertion ive also owned, so would say yes to the model, no to the auto! Great iconi...
steve22533911 996Iconic supercar with brilliant four wheel dive system. Although a ted slower than the C2 version, the handling is perfect as an all year round supercar, smooth, fast, and traction in all conditions...
Sturminator911911 996 Brilliant car -compromise between cab & coupe -superb in summer if you can live with the slightly creaky roof when closed.
Tom911911 996its actually my dads but hey ho its hugely quick and handles very well (dads info) i love it very unfortunate that i am growing out of it, cant really fit in the back in comfort any more ...
vipond1911 996
WingedTiger911 996
DGW67911 996 C2
joshG911 996 c2LSD, traction control, PSE, aerokit GT3, manual,
wes cerbera911 996 c2 cabAlways in local porsche garage, faults always seemed to cost me between 400 and 600 pounds a time , my dream car as a kid and i was never happy owning one
Littletidnock911 996 C2 Coupe tip S
nigelevans911911 996 c4 coupe
13 DJP911 996 C4 Tiptronic Cabriolet
ChimTurbo911 996 c4s
fazz911 996 c4splanted
nigelonich911 996 c4sviola metallic with cinnamon leather. full refund from dealer after so many electrical problems
Offspeccer911 996 C4S
Shaoxter911 996 C4S
Aandytvr1911 996 C4S Cab
cosmicsnot911 996 Carrera 2
alexmac911 996 GT2
Road Angel A911 996 GT2A really really beautiful car to drive and own. My previous car was the Audi S4 modified to output 390 bhp. I tested the 996 turbo which was lovely but didn't give me the feeling it was much more lo...
uplandsway911 996 GT2
alexmac911 996 GT3 RS
Jag.911 996 Mk2
alexmac911 996 Turbo
Frenchfrog911 996 turboBought this as a weekend car. 420 bhp. bought from a Porsche dealer in Clermont Ferrand with 182,500 km on the clock. It had been owned by a company director who did over 45,000 km a year in it. Compl...
g8ape911 996 Turbo
MIA 911911 996 Turbo
Shortshifter911 996 Turbo S 530 bhpHair raising experience
uplandsway911 996 Turbo X50
AndreTwin911 996 Twin Turbo X50The only moded car I've ever owened that will deliver 600WHP performance & be safe to take on 3000 mile trip. If lucky will get ECE's TechArt 997TT.
Beef40911 996.2 C4S996.2 C4S in Seal Grey, SAT NAV, aluminium gear shift and hand brake, short shift kit, extended leather, embossed crested headrests, guards red seat belts and dials, fully electric seats with drivers ...
cc000001911 997
ChimTurbo911 997
Dave L911 997 Only 3k miles on it, a month in and loving it.
DrTroy911 997
heathstimpson911 997
Renncave911 997
rogerwhite911 997
Victor Hugo911 997great car, reliable and fast. Expensive to service otherwise costs are reasonable. Targa is great in the summer but a little squeaky in the winter...
alexmac911 997 GT2
DMC2911 997 2sThe ultimate driving machine. Fantastic feel, a bit twitchy at high speed. Just being picky but it was maybe a bit sterile?
Philipcollett911 997 2S
Shortshifter911 997 4S Cabrio MKII 408bhpFun to drive
26DH911 997 4S gen2
fazz911 997 c2sits a 911
philcray911 997 c2sBought from Kendal OPC on 8/8/09, 14,000 miles, black/black, sports design wheels, sports chrono pack, PASM, sports seats and a few other bits, 07 plate, tiptronic. Very refined (almost a bit slow ...
rickh911 997 C2S
tranter5911 997 C4SHigh mileage but very tidy example with loads of options currently for sale to make way for F430!
WantanewV12V911 997 C4SMy first Porsche - bought from new. Loved every minute of it, driving 17000 miles in 17 months. Fantastic drive and good on running costs. Only one new tyre due to puncture (nail)at 14000 miles. Other...
Malbec62911 997 CARRERA 2S
uplandsway911 997 Carrera S 3.8
charliedb2911 997 Gen 2
Magic919911 997 Gen 2New engine fitted April 2013 at 17,000 miles.
Magic919911 997 Gen 2
MrVert911 997 Gen II
Tw123911 997 Gen1 Turbo Manual
WantanewV12V911 997 GT3 ClubsportSimply awesome - the best car I have ever driven. In the dry it is virtually impossible to dislodge from the road. However in the wet I have had one or two interesting moments which makes this car que...
alexmac911 997 GT3 RS
uplandsway911 997 GT3RS
_Leg_911 997 GT3RS Gen2
WoodyCGT911 997 Sport ClassicStunning car in the flesh. The attention to detail is exquisite.
