PH Blog: V8 = v. good

So I'm enjoying my third V8 in a row, courtesy of a supercharged Range Rover Sport. And enjoying is the operative word.

But, really, why would you? When I booked the car the press office said "You'll be wanting a diesel then..." And I was all geared up to say, "Of course!" what with some fairly burly Christmas miles coming up. But then I thought, sod it, why not go the whole hog.

You'd have to be mental of course. The diesel Range Rover Sport is brilliant, as I discovered earlier in the year when I took one to the 'ring earlier to further my investigations into the goings on there.

30mpg+, plenty of grunt. What on earth would make you want to spend another £8,000 and suffer an mpg figure of half that, on a good day?

Well, because it makes you feel good, that's why. Maybe it's the time of year but I'm thinking it's a bit like whisky. Sure, you can have a nice bottle of Bells and it'll taste warming and all the rest. Or you can spend quite a bit more and have a nice Highland Park. Same effect, similar taste but oh so much more satisfying.

But can you really get to appreciate that V8? I've actually really been enjoying just tickling along with it barely on tickover, relishing that gentle vibration through the seat and the bassy vibration that permeates the Rangie's structure. Oh sure, I guess we're not far off electric cars that'll effect a convincing impression of this via a subwoofer and suchlike without supping a drop of unleaded. But it wouldn't be the same. In the Range Rover the engine is a bit like that in a big ship - distant, barely stretched but massively powerful.

I'm actually driving slower than I have in ages in the Sport. But I'm loving every minute. And as much as the diesel ticked every box the supercharged V8 retains a sense of magic that'll make those fuel bills, for the likes of us, kind of justifiable. Or maybe that's the whisky talking.



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  • Toaster Pilot 01 Jan 2012

    billzeebub said:
    the only thing I don't like about my RRTDV8 is the fact that it is too economical

    billzeebub said:
    I generally don't have much time for joyless people who drive your average Diesel/Eco engine..

  • LuS1fer 01 Jan 2012

    I love my V8:

  • billzeebub 01 Jan 2012

    the only thing I don't like about my RRTDV8 is the fact that it is too economical for a RR..I should have got a proper V8 petrol supercharged..however my other two cars are 6 cylinders so I think that just about makes up for the Diesel..

    for the most part succesful, interesting, generous and gregarious people drive V8s..I generally don't have much time for joyless people who drive your average Diesel/Eco engine..the kind of people who get their calculators out when the bill comes round in a restaurant!..

    the above comment is off the cuff and tongue in cheek, I do not wish to offend all the miserly un-interesting people out there!..

    Happy New Year

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  • donboyfisher 01 Jan 2012

    V8 fan here as well. My favourite has to be the burble of a carbed Rover V8. Just love it how had that little randomness to the idle which you dont get with EFI setups. It gave it some life.

    I really miss this engine I rebuilt a few years ago:

  • Hasbeen 01 Jan 2012

    Yes MyM8V8, the yanks make some good ones. I have spent a bit of time behind a GM 327, & loved every minute of it.

    To be fair I suppose you would have to call my favourite, the Rover V8 a yank engine too.

    However it was at it's best when Ozzie firm Repco developed their own OHC heads for it, & produced the 3.0L that was 3 times F1 world championship winner. The Oz version of that engine was a 2.5L, revving to 9,700 RPM, which produced a sound every bit as good as the best today. It was a deeper mechanical screech than todays racing engines.

    Eliot doesn't believe the power we are getting out of our 4.6L version in my TR8, but perhaps he has no knowledge of the recently available after market heads for this engine, & what they are producing.

    The sound of this engine is something else. Just idling around a car park, it sounds like a very powerful 7.0L. I have had people wait around until I came back to the car & started it, as they could not believe that sound had come from "that little thing", as they put it.

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