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Every now and then, when you have one of those serious chats about the joys of driving, someone will likely raise their eyebrows and wheel out that old 'driving's a privilege not a right of course...' line. And it'll likely go in one ear and then out the other.

Until, like me, you suddenly face a doctor telling you you're not allowed to drive for a year. Which, given my line of work, does suck somewhat. But it's One Of Those Things there's no argument or discussion with. Mr Loophole could give you a fighting chance against the courts. But even he'd be powerless against the docs.

None of this nonsense for a year...
None of this nonsense for a year...
It's clearly a huge practical inconvenience but, of course, to the likes of us driving is about more than just transport. I still get an almost childlike glee from making a car go, stop and corner that's not diminished one bit in the near two decades I've been doing it and the thought I'm not allowed to do it for another year is gutting to say the least.

What does this mean for PH though? Absolutely nothing! I might not be able to drive cars for a bit but I can sure as hell talk, write and think about them as much as I ever did and the team will shortly be back up to full strength (more on this soon) so between us there's no shortage of driving talent around. And I've already had some interesting offers of ways I can keep my hand in that I'll be following up in due course. For whatever reason I'm guessing I'll not be the only person on here who's had to face an involuntary period on the subs bench and I'll be sharing my experiences as a non-driving car nut on occasion here. But I'd be interested to hear how others have coped.

Answers below much appreciated...






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  • paulg390 30 Dec 2012

    Hi Dan.. Been off PH for a while and just read this shocker. What an absolute bummer :-(. Hopefully just a blip and you wil get fully recovered very soon ! If it is any consolation it happened to a mate of mine who then discovered you don't need driving license to drive a 200bhp speedboat... That kept him busy for 12 months and with the weather we've been having boating is looking to be more accessible than ever before, even in Herts !!

  • antneemoore 17 Dec 2012

    Top bumping... Hope you're getting around alright Dan!

  • ar 145 16 Nov 2012

    This is absolutely terrible news. Happy to offer a lift if you are ever in South London.

    Or a passender ride in my 147 GTA if you ever fancy a hoon!

    Pm me if required - cheers

  • Mr Aston Martin 16 Nov 2012

    Just a say thank you for all the contributors to this thread. I suffered my first ever seizure on Saturday and reading other sufferers stories has helped.

    I have just completed the paperwork for DVLA part of which was surrendering my driving license. Like all the contributors I'm determined this condition will not define me past what's legal or sensible.

  • TankRS 09 Nov 2012

    Quietlybonkers said:
    Tank - I assume you are considering driving an automatic, if you don't already? Good luck with your recovery
    Cheers mate.

    No I'm not driving an auto, clutch and accelerator peddles are ok, the resistance of the brake is an issue and the pivoting of the heel from accelerator to brake.

    Sadly I wasn't blessed with great patience.
    And sport being my job/everyday life, I am more than restless to say the least! Not being able to move about well is a real pain!

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