Hugo911911 997.1 C2S
Hugo911911 997.2 C2S Cabrio
khushy911 Anniversary (996)bought in April - sold in October. 22,000 miles in 8 months - always felt VERY floaty and bouncy on the front - glad to have sold it on - hated every minute of it. Looked great - sadly, made of ...
Maiathualdar911 C 2
3LeftOverCrest911 C2
41GUY911 C2
Disco_Biscuit911 C2
EJ911911 c2I love it, makes driving fun again
Goulash Pond911 C2
hadabit911 C2A great daily driver.
Hedgeman911 C2
Jack C911 C2
JH280774911 C2Great car but not a Ferrari!!!
Maldini35911 C2The one that got away. WHY DID I SELL? (I needed the money...)
Mr Senna911 C2
nickmason911 c2
nonsso_Master Harris911 C2
robox72911 C2
SachaR911 c2dull needed more power, not worth that much expence prefere a m3
turnbaugh911 C2
reedman911 C2 CabLoved the car just not the bills that it came with. cost more than my old 964!
SagMan911 C2 (964)
aathanas911 C2 - 964Polar Silver 964 with RS look...great looker, pain to live with though sometimes...
Rocksteadyeddie911 C2 cabGood: It's a 911. Cheap (ish) to own and run. Always started. Always worked. Nice noise. Dealers are great and not so expensive considering. Bad: Bit wobbly with the roof chopped off. Ubiquitous. ...
BAHN-STORMA911 C2 Cabrio
ray stobbs911 c2 coupeweekend plesure/trackday car
allan108911 C2sabsolutely love this car, i bought it the right way, IMO, buy getting it inspected by a porsche specialist and then having all the niggles sorted first! it drives like a dream and has an amazing amo...
andyplatts911 C2S
BKB911 C2SGetting my hands on this was a great moment! Sadly, I only had it 11 months and was working too hard to do it justice. I hope one day to get a Gen 1 997 GT3 and stretch it properly.
BnB911 C2S
fozzy56911 C2S
Gaz3014911 C2SBlack/Grey individual colour, PDK, Aerokit, carbon fibre
Geoff39GL911 C2S
Ginos911 C2S
jmabw911 C2S
lordlee911 C2SThe engine makes the most spine tingling whail above 4500rpm or so and its utterly intoxicating!! Its also quite a small car which makes it very easy to drive day to day. I could go on all day but all...
m17kyu911 C2s
OggyDJ911 C2S
PH11HAT911 C2S
RiSimba911 C2S
Sigilobaphomet911 C2S
swisstommie911 C2S
Wills2911 C2SFor: Traction, looks and handling Against: Stone chips! I bought this car after my e92 M3 was written off by a friend I lent it to. I had thought about getting something sensible so shopped...
vernz911 C2S (997.1)
countmark911 C2S (997.2)
Boo's Dad911 C2S / C4S (x 5)
Gary81911 C2S 997
actionjackson911 C2S Aerokit
Cobnapint911 C2S Gen 1Great handling in the dry, pay attention on fast corners in the wet (or get a C4S - alot more secure). Dont run one of these without a warranty, they have a history of intermediate shaft and/or rear m...
AdeD911 C4fitted with full Aero kit
Bebs911 C4
Billy_Whizzzz911 C4
DiscountDave911 C4...worked all my life to own one; most dissapointing car I ever owned. and don't go there about their servicing & approved garages
DS6912911 C4Lovely looker in black with body kit - so nice someone else took her away on a low-loader from West London.... God I missed her (can't remember the girlfriends of the time's name tho'....) She surv...
JeffC911 c4
Kosmo911 C4
nickster911 c4
panicosc911 C4
Paul0568911 C4
PH11HAT911 C4
PH11HAT911 C4
SpeedFreakDave911 C4
bqf911 C4 Cab (996)
interstellar911 C4 Coupe
stanmacio911 C4 Gen.IIHave spent much to bring to outstanding condition. This includes a brand new engine direct from Porsche Gmbh. (Not a recon.) Fitted with new18 " alloys, stainless sports exhaust, resprayed (sports int...
Macc911911 C4 S
RVMojo911 C4 TargaWhat fun! I'm sure it was on rails! Targa top leaked a bit so in the winter it was always steamed up! Otherwise - bloody brilliant!
5LDC911 C4S
5LDC911 C4S
911F911 C4SLoved every minute of it.. Finally realised how gorgeous it was when the new owner drove off in it. Sold for a nice profit after a year of ownership
angus321911 C4S
bogtrotter911 c4s
Choppy911 C4SGreat car, wasnt particularly looking for an X51, but this beaute came along. PSE Sports exhaust is a must for these cars.
chuck_ster911 C4SSpeed yellow with PSE. After a lifetime of wanting one I got it this year...but find it generally less special than I'd hoped and it'll be moving on soon.
edd11ee1911 C4S
Fatsterjack911 C4SSeal Grey Black Leather Carbon Interior
fieldl911 C4S2002/52 Black Black ruffled leather Bose PSE Alu pack Rear wiper Great car and I enjoyed owning it. However it never felt 'special' just very well, German. Would recommend owning one as it...
fozzy56911 C4S
Gammaman911 C4S
Gammaman911 C4S
Gareth135R911 c4sMy first Porsche...
Gassey911 C4SSo far so bloody good. Love it. 19 mpg average currently, i blame the noise the thing makes. Seriously addictive 18-12-08 Had PSE fitted down at my local OPC. Now the car sounds like it should, ...
ghecko911 C4S
gilford911 C4sBest looking 911 ever!
gt3atlast911 C4SFirst Porsche
Gusdaq911 C4S
Herbs911 C4S
kagey911 c4sa whole lot better all round than my previous 911's. build quality is light years ahead of my last one. and my first tip box as well - which i really like
mark hughes911 C4S
Mickywoosh911 C4S
nick francis911 C4S
NickD911 C4S
Nomal911 C4S
onward911 C4S
Paza3911 C4S
PH11HAT911 C4S
pomp1911 C4S
qwerty7911 c4s
RbtAero8911 C4S
RbtAero8911 C4S
Shandy81911 C4S
Skellz911 C4SLike the M3, this car went like a train, but always felt like i missed the mark and should have got the turbo.
vanhoppa911 C4Sreliable supercar - perfect daily drive that can induce a smile. Sports exhaust is a must and sounds superb.
Xstyle911 C4S
countmark911 C4S (991)
mattiemerc911 C4S (991)
5LDC911 C4S aerokit[IMG]http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e9/bladez_photo/Porsche3.jpg[/IMG]
blackmdj911 C4S Cab
FactionV911 C4S Cab
Paxto911 C4S Cabrio
Agent51911 C4s Cabriolet
Baldguy911 C4s Cabriolet
flat6gallivant911 C4S Cabriolet
lambo_xx911 C4S Cabriolet My second 4s my first being a coupe and love it! Wonderful car!
Baldguy911 C4s Coupe
bensimmo911 C4S Gen 2 Cab
Cobnapint911 C4S PDK Cab Gen IIVery bloody quick and very secure on the road. Ride is not so jarring as the Gen 1, fuel consump 34 on a run, 18 round the town. PDK nice to have in traffic. Slight evidence of body shimmer compared w...
majesticproperti911 cabgreat car
sheld911 cab
Bea911 Cab in Prussian blue -86
26DH911 Cab S 997 gen2
pukepile911 cabrio TiptronicI also run a Alfa Romeo 166 V6 which will be replaced next year when my new Alfa 156 GTA Sportwagon arrives. I have also just put a deposit on an Aston martin DB9 convertible which should be delivered...
964Cup911 CabrioletIt's amazing how much you can spend if you tick every option on the list except tiptronic, PSM and the (absurdly expensive) power upgrade...
mikeyr911 CabrioletAn actual 911, THE car I wanted as a kid, roof down, engine howling - love it! Benefited from a lot of work including rebuilt Hartech engine. The collection of old bills makes for VERY scary readi...
RobinJersey911 Cabriolet
SlrHut911 CabrioletThis is by far the greatest car ive ever driven (was the only porsche i ever drove but now i know why there are so manny porshe freaks out there.(was happy to join the club ;-)
steviet620911 Cabriolet
RAW-SEWedge911 Carera 4Love it.
DGW67911 Carera S Cabrio
buchananmotors911 Carerra
jamesatparkview911 carerra
awg454911 Carerra 2 (996)
Rigger29911 Carerra 2 ConvertibleThis blows the cobwebs out of where ever they have settled. Last of the air-cooled hand built and you can feel every muscle twich as your driving it hard. You can feel this car through your hands fe...
martinkc911 Carerra 2S
Alonso911 Carerra 3.2
JayMan911 Carerra 3.2
100 IAN911 Carerra 4Daily driver along with Disco 4. Didn't excite like i hoped it would. Replacement RS4 is oh so much nicer to drive.
Mayhem911911 carerra CS
jimbojones81911 Carerra S
160tim911 carrera
911cck911 Carrera
ains911 CarreraExcellent. My first Porker, can go up and down the country and across continents all day, every day. Will also pick its heels up very nicely when the mood takes you. Great all rounder.
AJM6911 Carrera
Andrew 996911 CarreraFirst 911 well worth the wait!
Andy Chase911 carreraCurrently has slight oil leak covering the engine under tray. Other than that brilliant car love it :)
Barkercup911 carrera
BentS911 Carrera
Burgundy911 Carrera
carrera1984911 CarreraGreat car, love the angry sound of the 3.2 makes when driven above 4000rpm. Has that raw feel, no power steering,ABS, clutch does tend to be bit heavy when driven in the city, but thats its charm and ...
CarreraBlondie911 Carrera
cayman-black911 CARRERA
cdixon911 Carrera
dinoski911 Carrera
dozzer911 Carrera
griffgray911 Carrera
hadabit911 CarreraI have 190 K miles on this car, and it still runs like new. Maximum fun per mile and little depreciation.
James B911 CarreraThis car has been in the family since new. It has now covered 36k miles and enjoyed the restoration of a few areas last year. It now has stainless heat exchangers and exhaust system whilst not making ...
James B911 CarreraBought on a slight whim because I have always liked the shape of the 4S. It's a great car that's as useable as my Discovery as a daily whilst still being capable of getting the adrenaline going on t...
Jimbo500911 Carreralast of the 'hairy' 911's, no electronics just your nerve! Had to do the old push the throttle when your head is screaming BRAKE when loosing the front end in a tighter than expected corner - my heart...
kahostheory911 Carrera
kart911 carrera
kenoval911 Carrera
Kit74911 Carrera
kith911 Carrera
kk5911 Carrera
L33HES911 Carrera.....nice car......
Larry 911911 Carrera
MacD1911 Carrera
MattTheCat911 Carrera
mbutchers911 Carrera
McAlice911 CarreraQuality of everything. Reliability.
mikewood911 CarreraIt's yellow!
MJ911911 Carrera
mmalbon911 CarreraBeatiful low mileage 996 3.4 with factory-fitted GT3 aero-kit and factory-fitted sport suspension (Factory option code 030) which includes stiffer springs, stiffer anti-roll bars, 10mm lowered suspens...
mrandy911 carreracoolio
nick francis911 CarreraGreat looking car but dissappointed
nonsso_Chris83911 CARRERA
openroad911 CarreraThe first of the water cooled 911s.
parmars911 CarreraThis was my first Porsche and what a car. This was my second car at the time. The only problem and the reason I sold it was 1) I keep spinning it in the wet (Scary for me let alone the wife) 2) As...
paul81911 carrera
pestman7911 carrera
Peterawad911 CarreraBrilliant...running costs a little on the high side, but a true drivers car!
philbt911 Carrera
Philip Burridge911 Carrera
Plinth911 Carrera
PV7998911 Carrera
Raph C911 CarreraMy dream... And reality is even better! :-)
Rockybottom911 CarreraAs long as it hasn't had any knocks and the gearbox is in good nick then they are great. Use SwepCo oil in the gerabox..its worked well for mine
sanchas911 Carrera
saunby911 CARRERA/Users/macuser/Desktop/DSC05971.JPG i have owned this car for sometime. spent absolutely thousands on her. whatever she wanted she got. including all the shinny chrome from earlier 911's giving her ...
ScottL911 CarreraBelieve the hype. Great performance and quality engineering, feels very durable. Rear drive dynamics demand respect.
ScottMc91911 CarreraZanzibar Red - best colour by far for a 911 :-)
scruffy101911 carreraRough and ready ,but nothing can touch them out of corners
Simrs911 Carrera
sleep envy911 CarreraPX'd for the E46 M3 plus cash - result! The car I should have bought. Beautiful spec, a file of history and original panels. Drove it all over Europe one summer - 4,500 miles in 2 weeks, just...
sng45911 Carrera
speeddeamon911 CarreraBeautiful car, drives nice, sounds nice, nice sound
Spice_Weasel911 CarreraBasalt Black/Black Leather Sport Design alloys GT3 Aerokit Porsche Sports Exhaust - valve wired open permanently
spyker138911 Carrera
stuntmangb911 Carrera
T1PAU911 CarreraBought S/H 1992 Classic tail happy 911 Brilliant!!
Tonydrives911 CarreraThis is my weekend fun toy. Go to races car.
TvanR911 CarreraThe one car I still deeply regret of having sold.
XBIT911 Carrera
youngsyr911 Carrera
zirzirikos911 CarreraBargain-basement Porsche fun. C4S may be a legend but they cost half as much again when I bought this. Would it really have been 50% better?
MrC986911 Carrera (996)
Bluebottle911911 Carrera 2Modern enough to be an all year daily driver and old enough to look like a 911. C2 is the real thing. Motoring Nirvana. Midnight blue with linen (pale grey) See: http://bluebottle.smugmug.com/My...
boxsey911 carrera 2A proper old Porsche for weekend and trackday fun!
coupe20vtnz911 Carrera 2
danieljcross911 Carrera 2
DavidJJ911 Carrera 2
Davidoff911 Carrera 2Love it....real GT3 arriving at Christmas
DrXaos911 Carrera 2The Proper Classic....!!!
GazaH911 Carrera 2
JM944911 Carrera 2Gen II PDK
john robson911 Carrera 2
Little-Nomad911 Carrera 2
peregrin99911 Carrera 2
seawise911 Carrera 2
steveholton911 Carrera 2
stuckmojo911 Carrera 2
TVR newbie911 Carrera 2
Willardfan911 Carrera 2Great drive once the brake disks/pads and tyres were changed. I'm lucky enough to have this as a second car, hence low annual milage, for fun at the weekends! I've also used it at a track day, w...
Junior Bianno911 Carrera 2 (964)
dauman911 Carrera 2 (996)Looks almost new. Bodykit makes it stand out amongst large number of other 911s in London. Sports exhaust sounds superb.
sambaman911 carrera 2'S'big fat rear end..bootifull..one of the best looking 911's from the rear !
andi_p911 Carrera 2S
max b911 Carrera 2SBlack Fully loaded
V8Andrew911 Carrera 2S:-)
chatuge911 Carrera 2S Cab
hastings43911 Carrera 3,2 LHD
191 kph911 CARRERA 3.0
coupe20vtnz911 Carrera 3.0
Gunk911 Carrera 3.0
Larry 911911 Carrera 3.0
RUF 3911 Carrera 3.0
Scockers911 Carrera 3.0 Coupe
balticblue911 Carrera 3.2
barks911 Carrera 3.2Currently with a broken clutch and covered in overspray from the re-spraying of a red 944.
baypond911 carrera 3.2
mar1b0ro911 carrera 3.2
Out of here911 carrera 3.2Last of the real 911's! Takes time to get to grips with and drive well/fast. If ever I change from aTVR it will be for a 993 turbo.
supercampeao911 Carrera 3.2
Tom911911 carrera 3.2it was my dads car he misses it now
tony_666911 Carrera 3.2
wizz72911 Carrera 3.212 year old war horse,reliable solid and fun.
York911 Carrera 3.2Nice car, felt great to drive. LHD, heavy steering and poor ventilation in summer made it too impractical at the time.
nonsso_cbrannan911 Carrera 3.2 CoupeFinally collected the porker in early June, been enjoying it ever since. Took it down to Crail Total Vauxhall day(as a spectator only)a few weeks ago then to the BTCC rounds at Knockhill last week, gr...
perscott911 Carrera 3.2 SportImmaculate car with full history used only in good weather. Guards Red and Black Leather. Fitted K&N Filter, decent exhaust and Superunleaded chip.
sportbilly1974911 carrera 3.2 sport
Scockers911 Carrera 3.2 Supersport Cab
gpjimmy911 Carrera 3.4 flat6
bertroex911 Carrera 3.o-A stunning lighter weight porsche. A bit difficult when new, most cars had an engine rebuild and certain production errors have been rectified. When correctly set up by a Porsche specialist, the ...
allyt911 carrera 4
Ben Fawkes911 Carrera 4Superb Tool.
carl carrera911 Carrera 4
GraceyGallardo911 Carrera 4Its ok, and is fun for a first Porsche :D
guidopilot911 Carrera 41999 PORSCHE 911 2dr [996] Carrera 4 Coupe Quick Sale Price: £27250 • 44,075 miles • Manual • Metallic GREY • Petrol • 2 Door Coupe • 3387 CC LOW MILEAGE. 44,075 miles, Manual, Metalli...
james clarke911 Carrera 4
kagey911 carrera 4
Little-Nomad911 Carrera 4
mab13911 Carrera 4Less hair raising than the last
sagerhead911 Carrera 4Loved it. Expensive to run as it was a bit old. Absolutely went like the clappers 170mph no prob
Spie911 Carrera 4Superbly balanced car with incredible low/medium speed traction. It's going in p/x on Saturday 6th March 2004 against a 575M Maranello.
cheekyone911 Carrera 4 - Convertible
bextt911 carrera 4 966 convertiblefast and looks good
Deano84911 Carrera 4 Cab (1999)
CodAndChips911 Carrera 4 cabrio
keith333911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet
Mini Treasured911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet
Bernardino911 Carrera 4 GTS
keith333911 Carrera 4 S
nyxster911 Carrera 4 Targa
barrisimo911 Carrera 4S
GreenVault911 Carrera 4S
Ikobo911 Carrera 4sGlad I owned a 911, though I don't think I will ever feel the need to return to one.
jstan911 Carrera 4S
julesGB911 Carrera 4S
M3Charlie911 Carrera 4S
mattheweroberts911 Carrera 4S
MaxA911 Carrera 4Sneeds the sport PDK wheel spacers all round
PaulDav911 Carrera 4S
Stevewags911 Carrera 4SIt's def a feel good car. Not only does it drive beautifully but when you stop to fill it up with petrol people stare at it. I never get bored of that myself.
thesmithsUK911 Carrera 4S
Timbergiant911 Carrera 4S
wellzee911 Carrera 4S
X23ASH911 Carrera 4sPurchased the car last week from 911 Virgin. Being new to Porsche was delighted by the knowledge and support from 911 Virgin team. The car is an absolute dream to drive and looks like its just come o...
Kenzle911 Carrera 4S (996)
Scuderia Graziani911 Carrera 4S Coupe1996 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe There is nothing that compares to the style, sound, power, build quality of the amazing 993 car. It is practical and fun to drive. Presented in Classic White w...
Robbidoo911 Carrera 4S PDK Cabriolet
Rubislaw911 Carrera 4S.
Bandit C4S911 Carrera C4S
Dream911 Carrera cab
alpina911 carrera cabriolet
keith333911 Carrera Cabriolet
Lindy_Lou911 Carrera Cabriolet
therevday911 carrera cabriolet
far57911 Carrera Club SportStripped out for track work and weighs around a tonne with blueprinted 3.2 engine @ 260 BHP https://www.flickr.com/photos/126933059@N03/sets/72157646077656498/
Busa1234911 carrera convgreat car, not a great sound track as the TVR
John-Boy911 Carrera CoupeSlate Grey/Marble, manual, '94 model, 17" Cup 2 wheels, sports seats, AC, premium sound. A thing of wonder
Larry 911911 Carrera Coupe 2.7
jander1911 Carrera GTS
markdiaj911 Carrera ManualCarnt tell you how great this car is...my first Porsche... and i will always own one. Need I say more?
dannyh911 Carrera RS
sleep envy911 Carrera RS (993)an utterly fantastic car, highly recommended even if you don't track it - cost buttons to run had a great 3 years with mine but couldn't resist the euro exchange rate so sold it back to the dealer ...
760mph911 Carrera S
alyg298911 Carrera s
fastgerman911 Carrera Shttp://www.fastgerman.com/forum/?p=377
JasonSF911 Carrera S
jcliffordcox911 Carrera S
kdsl911 Carrera S
Kendrik911 Carrera S
mankey911 Carrera S
megablst911 Carrera SGreat car. Can't fault it really. Very German, just works and does what it says on the tin. Lacks some carisma though. Sports exhaust would help on that front.
Nohedes911 Carrera S
pvj911 Carrera SCarrara White Carrera Red Leather
rich_car911 Carrera S
robertwoolsey911 Carrera SBest with the PSM turned off on a track!
rosino911 Carrera S
sinly911 Carrera S
TvanR911 Carrera S
robpogue911 Carrera S Cabrio
911lfc911 carrera s convertible
rosino911 Carrera S PDKLaunch car - too many quality problems
Rocket 88911 Carrera SE
m3ed911 Carrera Sport
nonsso_albertwalsh911 Carrera SupersportDivorce present to myself-a great stress buster and always puts a smile on my face
nonsso_albertwalsh911 Carrera SupersportDivorce present to myself-a great stress buster and always puts a smile on my face
ferdi p911 Carrera Supersport Cab
Andy Tomkins911 Carrera TargaFull restoration completed by Porscheshop - including top end engine re build, 4 new wings, new oil return pipes, suspension, modern Boxster breaks, re chip, twin stainless exhaust, turbo steering arm...
graham george911 carrera targagreat car...need lots of money if you need bits/parts service
P.Spyropoulos911 carrera targa
P.Spyropoulos911 carrera targa
vickiespice911 Carrera Targa
rosso911 Carrera Targa Sport
26DH911 Cerrera2 996
mikial911 Club Sport
lilley911 Clubsport
MrC986911 Cobra RSA very special 996 with Hartech engine, KWV3 suspension, LSD & amongst many other things a full Cobra Seats custom interior. The best car I've owned by far!!
redleader1911 convertable
carl carrera911 Convertible
tillyfrank911 convertible
achoyles911 CoupeGuards red of course with Cream and red piped leather.fuches alloys,this was concours with only 45,000 miles and every M.O.T.This car I had always wanted as a boy.
joelotusx1911 Coupe
paultje911 CoupePre-Varioram 993 in Polar Silver/Grey leather, 17" Sport Classic wheels
Shoe Man911 Coupe
blackmdj911 CpeI love it!
Firthy182911 CS
Littlemissspeedy911 CS
964Cup911 CupStill an original Cup shell...but: plastic f/r wings, doors, bonnet, engine cover, windows no trim, no heater 3.8 RSR motor built around a GT3 crank, carillos and all the other good bits -- about 3...
JDS 123911 Duel Motorsport FIA race car
timwatsham911 EJust bought this last week, but so far loving it. Teething problems relating to discharging batteries and I'm going to need to spend some time sorting things out over the next few months, but to driv...
volkert911 E
Larry 911911 E ( track Car )
mikial911 E 2.2
jmenks911 Flat noseThis car is mint.
TurboTerrific9911 G
drybeer911 G - seriesAwesome car. Had Bilstein suspension upgrade, turned down several splines, wide Fuchs, Michelin Pilot sports, SSI stainless twin exhausts, climate, sunroof, electric and heated seats, good hifi, and ...
renns reunited911 Group 4 Race/Rally
barefoot911 GT2
Dave Sums911 GT2A beast of a car and now at JZM awaiting about £30k of brakes, suspension and gearbox mods plus addition of a set of Cup wheels and slicks to make it handle more like my old GT3RS. Roll on 2015...
GT196911 Gt2
mirage5512911 GT2
Tonksie355911 GT2
Vane911 GT2If you ever own one do not sell it!!!
SpeedFreakDave911 GT2 RS
911tj911 GT3
Andrew 911911 GT3
andye30m3911 GT3Always wanted a GT3 and it was worth the wait absolutely love every journey in it.
andyp03911 GT3Very, very fast.
Andys1000911 Gt3I get it Monday ! Can't wait Wow its all I expected and so much more….
BIST0911 GT3Miss it...
bli8911 GT3
BobM911 GT3Long decision making process on this one - looked at a TVR Tuscan, Ferrari 360 and did test drive a GT3RS. Ended up getting a nice deal on a brand new car. The GT3 was fab, never missed a beat, inc...
charanpal911 GT3
ChinaStig911 GT3
Collectingbrass911 GT3
DasChin911 GT3epic car. the Mezger 3.6 engine is a work of art and it just howls about 6k rpm and pulls beyond 8k. car has a Porsche techquipment half cage Porsche leather bucket seats Red shroth harnesses. ...
davejones911 GT3Cobalt Blue comfort spec So far so good - excellent fun
flat6gallivant911 GT3 415+ BHP ;-)
FuzzyLogic911 GT3Best car I have ever owned. Acceleration is fantastic, brakes incredible, corners on rails and the sound inside the car when pushing on is 'aural' sex :)
IainF911 GT3Carrara White, Comfort specification car, with black painted wheels, sat nav, sports chrono and leather steering wheel. Looked at 3 very similar cars before purchasing this one in March 2011 from Por...
JayWalks12911 GT3Bassalt Black metallic with black interior, steel brakes with red calipers, Porsche logo on wheel caps, sport shifter, manually adjustable sport seats, leather interior trim.
kryten911 GT3Woohoo!
MontyC911 GT3
MrVert911 GT3I have no words :)
Number 5911 GT3Parked on the ceiling
ontheloop911 GT3
peshwengi911 GT3
peterpeter911 gt3its a monster
proby2008911 GT3
RobinJersey911 GT3
S3am911 GT3Lovely car, not so fast as a GT2 but incredibly tactile and comes free with a engine that revs aaalllll the way! Did I mention the noise? This is a keeper. Video here: http://media.putfile...
shotokan911 GT3Black GT3 Mk1, Manthey K400, Alcon floating discs & 6pot calipers & Pagid, trackday setup, Corsas, ducting to aid brake cooling on the front, single mass flywheel & sport clutch, big carbon pack, leat...
SimonRS911 GT3
SpeedFreakDave911 GT3
Suthers911 GT3One of best track cars available regardless of cost, rock solid re-sale values but dependant on mileage. What an engine...the Mezger. Dry sumped race derived engine with manual only and LSD, tick, tic...
tareknaaman911 GT3The best weekend car in the world
terryb911 GT3This car has had a full on Manthey Racing K400 engine conversion along with fully sorted suspension, brakes, etc. Pretty much anything you could wish for has been done to this car - truly awesome and...
toepoke911 GT3
tsantos911 GT3Amazing car! Even more so with Manthey KW´s, 6 pots upfront, tequipment cage, K400, cup flywheel, uniballs...
xFLYNNx911 GT3
bigblock911 GT3 (996)Very capable in all conditions but the Cerbera made me smile more (except when it was broken, which the Porsche never was)
Boo's Dad911 GT3 (997.1)
Boo's Dad911 GT3 (997.2)
johneroberts911 GT3 CS
nervous911 GT3 CSThe most unbelievable thing, ever. Did 30k miles in it in 18 months and had experiences that still make me laugh out loud now just to think of. Sold to start my business, regrettably to a total pe...
Steviebeee911 GT3 CSAbout as hardcore as I can live with. Sharp as cut glass and a sound that makes your toes curl up to your shins!
Henry-F911 GT3 Mk1Half cage, a bit stiffer on the suspension & fully floating front brakes.
AndrewD911 GT3 Mk2A fabulous car - probably my favourite so far. And I would like to buy it back from the chap who now owns it when he is finished!!
Sebsea911 GT3 mkIIBlistering performance, grip, note, and actually comfortable for a missile
430scuderia1911 GT3 RS
bakes911 GT3 RS
Beaver911 GT3 RS:-)
far57911 GT3 RSMuch quicker on the uptake and between gear shifts than my previous 997 GT3 (2007) - Single mass flywheel plays a part in this. Whilst it is a bit more focused, there is not that much difference in...
Inverted911 GT3 RS
Scrappy55911 GT3 RSBought as a track day hag, purchased with 44k miles. Rarer Blue on White combination. Utterly reliable, and thoroughly recommended
Boo's Dad911 GT3 RS (997.2)
mikehump911 GT3 RS 4.0
grasser911 GT3 RSR
sambaman911 GT3MK1great cars..owned a few...fantastic for the focused driver.... a true drivers car..
BertieWorcs911 GTS
BnB911 GTS
Boo's Dad911 GTS
RankAmateur911 GTS
jeff m911 MFI ('72)If you have one don't sell it I regret it
GT911 Racecar
Larry 911911 RS
silver7911 RSfun, fast, honest
Hammerwerfer911 RS umbau
73rsr911 RSR - Replica
wizz72911 RSR replicaDid 160 mph in it once , not bad for a fake.
Gunner44911 S
TvanR911 S
simonwparker911 S Cab
greenm911 S CarerraI hope so I bought it??
Scuderia Graziani911 S Coupe1974 Porsche 911 S Coupe is one of the classics in this model. The original engine number was 6350150 and was originally delivered to Australia and first registered on 30/5/75. The original body col...
renns reunited911 S/T Group 4 300HP , 950KG
PP 997911 S2 (997 Gen 1)
160tim911 sc
191 kph911 SC
911gary911 SC
993AL911 SC
awg454911 sc
Baldinho911 SC
BrewsterBear911 SC
CarHabit911 SC
crusader01911 SC trouble free motoring, the car has only covered 52K since new and has been maintained to the highest standard and drives as such.
Dilks911 SC
Don Palmer911 SCLovely car - must have been amazing in 1984. LHD, Sippery diff, tuthill brake balance & quick shift with Recaros. Geometry set up by Manthay Racing. Snow tyres in the winter
dugsud911 SC
e600911 SC
john.warwick911 scthe dogs
Martian O911 SC
Mid-life Crisis911 SC
Mike69911 SCThe best car I have ever owned, ever. She was a proper 'pro plus' car, in that if you pushed hard when not 100% awake, she would try to kill you. The rewards were massive though, I remember the pin sh...
mikelima911 SC
MO911 SC
Need For Speed911 SC
Nineoneone911 sc
NorthEast911 sc
pj.dickson911 sc
Plinth911 SC
Rakoosh911 SC
Raph C911 SCA good 911 model to start in the Porsche world. Sadly, mine ended up stolen and crashed, beyond repair. :-(
rsrblue911 sc
RZD911 SCThis has been my "everyday car" since I bought it seven years ago. It has been extremely reliable and has not depreciated in value. It is light metalic blue with a navy blue leather interior.
sjp63911 SCfelt much more modern than 1978
SpeedFreakDave911 SC
Steveawm911 SC
V8Triumph911 SC
wizz72911 SCmy first true love.
Muller911 sc 935 flatnose conversionim thinking of buying this peice of crap and restoring it to some kind of former glory, what do you think???
Gc285911 sc targa
lewton911 SC Targa
mcelliott911 SC Targa
Bea911 SC T